Jim Schwartz is preaching consistency but not seeing it. Philly.com:

“What I’m really talking about is repeat mistakes. Everybody’s going to make a mistake. I make a lot, players make a lot. The key is don’t make the same one twice. Learn from your mistake. That’s where our challenge is, and we’re probably like 31 other teams in the NFL this time in training camp. Everybody’s striving for the same thing – to be consistent from front to back, to have everybody on the same page, and then that allows the guys’ talent to show.”

He’s not seeing it from is Eric Rowe. Philly.com:

Even with the offseason additions of cornerbacks Leodis McKelvin and Ron Brooks, both of whom played for new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz in Buffalo two years ago, it seemed fair to assume in April that the 6-1, 205-pound Rowe would be one of the team’s season-opening starting corners come September. Now? Now, unless Rowe breaks out of the funk he seems to be in and knocks Schwartz’s socks off with a terrific preseason performance, he’s probably will spend a lot of his second NFL season on the bench.

Schwartz’s expectations from Curry are highPhilly Voice:

“We want to try to get as much production as we can out of guys, and I’ve said this before, it’s a little bit like those [baseball] relievers coming out of the bullpen that are heating it up at 98 and 99 [miles per hour],” Schwartz said. “It’s hard to do that for seven innings, but you can do it for a couple innings, and that’s what we expect from those guys.”

Schwartz wasn’t happy. Iggles Blitz:

Schwartz later talked about how that is simply part of Hicks job so there is no reason to over-praise him for it. I could see where some might think Schwartz is being a bit of a jerk, hesitant to compliment a player. I like it. Let’s remember that it is the coach’s job to set a high standard and then force the players to meet that standard. Mike Singletary didn’t become a Hall of Fame linebacker because Buddy Ryan gave him a bunch of “gold stars”. Ryan was demanding. It drove Singletary crazy at times, but when he finally figured out what was going on, he, Ryan and the Bears defense made NFL history.

Vince Papale said players should keep their mouths shut. PI:

“It sort of disheartens me. You know, I think some guys oughtta just keep their mouths shut. It is what it was last year. A lot of the players – in spite of all the things that went on and people were saying negative [things] about Chip Kelly – if players executed and did the job and made the tackle, didn’t make the mental error, made the catch, did what they were supposed to do, they would’ve been in the playoffs. They were only a couple, three plays away from the playoffs. I think the best thing for players to do is keep your mouth shut. Someday, he might wind up becoming your boss again, you know, the way that things are in the NFL. It’s sad to see.”

Vinny Curry is putting it all together. Philly.com:

A perfect example of the new and improved Curry occurred Thursday during one-on-one drills. He gave Dennis Kelly one of his patented stutter bull-rush moves. The tackle was caught off balance, and Curry knocked him onto his rear end as he plowed straight ahead. “He tried to jump me,” Curry said. “I didn’t mean for that to happen to him.”

Projecting the roster. Philly Mag:

It’s been an up-and-down camp for Wentz, as you’d expect. He’s blessed with the physical gifts and has made a number of really nice throws, but there have been enough bumps in the road to remind us that he still has ways to go. It will likely be Bradford’s show to start with Daniel waiting in the wings just in case.

Rueben Randle is offering consistency and leadership among the wide receivers. NJ.com:

“Rueben is great for the wide receiver room,” Matthews said. “He’s a steady guy. You know what you’re going to get. He’s very humble, but he comes out here and does his job. He can run routes, man. Some people think that the biggesr guys can only go deep … run the posts or the goes, but Rueben can run the tree. He can run a curl, a dig or a drag as quick as anybody. He gives us a lot of versatility out there as a wide receiver. I think he’s going to help us out a lot.”