RADIO WARS: Former 97.5 Intern Alex Reardon Details Behind the Scenes Skeeviness

Before Alex Reardon became a production assistant at Fox Sports, she interned with 97.5 in 2010 as a Studio Production Intern while at Temple. In the midst of today’s (and yesterday’s) absolute mayhem at both 97.5 and WIP, Reardon opened up a little bit about what she experienced behind the scenes at the Fanatic. None of it is really surprising:

Another incredibly slow week in sports talk radio. When will this get good? Here’s to hoping:

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99 Responses

    1. I was absolutely Brace who asked her about her panties. He use to play it up that he had his own show. She is the one that made up the name “Pie Face” for him. It was hysterical when she would say, I have pink underwear on today, how about you Pie Face?

      1. Hopefully at some point in your mouth-breathing, window licking existence you will gain some appreciation for women in general and all they do for guys, even ones like you with tiny ‘egos’. It might take you actually getting a date with one that doesn’t come in blow-up form, or maybe one of your female relatives becoming a victim of the harassment you so easily spew behind the anonymity of a keyboard…whatever it might be, maybe you and your virgin brothers who find your daily dick jokes actually funny will grow up and mature and look back at your own actions and feel some remorse. I wouldn’t bet it on though…your type never matures.

          1. Only dweebs like you come on to a website and try to get their dick sucked – not suck you illiterate shit. I actually go out and talk to women in person and do just fine there. Plus, that’s the best you got…should have gone with ‘blew’…like your mom was really appreciative of me teaching you how to be a man, so she blew me…or I said hello to your sister and she was blown away and blew Bleue.

    2. With all the violent crime at Temple by the usual suspects, she has the audacity to cry about racism?
      (I said more, but I keep getting censored)

    3. Thank you bleue!

      Hey losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The comment section, as I have seen for several months, looks to each other for importance. Most jokes are The comment section, as I have seen for several months, looks to each other for importance. Most jokes are absolutely horrendous, and the rest are close to unreadable & creepy . Give up your self entitled embarrassment losers!!although I think it’s absolutely horrendous, and the rest are close to unreadable & creepy . Give up your self entitled embarrassment losers.

      On to my point- Alex girl you will never get ahead in this game if you bad mouth former employees & employers . Tells me you aren’t the bright bulb out there . Look how the philly radio God mike missanelli black-balled nick kayal as the perfect example. Don’t ever ever disrespect a former employer in the industry . This is the real world hunnie

  1. Guesses on who the host was? On air in 2010…Harry Mayes? Jonny Marks? Bruno? For some reason, I don’t think that’s up Mike Miss’ alley.

    1. M.M. goes the “other” way Brah ! He prefers his gals with facial hair and a big hard uh genital area. I live across the street from him at the shore for many years, actually he knows me. I think Steve is a very nice clean man but he is much too young for Mike. I mind my own business down here but I think the fake black phone calls were very much wrong.

    2. 2010 was Vai & Gonzo, Harry and Tony, then Mike Miss w Jon Marks producing. Unfortunately my money is on the swinger Bruno.

  2. This poor girl better have a squeaky clean past if she’s going to throw haymakers at a radio station.

    Also, we have now gone full circle as Natalie Egenolf claims she was in radio for 7 years and is surprised by this behavior.

    1. her past has nothing to do with her experience of sexual harassment, squeaky or not. that comment is about as idiotic as they come.

  3. All you Jag Off’s who are attacking Alex should be ashamed of yourself. You know what they call an intern who goes to HR?


    I applaud Alex, you go girl, I only know Alex from Twitter and what I know is she is a true Philadelphian.

    Alex has already had way more than 15 minutes of fame and I’m sure more than you meat heads will.

    1. Oh look! John Gonzalez shows up to defend her. You two linked up since you’ve been out in Cali. You’re just as guilty, bet you know all about when you were sitting next to Vai on the air while she interned. You both left. Philly is doing just fine without you both. Check your egos and keep your thoughts and opinions geographically relevant to where you are now.

      1. wow. the creativity in some of these retorts is astounding. do y’all use the same handbook / subreddit for your sick burns or what?

  4. Hate it when attractive women bitch and complain that guys hit on them.. In all likelihood if she didn’t look pretty, she would be unhireable.. it is not like Temple is some prestigious school.. And what does a white blonde B from suburbia know about racism?

    1. Pretty faces = money

      The more attractive you are, the more marketable you are to advertisers that want to buy ad space on your station

      Natalie, do you think Angelo/the listeners cared about your Phillies and eagles opinions? Your a pretty face that sold Bud Light sponsorships and brought in a younger male audience to a morning show who’s demographic was on the latter end of 18-65

      The intern who looks like Shrek? ..didn’t get the same opportunity

    2. i just love it when entitled males and women with internalised misogyny come through and think it’s so horrible when a woman wants to be treated with respect. how passé can you get?

  5. That girl talking about class is funny. She once drank a man’s urine for money at White Girl Wednesday during her Temple days. True Story to.

    1. Haha the intern who moved to a bigger market and to a bigger medium didn’t make it? That’s funny. Keep wishing you were living a better life. DELCO looks great on you, bruh.

  6. Kyle is the Philly version of the old deadspin. Deadspin was jealous of ESPN and would try to find any story they could to make them look bad. Kyle hated that Mike belittled him on air and in similiar fashion to deadspin is going to go after Mikey Miss and 97.5. Pretty pathetic.

  7. The miserable low-lifes posting hateful stuff only make Alex’s claims more credible. Thank you for unintentionally serving the cause of gender equality, losers.

    1. Seriously bro…these keyboard toughguys/virgins have no idea how pathetic they make themselves look – which is exactly why they post under these despicable names – and fail to realize that even though they get to choose their name, their IP address is always tracked and can be found immediately if needed. Should any of these jerkoff specialists ever actually mate with a chick and have a daughter of their own (which is a huge stretch), they might actually look back at their immature posts and resent how they treated other members of the human race. Maybe…I’m guessing most of them turn out for the worst and end up getting arrested for various terrible things.

  8. seems like mikey miss knew that dwayne was fake and is trying desperately to pretend he’s ok with being treated like a douche by his douche producer crew.

    wonder how many other fake callers liberal mike ok’d so him and hockey boy can make racial jokes? what about that Ingy korean guy? they seem to enjoy playing Gangnam style a little too much for it not to be a bit.

  9. i am just commenting to whiw my support for you, Alex. there aee so many gross monsters hiding behind their computers here and i’m sorry you’re experiencing them firsthand. sending solidarity and strength.

  10. They give me midnight, weekend time slots to keep me away from hot interns…Not because of my talent level.
    WIP sportstime is 8 colon 01

  11. She slept with Logan Couture, Andres Nodl, Spencer Hawes, the starting QB at Temple, anybody who wears a jersey, really. So yeah, she’s got a track record.

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