RADIO WARS: 97.5 Caller “Dwayne From Swedesboro” Is Actually 97.5 Producer Pat Egan

Note that we’ve removed all photos of the Nosike Onyemaobim, the man whose likeness was being used by Pat Egan as “Dwyane From Swedesboro,” at his request.

On Friday night, tipster (@TheREALJAYEMCEE) reached out to me and claimed that infamous 97.5 caller “Dwayne From Swedesboro,” a stereotypical black guy with paternity test problems, is actually 97.5 producer Pat Egan, who is white.

That tip was correct.

Dwayne is known for calling Mike Missanelli’s show, but he’s also called other 97.5 shows. Here’s a sample, from when he called Jason Myrtetus at 4 a.m. this January:

“Look man, I ain’t gonna lie to ya, the paternity test was a big relief. It’s like I didn’t think that kid was my kid, but then its that little bit of fear like, oh snap, Dwayne could be paying for this for 18 years.”

“I don’t have that many minutes man, I have a set number. I can’t be using it to wait 45 minutes. Look man, I ain’t got the baller budget that you radio people got so I gotta get the limited mintute plan.”

And another portion from a call to Missanelli:

Lol, dwayne from Swedesboro @camthe1st this why I listen to 97.5

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Dwayne’s shtick, as best as I can tell, is that of a white woman-crushing playa who fancies Mahogany Bath & Body Works 2-in-1 Hair and Body Shampoo. In fact, “Dwayne From Swedesboro” has reviewed that particular product on Amazon, writing, “I recently gifted some to my close friend Mikey Miss, and he’s now picking up women half his age and twice his energy level.” Dwayne’s other review came in 2008– for a Pulstar BE-1 Pulse Plug for his Mitsubishi Lancer. It seems the character of Dwayne has existed for some time.

Not surprisingly, Dwayne was unable to attend 97.5’s Fantasy Fest this weekend and offered up his tickets – in exchange for nudes – on his Twitter account, where his avatar is that of a bald black man carrying a hockey stick:

Voila_Capture 2016-08-22_02-33-09_PM Voila_Capture 2016-08-22_02-33-18_PM Voila_Capture 2016-08-22_02-32-59_PM

At this point, we decided to look into the claims that Dwayne was fake.

Here’s what we found out.

Several insiders confirmed that Dwayne was in fact a well-known fake caller amongst 97.5 staffers… except Missanelli. In fact, Dwayne (and potentially other callers) may exist solely to get a reaction out of Missanelli, some say.

This reporting on the matter of course would’ve been enough to garner a post, but we wanted to go a step further and confirm that Egan is indeed responsible for Dwayne’s existence, and potentially his voice.

The original tip – which originated with a former 97.5 intern – said that the photos of Dwayne on Twitter actually show one of Egan’s men’s league hockey teammates. This was difficult to pin down, but we were able to do it.

A picture on Egan’s Twitter feed showed a wedding gift from two of his teammates– a puck adorned with a “Storm” logo. From here, we were able to discover that Egan plays for the Storm of the ROHL in Exton. A roster is available online, but it doesn’t include any pictures. However, this being hockey, there was one name that stood out as being different from the assorted Pats and Peters, Tanners and Rileys: Nosike Onyemaobin. Google returns virtually no results for that name. But it does return results for “Nosike hockey,” which leads us to the LinkedIn page of Nosike Onyemaobim (the name was spelled wrong on the Storm’s roster), who happens to look exactly like “Dwayne From Swedesboro.”

For reference, here are photos of Dwyane, who says he buys and sells stocks, from his Twitter– with his favorite body wash…


… with D3 (Mighty Ducks is referenced in Egan’s Twitter bio, for what it’s worth)…


… and at the bar:


And here’s Nosike’s LinkedIn profile:


On Egan’s Facebook page, there are more photos of Dwayne Nosike, whose likeness it’s now clear is being used – it seems knowingly – as “Dwayne From Swedesboro.” Egan is holding the cup, Nosike is… ah, you get it:


And another:


To what extent others at 97.5 know that Pat is connected to Dwayne is unclear. However, as best as we can tell this appears to be a poorly-kept secret at the station, and many believe that Egan is the voice for “Dwayne From Swedesboro.”

Many hosts and employees have tweeted about Dwayne in some manner, including promoting his Twitter account. There is also some belief amongst insiders that Dwayne isn’t the only fake caller.

For what it’s worth, in a Twitter exchange with our tipster’s girlfriend on Friday night, Egan denied he was Dwayne, citing the fact that Dwayne had a Twitter account as evidence that he was real:

Voila_Capture 2016-08-22_01-32-39_PM

I contacted Missanelli, Myrtetus (who also produces Mike’s show), and Egan himself to request comment. Mike and Jason discussed my email on the air, seemingly denying that Dwayne was fake, and said that a black man claiming to be Dwayne showed up to the studio and may have met front desk personnel. Here’s that exchange:

Mike Missanelli: “The only thing I can tell you is that Dwayne from Swedesboro showed up live here at the radio station.”

Jason Myrtetus: “He was not allowed back here we were told, right?”

MM: “He was not, but he was Dwayne from Swedesboro. Dwayne was a real person when he came here. We met Dwayne.”

JM: “Somebody was breathing.”

MM: “Yeah somebody named Dwayne, from Swedesboro, was here so they might not wanna put that post up yet and check into that.”

JM: “[Kyle] contacted me too, I’ll talk to him. I’m not gonna talk to him during the show. I’ll talk to him after.”

MM: “Dwayne from Swedesboro being accused of apparently not being a real person, so Dwayne from Swedesboro, if you’re out there and you can put this to rest, we’d love to hear from you right now because there’s a gossip stream that is gonna label you as a fraud. But our program director, he met him.”

JM: “I don’t think he did. I don’t know if it was the front desk or who it was. We were here.”

MM: “We were here, I believe the program director spoke with Dwayne and did not allow him back here because we were doing the show and didn’t want any disturbances during the show. We know an actual person named Dwayne from Swedesboro, who was black, who spoke like Dwayne from Swedesboro was here.”

JM: “That’s what we were told, yes.”

MM: “Somebody met him.”

JM: “I don’t know who it was, coulda been our front desk girl, coulda been anybody.”

MM: “We have to get the skinny on this, I think we need the program director’s input on this. See if we can dig him up.”

After the show, I spoke with Myrtetus and Egan, who were together, and was greeted by the voice of “Dwayne From Swedesboro.” They acknowledged that Dwayne was a character they created during a slow sports time around two years ago. They said his persona snowballed from one call to Missanelli where Dwayne was able to irritate Mike. Echoing what others said, they claim Mike had no idea that he was talking to one of his station’s producers. MY MUSIC:


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      1. Egan was doing a Chris Tucker impersonation when he would call as Duane, it’s not much of a shocker that it’s a fake.

        1. A Chris Tucker impersonation? I didn’t know Chris Tucker was the stereotype that white supremacists like to think of when they think of black people.

    1. Couldn’t get through this whole article but they black dude is not what I pictured Dwayne to look like

    2. Only white girl that urkel looking brother is getting is one that looks like big sue serio

    3. Great story. Compelling and Rich.

      By the way Mr. Innes, If you were a man, I’d punch you. Punch you right in the mouth.

  1. The Realst FTW! Pretty racist there, Pat Egan.
    2,477 Jolly points says you should lose your job

    1. Bummer.Dwayne liked Dwayne. Dwayne calling MIke a 1%-er was hilarious. But yeah, Egan gets canned.

  2. As if I couldn’t hate pat Egan any more than I already do. The rat. He’s Martinez junior. Small and shitty at hockey. This is like finding out the girl you like has fake cans.

    It should have been a sign when he said he rolled in a Vespa. You can’t roll chicks in a Vespa bro.

    I bet mahogany wood lotion got a spike though….

      1. No but when you first thought they were real and then they feel like sandbags, it sucks

  3. Can’t wait to see how Mikey Miss plays this one off. no way he didn’t know. having a pretend caller is pretty lame but having a pretend black caller is a personal affront to the brother that is Mikey Miss.

    1. Agreed. He knew what was up but Myrtetus and his other lackeys are covering for him. Mike Miss, African-American people’s great white savior, cannot be exposed as using a cheap black stereotype character on his show!

  4. So lemme get this straight; you’ve been on a crusade to protect Lochte, a professional athlete literally representing the country, who admitted he fabricated a story to make himself look better. But you have a problem with a local radio station doing a schtick fake caller, something radio stations have been doing (and stealing from Stern) for years? Jesus you’re a fucking hypocrite.

    1. you sayin that african american’s do not have paternity test challenges?
      there are whole tv shows based on that one subject. lol

  5. I suspect that the posts from “Jim” are actually written by Kyle. Quite possible there is no “Jim” at all; Kyle just set up a straw man to make himself look marginally better. Now “Dan” is the next victim. At least “Dan” has a picture with his bio. “Jim” got nothin.

  6. Yo bo, dats a violation. How you gonna call out my boy Dwayne like that . He as much from Swedesboro as I’m from South Philly. ha HA!

  7. God don’t want me yet man, I’ve got more feet to taste.

  8. So Mikey Miss has a white guy call in to his show and talk in a black accent and discuss his paternity tests….wow a real man of the people. I guess this is what he means when he talks about “2nd level thinking”

    Everyone knows that radio shows have done this in the past and still continue til this day, but when you’re someone like Mike Missanelli who lectures and preaches to his own callers about racism and inequality for black people and then it comes out that you not only buy in to black stereotypes, but also use them as a comedy bit on your show then you reveal yourself as the pompous pontificating liberal douche of a human being you are. First it was gays and now it’s blacks for Mikey. Just like with Matt Lauer and every other “Social Justice Warrior” they are the racists in this world, but try to mask it with white guilt. Disgusting

      1. That’s just a cover story, you rube. The big man in charge always claims plausible deniability.

  9. anyone, for a second, doubt that they all knew about this (mikey included) and the angle that Mike didn’t know is just to attempt to save face?

    This is pathetic. Fake callers. Who else is fake? That dope mangos?

    maybe gargano ate dwayne

  10. Does this mean that Charles from the Northeast is a fake moron and not a real one? Chris from Williamstown?

    1. Did Murray from Mayfair die?? Haven’t heard that loser call either station in months

  11. I played hockey w Egan at Exton for a few years… Dude is an oddball and a rangers fan… Odd guy for sure..a Rangers fan working for Philly radio? Tool…

    1. Agreed. I’ve been saying this for awhile. He called in one time to say that he really liked this guy out of Florida State and the Eagles should look to draft him, he said the name and Mikey Miss didn’t know it so he looked it up and it was the kicker.

  12. You people, and I’m getting a little bit tired of – you people need to look inside yourselves, and – white people. Look inside yourselves, and ask yourself, “Do I think black people are cool and dope because of my white guilt, and therefore grant them tremendous social authority even though most of them are just really tan rednecks? Would I have voted for Obama the second time if he looked like Chris Hayes, which is basically who he is? Do I sometimes project the contempt that I feel deeply – but will not allow myself to acknowledge – onto various white people instead, like Jim Adair does?

  13. Mikey Miss must play in the ROHL on the Storm too
    … What a bunch of wanks that are in a shitty hockey league. What kind of name is Tanner anyway?

    Ol Pat is gonna get shit canned….

    1. Inge the Korean? Bernie from Broomall? I call BS on White loather Mikey Miss

  14. i’ll bet mikey miss is already flipping out…he got pranked and its always best to prank a liberal douche…..with the old fake black caller trick…sweet.

    1. Botham the indian dude….I knew that was a fake accent.

      Ingy carrying on today about north Korea getting 26 medals while the people eat twigs and grass.

      Lotta phoniness going on there!

  15. I am offering my services as a Diversity Outreach Coordinator for 250K/yr. Half of me keeps the media domination intact and the other half makes up for the violence Mikey Miss and Co. have unleashed up black bodies, fake or otherwise. Unexplored is why wouldn’t 97.5 allow an African brother access to the radio station? Apartheid must fall!

  16. How come nobody talks about boring Rob Ellis? They’re trying their hardest to make him sound funny. Bring back Bruno!

      1. I stopped listening to Anthony on WIP because of Ellis and now Harry Mayes on the Fanatic for the same reason. That lame doosh needs to go!

    1. I would have liked to listen to Innes-Ellis run a few more months to its natural scatalogical conclusion.

  17. Pretty funny shit by pat Egan . Idiot should have kept his mouth shut though





  19. This was 97.5 Riley cooper’s incident. Time to cut bait with bad hockey player Egan

  20. Strong work Kyle! Due to your excellent detective work the world is now a better place! I’m sure there will be no ramifications in doing this . 97.5 talent will continue to love and promote you without any bad feelings. A couple jobs may be lost but it’s worth the clicks. Since we’re being honest, now would be a great time to admit your “Bob” and Jims “Paul Jolovitz Fan Club”.

  21. somebody gets fired or suspended = MM did not know
    nobody gets fired or suspended = MM knew

  22. If there was ever a chance for the Pulitzer Prize for Sports Entertainment…that’s gone now.
    All gone. All gone.

  23. I just love that Fat Innes could of just sat back and watched the other station burn for once, but instead decides to post a blackface picture and bring some of the heat back on him. What a moron, dude can’t help himself.

    1. Spot on …the best thing he could have done is just ignore it and if a caller on his show brought it up just make a comment like “we don’t need to make up callers”.

      Also, did anyone actually enjoy listening to “Dwayne”? I for one couldn’t stand him.

      1. But that wouldn’t be true. I steal a bit from Phil Hendrie. It’s an old gag that people that steal use. I have a fake guy call in (like a pretend cowboy fan) and they say outrageous things. Then I line the phone with people that are annoyed and I put my fake guy and the angry callers on together.

        Just a little more of “my” act.

  24. Hey, whaddya know, Deadspin actually cited us for this. 1st time ever.

  25. Favorite is the 97.5 guys saying their callers were authentic as little as a month ago.

  26. I’m still not sure I get the racial outrage about this. So someone impersonates a black guy to get a rise out of the host on a radio show where the purpose is to entertain. Why are people acting like black/white people haven’t been impersonating each other since forever? Just watch some bill burr or Dave chappelle, the movie white chicks. I don’t see the malicious intent w Dwayne? And if the stereotypes were so offensive, why weren’t they unbelievable and Dwayne wasn’t exposed right away? Seems like there is way too much faux outrage these days.

    1. The race outrage is nonsense. That’s mostly faux-rage

      The real problem is the fake caller. Sports radio is supposed to be real conversations, with real fans. This wasn’t a one or two time thing either. They did this for two years, sometimes DAILY. It’s really a bad sign for the show. The fact that they have to lean on a fake caller that often is troubling.


  27. Please tell me Jason “the captain of the dirty 30” is fake. Dude is not playing with a full deck.

    1. He is absolutely a fake. One day he’s a “slow adult”, the next day he sounds like a bordeaux sipping bank executive.

    2. I actually know Jason and he’s absolutely a real guy who has down syndrome, though very high functioning. I can’t believe I’m responding to this, but I needed to jump in here lest we think that everything we’re hearing on Philly sports talk radio is all an act.

  28. have no idea who Dwayne from Swedesboro is because I haven’t listened to Mike “I’m the smartest guy in the room” Miss and Jason “I have no f’n clue about sports” Myrtetus in two years. Apparently, I haven’t missed a thing.

  29. I found the skit to be funny and the fact that mike claims to have not know about even funnier. It is kind of odd for a sports radio show to have fake callers though…..

  30. Who cares. If it was a black guy doing a white dude….wait, they’d never do that right??? Been hearing it for years by comedians, actors, black dudes I know, Black chicks you name it. Black people do it all the time. This PC stuff is retarded. Yes I said that. People stop being so sensitive. You only give words power if you let them hurt. Get over it.

  31. This is cringe-inducing, but also hilarious.

    This thought occurred to me: Kyle is smart, and figured out a lot with very little information. Kudos, but why are you wasting your abilities chasing down obviously fake callers to bad sports talk radio shows?

  32. Wow the Eagles suck that bad you have to find a fake caller story. Is’t every caller into a Philly sports talk show fake.

  33. He pretty much copied Phil Hendrie’s act. But Phil actually was hilarious making up the voices. I think what this producer did was the lame.

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