I’m a fan of a good beard. People know that (it’s why I get “shut up you fucking hipster” tweets, right?). Brett Brown is letting his silvery face-bush grow out, and it’s actually kind of amazing that he hasn’t let that mane go during the mentally and emotionally taxing years he’s had here. Props where props are due: it looks great. In fact, it looks a little familiar. That’s because he’s evolving into Gregg Popovich.

Brown comes from the famous Pop coaching tree, and his strategy and coaching style can be traced directly back to Pop. In many ways, he’s already a mini-Pop, but the beard is just the next step in his eventual morph into his mentor. Soon, BB will be offering one-word answers at pressers, much to the chagrin of Howard Eskin.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Brett is already on his first Pokemon evolution, getting closer and closer to his final form:

brett evolution

If you look at it in a different way, Brett is aging like a two-term president. Just look at this babyface:

brett young

He’s gonna be looking like Rip Torn soon enough.