RADIO WARS: 97.5 Buries WIP Again, and Some Thoughts on Greater Media’s Cutbacks

I’ll start this post off with a few caveats: 1) June is typically a slow ratings month for sports talk radio, as is the summer as whole. People in the industry aren’t typically as concerned with these numbers, because they’re not judged or bonused on them. 2) Strangely, neither WIP nor 97.5 recorded any streaming rating for the month. It’s not immediately apparent whether this is due to a measurement error or if it points to the problem of using extremely small sample sizes to base an entire industry around. Whatever the case, one might expect 97.5, which typically crushes WIP on the steam, to struggle here. But, well, that wasn’t the case.

Since I can no longer bring you the actual ratings due to Nielsen’s friendly reminder to the Maestro that their hard data is propriety and can not be shared as it pertains to the all-important men 25-54 demo, here is simply a list of all of the time slots 97.5 won, and all of the time slots WIP won:


Total station, Monday-Friday, 6a-12a

Total station, Monday-Friday, 6a-7p

Mid-days (Harry and Rob), 10a-2p

Afternoons (Mike Missanelli), 2p-6p

Early evenings (Joe “The Hammer” DeCamara), 6p-7p



Mornings (Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team), 6a-10a

Evenings (mostly the Phillies), 7p-12a


Few things to note: 97.5 won all of their time slots handily. Mike Missanelli crushed Josh Innes by nearly three ratings points. Last year, Harry and Rob lost to Mike and Ike by over four ratings points. This year they won. Mike and Ike’s audience was cut in half.

WIP still cleans up in the mornings, and in the evenings. The latter is mostly due to Phillies games, which actually help bring WIP closer in the full-week ratings. During just the prime listening hours, 6a-7p, 97.5 wins by a full point.

Last week, I told you about Greater Media cuts that led to Joe Staszak, Damian Muziani and potentially Barrett Brooks (he had been rumored to be leaving for WIP, anyway) being let go by 97.5, which also cut back its live weekend hours. While things aren’t great for the industry as a whole, 97.5 is relatively stable, especially when you consider that Greater Media last week shuttered its sports station in Detroit, which was getting its ass kicked by the CBS affiliate there. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, two Detroit hosts even pointed toward 97.5’s success in Philly as a way their station could’ve been saved:

Mazawey and Baligian both said WMGC’s sports-talk format could have succeeded if it had been given more time and continued to work on its shortcomings. Mazawey said WMGC’s sister station in Philadelphia, 97.5 The Fanatic, is beating its CBS rival in Philly, WIP 94.1-FM, after five years.

“They left it alone after three years and it grew,” he said. “And now it’s flourishing. It’s beating WIP now. We would’ve eventually — not caught up (to The Ticket), but we would’ve taken a portion of the audience, no doubt.”

Despite 97.5’s success against WIP in the ratings, it is believed that WIP out-revenues 97.5, perhaps by a wide margin, due to its hosts’ long-standing relationship with advertisers. Whether or not they turn a profit – their morning show is thought to cost over $3 million – is unknown. But they likely generate substantially more revenue than 97.5 despite having been eclipsed in the ratings for essentially four straight months.

WIP’s problem is that they are the New York Yankees of sports talk radio– legendary, but overspend on talent that is past its prime. Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Show are the lone thing the station has going for it, and seeing as though Cataldi himself has said his current contract with WIP, which has a little over two years remaining on it, will be his last… things don’t bode well for WIP. Mike and Ike are borderline unlistenable mid-days, Josh Innes is a mess in the afternoons, and Brian Haddad (Sludge) continually gets nailed by The Hammer in the evenings. What’s the future? is the sentiment more than one industry vet has wondered aloud to me. It appears there is none. 97.5 is in the North. PLAY MUSIC THEN:


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      1. Josh Innes has completely lost his shit and his show has hit an all-time low. Josh ripped Ben Simmons ALL YEAR and repeatedly reminded people he went to LSU (failed out after a semester) , watched all LSU games so he knows more than anyone when it comes to Simmons. But wait … two weeks ago the guy FLIPS his opinion and says Simmons is going to be a superstar … WHAT ???! All year this guy has been ripping Ben Simmons because HE WATCHED LSU and now he flipped his stance.

        And then he opens the show by saying Philadelphia fans are stupid for being impressed with Simmons last night because if you watched LSU this year, LIKE JOSH DID, you would already know how good he is. Also, the guy enjoys nothing more than throwing the Cardinals Phillies series into our face. Literally every day he brings up the St Louis Cardinals. No wonder the show is doing so well.

        And this is coming from someone who considered themselves an Innes fan for a long time.

        1. Take Chill Pill Melanie and calm down before your brain explodes.
          No one cares that you no longer have a man crush on ‘Josh Innes’ anymore.

          1. I really didn’t sense any hate from his post, are u Josh?

  2. Josh Inbes is such a pussy, he was crying on twitter all weekend, fat punk ass bitch

    1. i heard that Innes takes dumps on his girlfriend’s tits. Can you confirm?

    2. What is he crying about? He’s only supposed to be here for 4 more months (at least that is what I keep hearing).

      1. Anither poorly worded article lacking content. All that bs for a slow ratings month? Streaming? Who gives a shit.

  3. I can’ beyiebe I shtill hab a job. Doeh anyone im ma’agement e’er listen to the show?

    1. Sounds just like Hollis “Stuttering Stanley” Thomas.

    1. Yeah…like we really need to listen to &*uckign lucky charms accents all day.
      wrong answer bud!

  4. Comparing the Detroit and Philadelphia CBS affiliates isn’t a fair comparison considering 97.1 The Ticket is probably the best sports talk station in the country. Their afternoon team draws such big numbers that the Detroit Lions said they wouldn’t renew their contract unless the one host, Mike Valenti, was fired. CBS opted to instead tell the lions to go somewhere else and linked Valenti to a long term deal. 97.1 in Detroit is what WIP was 25 years ago.

    1. That’s fair. But WIP, along with the WFAN, are probably 2 and 3. 97.5 had just as much of an uphill climb.

      1. Nope, not even close. Look up 104.5 in Nashville and KNBR in San Fran

        You really don’t have a fucking clue, do you? It’s relatively easy info to find, but you can’t be bothered with shit like facts can you

  5. Where are all of the 18-year-old girls and their underpants? I’m relevant and not at all creepy.

  6. The Eagles are lucrative and you have to have a sport station surround the Sunday broadcasts. I think the pre-game show does very well. Fans listen to the show on the way to game and the post game show when leaving the game. You also have the fans at home listening to the radio broadcast with TV announcers on mute. The Phillies also do well and the listenership will increase as the team improves.

    1. so what happens if the phillies don’t improve and the other 7 months of the year when it isn’t football season Einstein?

    2. Wrong. The eagles are not lucrative. With the rights fee WIP doesn’t even turn a profit. They hope to just break even. WIP is a dying radio station and they are on the verge of complete failure. They need to make major moves and decisions that Spike is not capable of making. Andy Bloom charted a disastrous course and nothing can change that now. WIP is no longer the top sports station in Philadelphia.

      1. Yeah. we’ve been hearing about how WIP is going to go belly up for years…form that ‘axe to grind’ Kyle.
        But they are still here and you’ll listen to them. Because 97.5 is full over the top jamokes like
        that fake laugh boisterous sounded tool gargano and the irritating spastic Mikey Miss.

        1. Still better than ANYTHING on WIP….

  7. I would love to lick cecily tynun’s asshole after a couple mile run in the summer heat

    1. Damn, out of the whole internet, I read the craziest stuff right here.

    2. Jim….are you the guy who always says “dude” “brother” “cuz”? You’re an asshole. Dude

  8. Cataldi has been saying his current contract is FOR SURE going to be his ABSOLUTE LAST for at least 15 years now. Negotiating ploy.

    1. Cataldi’s not going anywhere until they kick him out. Then he’ll try to take his act to 975 or BoB.

  9. How many points did Angelo beat Gargano by and how does that compare to last month?

  10. The Fanatic morning show nweds to start over. Gargano is over the top terrible, Marks adds little, and MCW belongs in a cubicle or broom closet sucking off senior management. At this point might as well put back on the jock and juuu.

    1. You made a mistake, it’s not “upper management,” it’s garagano….only reason she got and has a job

    2. I listen to their show everyday. I’m starting to see where the hate for gargano from, but I still really enjoy it

  11. I haven’t listened to any sports talk radio in the past two weeks. My mind is much clearer and I am more productive and happier. Seriously.

    At one point, when 97.5 started, I swore off Wip because it was so horrible. Then, after they hired Miss, 97.5 became the stupidest low life, horrible station ever. Wip seemed like it was for mature adults in comparison. Now they both are signs that civilization is past, and we have entered the age of nihilism.

  12. We all realize that no talent spike eskin only got where he has in Philly bc his daddy pulled strings for him. Didn’t he leave Philly only to come crawling back once before? He’s a disaster. That’s one main reason why WIP is a joke..:it’s in the hands of a total hack who only got where he has bc of his last name. Wanna make improvements? Start by dropping that bum! He’s laughable when it comes to sports talk.

    1. He hasn’t been in charge that long. What happened to the station is more the fault of Andy Bloom and his desire to relive 90s shock radio.

  13. I think most of Philly would agree with that statement…Spike is pretty lame. Don’t forget how He even tried to weasel his way onto Josh’s show last yr (worst kept secret ever btw.) it immediately saw its ratings drop. Yea WIP should definitely can him.

    1. He was only on that show to babysit Josh. When Andy Bloom left, Spike was moved up and Marc Farzetta is now Josh’s babysitter.

  14. Seems that WIP has to blow out Innes, and Mike and Ike before football season. Innes we all assume is gone, so just let him go back south and eat himself to death. Pair up Giglio and Farzetta, they’re reasonably cheap and maybe they could bring in some younger listeners. Middays are garbage. I know that’s always been the old men slot, so stick Jody and someone else not as old there.

      1. Marshal Harris really earned my respect for his sports knowledge when he was sticking up for nick Williams being a lazy entitled diva

    1. I agree put Jody Mac and someone mid days or even Innes spot.
      Josh Innes show i liked when was on at evenings and when moved to 2pm but now its unlistenable and its very predictable.
      And Mike and ike is terrible. “Hey turtle flip on that voice line” that is so like late 80s radio and his dumb side bar questions “its national terrible radio day who worse then me?”
      Ike is good and can flip the scripr has opinions and real emotion, Barkann just says what he thinks people and station want to here.
      Also bring Howard Eskin back in either slot hes at least real opinion.

  15. So you don’t get the actual rating numbers and you are guessing at the revenue numbers. So this is basicly an opinion piece and we already know you hate wip. Listen to what you want why do you care so much?

  16. This blog (and probably many readers – assuming there are many), seem to miss a really big PHUKING POINT:


    Kyle, are you really acting like 97.5’s success is anything more than WIP’s failure? Both these stations are sharing audience, period.

    The ONLY issue here of real significance is that Innes is doing poorly vs Mike Miss. WIP can fix that whenever they want to, and I’m guessing they will. If they had mornings and afternoons covered there’d be no discussion.

    As for as Brian Haddad goes, he does more than just host a show for CBS. Plus, how many days is he even on the air? You do realize sales people aren’t selling those shows anyway, and all that matters is up until 6 PM, right? I’m sure you knew. You act as if you know everything. Maybe ask the salesman who is illegally giving you this information how it really works.

    Mike and Ike is a poor show. Mayes and Ellis is actually worse. All it has going for it is two guys who sound like they just walked out of a Philly Bar. WIP could hire them in 2 seconds if they wanted to. I’m guessing they don’t.

    Eye on the ball here, son. The issue is both stations are awful. They share audience all day. No one pulls away. Ironically, Innes is the led block on the proverbial feet of WIP. The irony is he actually understands it’s the entertainment business, but he’s too immature to realize what to do. When he’s in Atlanta, or Charlotte, he’ll be quite successful. And probably a whole lot happier.






    (Except Angelo. He gets it)

    1. Angelo gets it, really?! Creepy senior citizen ogling young girls is entertaining? Oh almost forgot, Shirley is entertaining too.

  17. Seriously. why does MCW suck so much. How the hell does she have a job. She knows jack about sports and she doesnt even have a voice for radio. She makes me want to poke my eyes out with a primo hoagie.

    1. “Seriously. why does MCW suck so much. How the hell does she have a job.”

      You just answered your own question. She has the job because she sucks so much (dick).

  18. Remember when gargano was getting slaughtered in middays but no one cared? Then went to 97.5 n continues to lose, but yea innes is the only one who sucks…

  19. Josh Innes is having a meltdown on Twitter tonight after I called his ass out calling it a complete swing and a miss for WIP. Square peg, round hole

    1. You are everything that’s wrong with Philadelphia fans you white trash loser.

      1. ^Nailed it. If you play a character on YouTube you should just go eat a bullet. This guy is a joke and is representative of what other cities think all of our fans are like.

  20. The African American uber driver who keeps getting interviewed at the train station says:

    I haven’t heard Jeff from Camden call either station in months . Hope he’s alright

  21. A few thoughts…
    1. I don’t think it matters who WFAN puts in its morning spot. They’ll still lose to Angelo. That morning show is such an institution, both locally and nationally, I actually think WIP is buoyed by that show. Establishing a morning show was probably just 97.5’s way of legitimizing themselves nationally. All major sport markets in the United States has a morning show. Frankly, I think 97.5 is pleased with the morning ratings. I still think Gargano is better in a different time slot, maybe like 10-2 or something like that, but I think as long as he maintains ratings around where they currently are, 97.5 will keep him where he is.
    2. For what it’s worth, I think Angelo’s act has gotten tired. It’s really not the same show as it was 20 years ago. I’m sure 97.5 senses some vulnerability there, but I just don’t think people will switch over to them until Angelo leaves.
    3. Mike and Ike is the worse show on either station. I think Ike is serviceable, but Barkann needs to stay on TV. Ike comes off as being a fill-in host or a weekend guy. Maybe switch him to the evenings. Sludge is awful.
    4. What more needs to be said about Innes? His show has become an unmitigated disaster. I’ve said it before, I think he has talent. I actually think he’d be a great morning show host. I think that was probably WIP’s end goal with him, but I don’t think he’ll make it that far. That afternoon show died when Tony Bruno left.
    5. And The Hammer is pretty good. He’s definitely in line to be moved to a more prime shot.
    6. WIP’s problem, as Kyle stated, is that they have no on-air talent depth. 97.5 rolls out 4 good shows each weekday. WIP, if you’re going by ratings, rolls out Angelo, and Phillies games. They put all their eggs in the Angelo/ Innes basket and it failed. That station needs a complete overhaul…They’re losing all the young listeners to 97.5

    1. WTF is Aton Schander doing at 97.5. The guy has real talent and should be doing a regular weekday show for 97.5 or hosting a national show somewhere else. He is easily the personality with the most upside on either station.

  22. For your information, Cataldi’s show sucked 20 years ago too when he was getting whipped by Stern and KYW.

  23. Everybody in philly hates every show and host. Got to love philly fans lol

  24. Innes’ act worked in the evenings where he could be a little more free form, even if it was “Stern-Light” and in hindsight WIP should have left him there, let him build a cult audience over a couple years and use him sparingly as a daytime and even morning fill in before replacing Angelo.

    How or why Angelo is a Philly Radio institution is beyond me. His whole shtick is being a loud spazz and this somehow appeals to people. Gargano can at least talk intelligently about sports, but his whole “That’s awwwwesome!!!” faux exuberance with guests and callers is grating. MCW’s sports updates are a clinic of terrible radio. She sounds like a freshman on college radio doing a poor job at trying to sound professional.

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