Here’s Every Chase Utley Video You Need to Work Yourself Into Hot Sobbing Mess Tonight

When Chase Utley returns to Citizens Bank Park tonight, it’ll be an emotional time for not only Utley but also all the fans in attendance and those watching at home. Tears will flow, beers will be drank to deal with the emotions, and the standing O will be long. [Editor’s note: I predict only Rod Brind’Amour-long due to baseball pacing and Chase being an unimaginative recluse.] To prepare ourselves for the onslaught of feelings heading our way, let’s take a look back at some of Chase’s best moments:

Little Baby Chase hitting a Home Run in the 2001 Futures Game:

A slightly older Chase Utley hitting a Grand Slam for his first MLB hit:

The eternal Harry Kalas with his “Chase Utley, you are THE MAN” call:

Chase walking off against the Mets to finish off a sweep in 2007 (starts around 5:00):

Chase melting everyone’s heart by talking about homeless dogs and cats:

The moment It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia really crossed over:

“Boo? Fuck you.”

A couple of Inside the Park Home Runs:

Chase ties Game 1 of the 2008 NLCS with a 2-run Home Run:

Maybe the greatest defensive play in Phillies history, Utley’s ball fake to first in the World Series:


Benches clear in the NLCS because you DO NOT hit Chase:

Chase ties the World Series HR record in 2009:

Harry Kalas’ final Home Run call:


Chase walks off against the Marlins in the 14th inning in 2014:

The day we said goodbye:

And just some general highlights to dry your eyes after the last one:


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  1. you left out the WS game against the Rays where he faked throwing to third, then gunned down the guy at the plate.

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