The Eagles Are Promoting Lincoln Financial Field Tours Using Pokemon

Welcome to the summer of our strange content.

We’ve lost our collective minds, for sure, but credit to the Eagles for being the first (I think?) local sports team to capitalize on the Pokemon craze by using it to promote stadium tours.

Side note: It turns out that working from home and never leaving your house makes Pokemon Go really boring.

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16 Responses

  1. Bob is the guy who allows Chinpokomon to happen because he’s told his American penis is so big.

  2. Noticed a couple losers playing this nerd game in center city today when I went to get a meal at lunch . Fucking losers

  3. That’s a fucking joke…any ADULT that plays that is a fucking LOSER who likes c0ck in his A$$…which explains why Jeffy is allowing this….FUCK YOU POKEPUSSIES, and A$$ fuck Jeffy.

  4. Know what you won’t find on a tour of the Linc? A Lombardi trophy. F you effeminate Lurie.

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