Ben Simmons Makes an Appearance in NBA 2k17 Trailer

So much Philly in this one screenshot

NBA 2k17 has finally put out a gameplay trailer. Oh, that wet spot? Yeah, sorry, I got a little excited when I saw it and things spiraled out of control at the 1:08 mark:

NBA 2k17 is available on September 16, and Amazon Prime members can get it for $48.

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15 Responses

      He took a shit in the Well Fargo center a month ago.
      Why didn’t you write about that ya #$ing jamoke!

    1. If that happens, my will spin. It’s starting to feel like the ex did it
      Btw, there’s 1 or 2 episodes left?

    2. they have multiple endings. they were waiting to see how the ratings panned out first. Since the show is a success, the last show will end in a mistrial, so they have a reason to bring it back for a second season

  1. Where can I find pics of cuz’s weight gain from the fanatic fest?

  2. Can’t get enough of this franchise. Most played game by far. Yes, way ahead of madden

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