RADIO WARS: Josh Innes Goes Off on “Soul Man” Mike Missanelli


This is how my boss makes me spend the afternoon of my birthday.

Josh Innes opened his show today by playing the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Mr. Bojangles,” letting the song ride out until the line “He danced for those in minstrel shows and county fairs,” when Innes chimed in. He opened by asking “General Knowledge question: What station is now a minstrel show in Philadelphia?” Surprisingly, he moved right on to discussing the new Madden game and the show’s plan to run season simulations to predict the Eagles record right after that. For a couple minutes, he’d just drop a passing shot at Miss here – “No need to go anywhere else today, you’d probably just hear some fake callers talking to some fake hair dyed radio hosts” – and there – “callers named Dwayne hop to the front of the line.” But after a long commercial break, he went off:

Innes: “No reason to go anywhere else because what you’re hearing here is what you’re actually hearing here.”

Reigner: “And if it wasn’t, you’re dumb and you had no idea, right?”

Innes: “People are tweeting me about – I’m gonna start calling Mike “Soul Man” now – but Soul Man or Al Jolson whatever you wanna call him, but I’ll go Soul Man – it was a C. Thomas Howell movie where a guy takes a pill to be black – so evidently over at 97.5 they’re a bunch of soul men over there and their whole schtick is that they have fake callers. And then what I’m being told by people on twitter is they’re trying to paint is as everyone in the world has fake callers to the point that they’re referencing Howard Stern and saying the whack pack…no the whack pack are actual whackos who called in because they could get people to call into their radio show and don’t have to fake it. I mean you’d think with your lame, lousy questions, real people would call up and answer your softball, general knowledge garbage, but as it turns out, your callers are as fake as your hair.

From what I understand, Soul Man is saying he knew nothing about this and that he was duped. So of course Soul Man, who is a guy that regularly is offended by everything because he’s so consumed by white guilt that he has to get up and stump for every offensive cause and tell you how awful you are…”

Reigner: “He’s offended by the guy on the pizza box.”

Innes: “He is a guy that is offended on behalf of everyone and everything, that is his schtick. He is Soul Man. But you mean to tell me that you don’t think Soul Man had any clue for a couple of years that a guy that was calling his show was not real. You don’t belive that, and that’s also not the story, by the way. The story is not that there’s a fake caller…the problem is when it comes to 97.5, everything about that radio station is 100% phony. I knew the hosts were phony, because I knew that guys like Rob Ellis were asking to stay on the show with me…or the Cuz shakes you hand to your face and then tells everyone behind your back that you suck, or that Mike’s hair is actually black. I know there’s a lot of phonies over there. I didn’t realize the callers that called the show were fake and they stacked the lines.

And not just fake callers, guys who are WHITE pretending to be BLACK guys. Like, that’s what makes me laugh about all of this. Mr. Soul Man, who is offended by everything…white guilt to the nth degree and he pretends to be boys with all his brothas, HE WOULDN’T LET YOU MOW HIS FREAKIN LAWN on the Main Line. Oh but on the air he’ll pander to you hard and you’ll buy it because you think brothers are actually calling the show. Turns out it’s a WHITE GUY pretending to be black calling the show.”

Reigner: “I’ve never met the man, but I’ve heard enough stories to know he’s a red ass…He’ll flip out on people. We know that Soul Man will punch somebody, will throw someone up against the wall that still works here. We know that. So you’re gonna tell me that guy got played for two years, and it’s just “oh well I don’t see what the big deal is”?

Innes: “Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say he doesn’t know: Then you’re listening to an old, out of touch idiot that doesn’t know he’s being pranked by someone doing a minstrel show. Worst case scenario: He knew about it. Best case scenario: He’s an old man with dyed hair who has no idea what’s happening on his show. You like it, then you like it, but whatever.

It’s baffling…Basically what you’re dealing with is 97.5 is run by a bunch of entitled white kids who portray black characters on the radio. Is that fair to say if we wanna throw a blanket over it? You’ve got guys who are in a pretty high position of power, like Myrtetus, who is orchestrating this entire ruse and lying to the audience, and not only lying to your audience, but doing a minstrel show. People went off on me because I posted a picture of Al Jolson last night, but that’s what that is. It’s a minstrel show when a goofy white guy not only calls as a black guy, builds an entire twitter account with pictures and everything. So it’s funny to me because the guy is offended by everything, but now there’s no way this guy didn’t know this was going on.”

We knew Innes would have a field day with this, but I’m honestly surprised he didn’t do it right off the top. Only took a few minutes though. MAESTRO (or something):


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      1. Ron Dont worry about this poser being first to post.
        You’ll always be #1 in our hearts.

    1. Hey Kyle you fucking loser did you notice how Deadspin had no insecurity issues by mentioning your name and website as the one who broke the story? When are you going to start mentioning who you plagiarize with all of your copy and paste hack jobs on this website. Even I mentioned what a great job you did digging for this story over on p h i l l y i n f l u e n c e r. You’re a fucking pussy who blocks words websites and comments. Didn’t mommy give you enough attention.

    2. Call me neive, but I didn’t know sports talk radio used fake callers. Innis was denying fake callers on WIP, but some of those shows do have characters who seem to be frequent callers. I’m positive blind gus is a fake caller and the kid with the fake gf. I bet Cataldi uses fake callers like adriene the giants fan.
      I do actually buy it that Missaneli wouldn’t know the identities of fake callers created by the station’s own personnel.

  1. I actually agree with Innes, RE: MRYTETUS, for a change. Some pathetic ass producer doing this con job and getting off on it WITH HIS BEER LEAGUE HOCKEY BUDDY??. Mikey Miss should part ways with that tool.

  2. Mike miss sounds nervous today explaining himself .

    1. Im the one guy who watches the replay cause i dont wanna get up that early to watch it with the three of you other guys.

  3. Myrtetus told me all of his 97.5 caller friends would come buy cars from me. None of them ever showed??????? WTF

    1. That’s a darn shame, you might just have to wait for his kid to buy a car (that’ll be a while because he’s only eight after all).

      I can’t stand Innes, but I can’t stand Missanelli either, I did enjoy seeing him get ripped.

  4. Josh Innes should probably worry more about how much his show sucks than anything going on at the other station.

    1. That’s true it has got to be one of the worst sports talk shows in the country

  5. Josh’s entire show, which is losing badly in the ratings, is talking about Mike’s show, which is killing the afternoons.

    I don’t think that fat douche knows how ratings work.

    1. Both shows are a DISTANCE behind WMMR in that time slot.

      Do you know how ratings work you fucking idiot

      1. That’s funny. I can’t remember mentioning WMMR in my original post. Good thing you paid attention, you fucking dickhole.

        I was referencing the sports talk stations, where Mike is Teabagging Josh in every sense of the word. Try to keep up, asshat.

    2. Where do you get your “ratings” from? They’ve been trading back and forth and Soul Man is by no means “killing” Innes

      1. Please read the last 5 months of RADIO WARS posts pertaining to monthly ratings.

  6. Last comment from me for a few days, maybe. I tire of saying it. You must drop this sports talk radio nonsense until after the election in November. It’s so fucking important. Male or female. America is at stake. You must pay more attention and read what’s going on in politics. Look at the alternate media on the internet. You won’t find it here or on 97.5 or WIP.

    If you vote for Hillary Clinton, there won’t be debates on independent websites like this. The UN takes over the internet address system from the United States come this October. Look it up if you don’t believe me. They are already censoring the internet in select countries in Europe. We are next.

    I am emphatic with this because I think it’s that fucking important. Country 1st. Everything else, including sports, 2nd.

      1. Folks, look at the comment above and realize this is the mindset of a person that doesn’t think.


        No, it’s actually conservatives that are against the decline of America, see it happening, and want to improve the economy and safety without foreign intervention. The greatest country in the world. So that means more jobs and wealth for American Citizens, and not allowing uninvited Muslim migrants into this country, which this President has done without congressional approval.

        2. “Right wing dipshit, fuck Trump and all his little nazi followers”

        Trump is a Nazi? Because he’s a nationalist/patriot and believes in America first? You have a lot to learn about history. Last time I checked in the 1940’s, Germany didn’t have a border crisis on their hands and a 22 trillion dollar deficit.

        You people are as dumb as the sky is blue. Trump is a Nazi because the mainstream media called him that? I believe them so Trump must be a Nazi. Hahahahaha! You fucks are so predictable. Pick up a history book and read what the Nazi party really was. It will feel like the current Democrats and the globalists that pull their strings.

    1. Nice conspiracy theory retard. Trump is going to get creamed because he’s a fucking joke. Get over it

      1. It will be a blowout.

        400+ EV for Killary

        McGinty > Toomey, Senate turns Blue

        50/50 House turns Blue

  7. Hey douche, no one cares that it’s your birthday. After age 12 it is just another day on the calendar.

    1. 12’s a harsh cutoff…16-17 you get to drive, 18 you get to vote, 21 you get to drink. Your parents must not have loved you very much.

    1. …and I work on my birthday. Because I am a grown-ass man who doesn’t need to celebrate like a little kid.

      1. Love when grown ass people brag on Facebook that it’s their birthday weekend . Fucking losers

    2. My birthday was on Sunday and my wife wasn’t even one of the first seven people to wish me happy birthday. Good thing I love my kids

    1. 1. Any chick who thinks Missanelli is hot.
      2. Any caller who wants a general knowledge question.
      3. “Black” callers who think Missanelli is cool.
      4. Cuz
      5. Sal Pal

  8. Josh innes has ruined what was once an excellent radio station. All the talent except macnow, diddnger, big daddy and Ike is gone. 97.5 is destroying them in the ratings and from top to bottom is the best radio station in the city. How sad is it that you try to get ratings ripping Mike. You know what Mike does he has a good radio show and dosent give a shit about you or whoever you blow to keep your job. 97.5 keep up the good work.

  9. I don’t understand why this story is such a big deal. Why should I be upset about this? Sure I was duped for 2 years by my coworkers, but I can take it. The important thing here is I can use this as a teaching moment to educate the masses about racial insensitivity. Now, do you want a general knowledge question?

  10. Every time I get a general knowledge question right, I pound a mannequin then go to cheerleaders and eat a box of nerds out of a strippers snatch.

  11. Everyone knows it. He is the father of someone who works at station. Listeners are so gullible.

  12. 97.5 was pretty good but has gone downhill. Someone needs to check Gargano for brain damage he is so far gone. Miss Mike is and always was a huge liberal douche. Hope gets AIDS or cancer.

  13. You’re a loser if you comment about:

    1) The girl from Bob
    2) Radio Wars
    3) The girl who everyone calls a h0rse for some reason even though she is actually quite attractive and any of you losers would be lucky to even have a girl that attractive be within 10 feet of you

    Now, on to business:

    Mike miss is the man, and everyone that calls him a phony or racist is a clueless loser.

    Go listen to josh innis from Louisiana who is a boring, milquetoast, pompous assh0le, who wouldn’t know street smarts if they studied it with their equally douchey wip Crew . Loud mouth punk

  14. This news is big. Dwayne was the top story on fox 29 tonight . Someone is going to have to get canned at 97.5

  15. Guys, I don’t want to believe this but I was told by a credible source that some of the people who post on crossing broad lie about who they really are. More to follow.

  16. The funny thing is tho, no matter how hot Innes get’s about what a fraud Soul Man is, he has to say to himself, I’m getting trounced in the ratings by Soul Man.

    Dwayne Out.

  17. Em not licensed in Missorah or Illinois,
    But, that’s okaaaay. I have attorneys there who are.

  18. Both WIP and 97.5 suck assholio. I’d rather drive in silence than be subjected to that garbage. No wonder the whole country hates Philly. Second rate s h i t city with s h i t people. Fackin plebs

  19. mike miss is a wh0re who would say anything and do anything for cash money. no principles at all. member when he had the commercial wherein his friend said he could prevent concussions in football? member that. i blasted mike miss on twitter and e-mails telling to stop the bullshit. which he finally did but not before blocking me on twitter. dick.
    but he is killing that fat guy from houston in the ratings, though.

  20. Top Five Local New Stories-Last 100
    1. Dwayne from Swedesboro
    2. Frank Rizzo dies
    3. MOVE (Osage Avenue)
    4. Live AID
    5. M. Night Shamalayn

  21. So it looks like the choice at drive time is white guilt or white paranoia. Choose wisely, Delaware Valley.

  22. I have never heard of either of these guys…mainly because I can afford Sirius Radio and an IPhone. Get with the times folks, terrestrial radio is as dead as major league baseball.

    1. What siriusxm station is dedicated to Philadelphia Eagles talk?

    2. You are a bad liar. You obviously wouldn’t be on this website and commenting on this story if you weren’t interested. Shut up, idiot. If you haven’t heard of either of them, you are the one out of touch – not everyone else.

      You are poor. You think affording an iphone and Sirius is somehow a sign of wealth. Therefore you are broke.

  23. Well hello dere, how am ya’ll doin’? I is gonna be a regular caller on dis here Mike Missanelli show. Now lookey here, he am a good man and just got all deep in dis.

  24. Just like every other relationship Mike has ever had….A pompous bully that people laugh and make fun of when he isn’t watching.

    I can just imagine the rest of the 97.5 crew laughing at Mike and then giving him his fake respect when they are with him. He pounds his chest in public and goes home to lick his wounds in an empty house at night. Never changes. Never will. Kind of feel bad for him. He really believes he is impressive.

    Right place. Right time. Hell, Eskin made a career out of sports talk radio. So did Cataldi and he doesn’t even watch or know sports. If you got in the game at the right time it was almost impossible not to fail . Mike has never impressed me and he obviously hasn’t impressed his pack of boot lickers.

    Sad times for little Mikey.

  25. Not only fake calls for years, not only fake RACIAL calls for years but FAKE PAID Callers & PROFESSIONAL CALLS for years. They use popular sites that provide callers for a FEE. Have been and yours truly has told this website numerous times over the years !
    Bottom line – Egan, Martinez ( which is a SLUR ) and MISSINELLI should ALL BE FIRED !
    Now, you want your general knowledge time filler question, Brah ?

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