Please Add This Turd from CSN Washington to Your Shit Lists

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No, not the faux Indian– a trolling turd from CSN Washington who decided that he needed some page views yesterday, so he poked the best fan base in the whole country, and put it in slideshow form:

Sometimes, reputations are undeserved. But for supporters of the Philadelphia sports teams — namely the Eagles, Flyers and Phillies — their designation as the worst fans in sports largely feels right.

There’s absolutely no denying that every fan base has its less than stellar moments. However, it feels like people from Philly are behind the storylines focusing on bad crowd behavior more often than most. Enough times, in fact, for an entire gallery to be made in their honor(?).

So that’s how we’ve arrived at this point, with a list ranking 10 times Philadelphia fans were truly insufferable sitting a click away. Check out the link below for the gallery, which could also be titled, “How not to act at a sporting event/in a stadium/as a normal human being.”

For what it’s worth, Peter missed many of the more notable moments here, but this one is just downright odd:

Voila_Capture 2016-08-16_03-07-28_PM

Mind you, Chief Zee is the highly offensive and racist unofficial mascot of the Redskins, so citing him in a bad Philly fan behavior post is like the pot calling the kettle a racist piece of shit.

Side note: Chief Zee – really Zema Williams – apparently died last month. I don’t know why, but I found this line funny in the story about his death:

Williams occasionally traveled to Redskins road games, but he stopped going to Giants road games after being pushed down an escalator in 1979 and stopped attending Eagles road games after he had his leg broken and his right eye dislodged from its socket in the Veterans Stadium parking lot in 1983.

Chief Zee encouraging people to refer to him as “My Injun” was considered to be highly offensive by many, you know, actual Native Americans.


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    1. You are calling this African-American a turd??? You do know that is highly racist, as most turds are Black.

      You must report to Mandatory Racial Sensitivity Diversity Concentration Camp run by FEMA, when Ms Clinton is elected president.

      This will rid you of all your racist thoughts.

      1. Kyle,
        Writing an article about how much you hate a dead guy is pretty lol, mad respect, G. And fuck you Josh Innes.

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