Ike Reese Doesn’t Believe in Dinosaurs

WIP’s Ike Reese and Michael Barkann, today, talking about dinosaurs:

Ike Reese: “There’s two things I don’t believe in. That’s aliens and dinosaurs…You remember I said this on the air years ago.”

Michael Barkann: “What the heck do you think happened 50 million years ago?”

IR: “What I wanna know is, why aren’t they still here?…”

MB: “I’ll tell ya why they’re not still here, man. Because either a comet or a huge asteroid…”


MB: “Wiped everything out.”

IR: “What about man that was here with ’em?”

MB: “Man wasn’t here with ’em.”


MB: “Yea, but that’s a movie, there were no cavemen. There might have been some cavemen at the end, when there was the great wooly mammoth.”

Producer: “Man and dinosaur can’t exist together because they’ll eat us probably.”

IR: “That’s the point I’m making. We would be extinct.”

MB: “No, no, no. There weren’t dinosaurs…Dinosaurs had died out because of the asteroid or comet, prior to. And then life began again.”

IR: “Out of nothing?”

MB: “Out of just about nothing. Out of water and dirt and”

IR: “Without procreation?”

MB: “At first it started with just small cells dividing…”

IR: “I just wonder how man survived.”

MB: “Man didn’t survive. Man wasn’t here yet.”

IR: “Okay then how did we get here?”

MB: “We got here first through water, and cell growth in the water, and then the fish came out of the water and started to crawl…”

IR: “See, this is why I don’t buy it.”


Caller Joe: “Yeah I believe in dinosaurs, I’ve seen the bones and all the stuff they dig up.”

IR: “You’ve seen WHAT bones?”

MB: “Dinosaur bones.”

IR: “How do we know those aren’t man made?”

Adam: “So all the museums in all of the world that have fossils are man made?”

IR: “Is it a way to make money?”

Producer: [Baffled pause] “I guess.”

IR: “Do people buy into it? Do people go to see it?”

Producer: [Again, baffled] “So it’s one big conspiracy that all the dinosaurs were fake?”

IR: “It’s just a way to make money as far as I’m concerned. It’s an attraction.”

[a collection of laughter]

IR: “That’s all I got for you. Don’t give me fossils and bones. I wanna know how man survived that time. And he’s telling me that man didn’t co-exist with the dinosaurs. So once I buy that, then what did we just come out of thin air?”

MB: “When the dinosaurs were wiped out…all there was was ocean and dirt and mountains, and everything began anew.”

IR: “There’s only one way that life can come to be [procreation]”

MB: “There’s that way but there’s also stuff started in the oceans. Single celled animals…”

IR: “BUT HOW DID WE GET TO BE HUMANS?…And believe me, that is on the list of the things I told my kids not to believe in: Dinosaurs, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny…”

MB: “Tell ’em to call Uncle Mike”

I can’t imagine why their ratings are bad.


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    1. Looks like Ike’s upper body was photoshopped onto the body of a 13yr old.

      1. Ike Reese believes in money and strippers and there aint a damn thing wrong with that belief system, brother.

        1. I hurt my back trying to suck my own C0CK after doing that meth
          and had to go back to the broom handle. for fun
          I had to get surgurey for it.

    2. More proof that blacks ate stupid and don’t value education.
      How did this idiot with the most annoying voice ever get a job on radio???

      1. 30% of Americans believe like Reese you racist moron. That’s 80 million Americans. There are only between 30 and 40 million blacks in the entire country and a huge percentage understand evolution. So that leaves about 40 million whites who are just as stupid.

        What is really sad is MB is an idiot. Life was not completely wiped out 65 million years ago. We did not start from scratch. Many life forms survived the calamity. The rise og mammals ensued.

        So MB is as stupid and inarticulate as Reese, just in a different way. oops. He’s white. Maybe you can pin it on him as his religion.

        1. Blacks aren’t the one ones that are stupid and have a n1gger mentality.
          And,no $hit, everyone knows there are a ton of stupid whites. They’re called kenzos and trailer trash.
          Thanks for the update, genius.

    1. You don’t HAVE to read shit. You chose to read now your crying like a little bitch.


  1. ike thinks the ice age movies are documentaries.
    no doubt he’s got the CTE.

    1. Lmao!
      Ikes ok in my book, but that muthafuqin barkhann, omg, his voice, his halfass analysis, has got to go

  2. how do a thermos know to keeps tings cold but cans also keep ting hot…how do it know? who do I axe?

  3. What an absolute moron. Why does he have a radio show anyway? Dude is so stubborn and misinformed. Can’t deal with his “Were you ever in a locker room” statements one more time. And how can he not believe in Aliens when he looks like one? Ike really is the epitome of a “special needs” wait I mean “special team” guy. Idiot

  4. Ike is just as stupid as that other stuttering nagger HollAss! Only naggers could think that it’s cool to talk stupid!!!

      1. Your picture says you’re a fuckin’midget with a midget brain living in your mommy’s basement!

  5. Actually I just found out that’s tonight’s topic on PST. Boone just put it out on TweetStreet.

      1. I got lost in the van, did my psa’s, 10 minutes work gonna take me all day

  6. Ike was accepted into college at MSU ahead of a lot of people that can comprehend evolution.

  7. Weren’t dinosaurs still roaming the earth the last time the Eagles won a championship?

  8. Noway dem dinosaures am real yo. Jesus am be telllen me yo no way.Oil comes from god bro.

  9. Who was the host that shit his pants at the fanatic fest? overheard couple guys at the gym talking about it

    1. Beth Hi You Sound Really Nice But Scat Doesnt Really Turn Me On At All. Take Care And Brst Wishes Beth

  10. Still more entertaining than the 975 midday show. They’ve been talking about literally the same topic for weeks now. Should the Eagles trade bradford.

    1. This is the main reason I stopped listening to sports talk radio. They used to have diversity among the 4 pro teams in this town when it came to daily topics. Not its all about milking some Eagles subject to death for weeks and weeks.

    2. Rob Ellis has Napolean complex, small man who acts t tough guy even though Sarah Baicker looks like she could take him, and he doesnt like me much.

      Heyyyyyyyy Harrryyyyyyy ,

    3. Mike and ike could be hosting their best show ever in regard to content and I’d still listen mayes&ellis on their worst day.
      It’s all barkann, ikes just guilty by association. Peter pays for paul. I fuqing hate barkann

  11. Spike And Ike Are In Over Their Heads. Spike Doesnt Have The Authorization To. Hire And Fire And Ike Does Not Have The Ability To. Think Or Speak. Barkann Sucks And Both Him And Ike Should Have Been Gone So Long Ago. Blame Coke Head Andy Bloom For Putting Them On The Air At All Along With Josh Innes Too

    1. completely unnecessary to capitalize the first letter of every goddamn word.

  12. Yo Turts, I think it’s time to put Ike in the remedial hopper for goodness sakes.

  13. So Josh gets fired and right away Kyle you need to find another host to bash. Do you have a life? Is there not any sports to write about? If you don’t like Wip take your whining ass over to another station. I’m done with your hack writing and hack site. If you had any ability to report you would be writing for a credible site. This is the equivalent to a podcast.

  14. The Amazing Thing About This Story Is Someone Even Actually Listened To Their Sh-tty Worthless Show Let Alone Transcribed It. Will Wonders Never Cease?

  15. Ike Reese, you aren’t a scholar and are not intelligent enough to have conversations about science. Leave this topic to people of greater intellectual stations. You are in over your head. Your career involved you hitting people, you do not have a mind for thisnsort of topic. Stick to speaking about the children’s game that you mastered.

    1. It would be a good idea to be grammatically correct and pay attention to spelling in a post ripping someone else’s intelligence.

      1. I can make all grammatical errorz in the world and would still be smart enough to know dinosaurs existed. That’s how stupid he is.

  16. WIP needs to do to its station what happened to the dinosaurs. the fact that ike reese and barrett brooks are on
    The radio shows spike eskins stupidity. And josh gets fired? Comical. Wipe em all out. Start over. JUST LIKE THE DINOSAURS!

      1. Brian Ball-licker is more brain dead than Ike Reese. They should both get their brains scanned immediately and seek professional help.

  17. can’t make up stupidity like that….and the idiotic way barfkan argues with the m o y a n is just as stupid……god help anyone that listens to that show and actually likes it…..

  18. Wonder if anyone told Ike the earth is round yet.
    That will be a two parter to see if he can wrap his mind around that.

  19. Wouldnt mind Brother Mike + Brother Ike in the 2-6 PM slot . I can listen in on Brother Harry + Beady Eyes Ellis then switch over to WIP at 2 to avoid Missanelli. But’ Im not listening to WIP current 2-6 show. They need to upgrade what they have.

    1. Why do treat these clown hosts with respect. I have you, Gus from Allentown and Levi on the permanent ban list.

      1. I like hearing from Gus. He might not always be right, but he exhibits what Mike Miss always refers to 2nd level thinking

  20. Ex Phillie held the the Phils to one run as Nats complete the sweep. Who was genius who traded Jay Happ who is on his way to a Cy Young. No wonder this team can’t compete anymore,

    1. It’s “J.A.” Happ and he could have bee had by any team in baseball for a bag of donuts for the last few years.

  21. TNS. Ike Reese is an imbecile and just another reason in a long list as to why I stopped listening to Sports Talk Radio

  22. So will WIP get in trouble for Ike Reese representing a stereotypical cartoonsish ignorant negro? Oh wait that’s just how he really is.

  23. There are no Mensa members commenting here. not many players make the jump to announcing.
    Below the Manson-Nixon line the earth is only 5,000 yrs old.
    Question: In the bible from the book of Genesis it’s described the roundness of the earth…..who saw the earth from space to know it was round ?
    Ancient Alien Theorists suggest Andy Reid was a fraud. I concur.

  24. This post was a CB slam dunk. How can CB combine people’s hate for local sports radio personalities, trash WIP, and get the racist white trash Delco commenters all fired up? Poke fun at a Ike Reese’s intelligence of course.

    Too bad you’re a 97.5 The Fanatic lap dog because the hosts over there make Ike Reese seem like a genius. Gargano and Ellis seem to work on a script and haven’t done original sports radio ever. Mike Miss changes his mind every other day, I think he has early onset alzheimer disease. Brian Baldinger is the poster child for why you shouldn’t let your child play football. Someone please get him to a doctor immediately. The rest of their staff had the Eagles going 12-4 last season, enough said.

    1. We’re about to mail you the check Kyle. Who do you want us to make it out to: Kyle Scott or Kyle Laskowski?

  25. What’s the most annoying event that happened this summer that brought out the idiotic local population to call up sports radio and waste time:

    Buddy Ryan’s death

    Mohammad Ali’s death

    Ryan Lochte destroying a bathroom in Brazil

    Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem

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