Screw Caution, It’s Time to Get Pumped about Joel Embiid

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I have no use for your cautious optimism, it’s time to go all in: Brett Brown told Anthony Gargano this morning that there are “no red flags anywhere” around Joel Embiid, so it’s time to throw reason and concern out the window and get rock hard about JoJo.

It’s the news we’ve waited to hear for years. Gone are the qualifiers of “IF he’s healthy” and “IF he can ever play.” Now it’s just “if he plays to a level even close to his potential,” Joel Embiid can be great. Just last week, all-time NBA great Brian Scalabrine said Embiid will be better than Karl Anthony Towns in two years. Charles Barkley previously said that the Sixers can be a playoff team this year with a healthy Embiid. Both of those predictions might be overly optimistic, but with Brett Brown’s “no red flags” report, we have to stop talking about Embiid like he’s wrapped in bubble wrap, yet to be taken off of the shelf and start talking about him like a player who is going to contribute (all while keeping our butts clenched out of fear and anxiety every time he lands awkwardly).

He’s still unproven and he’s still got a ways to go, but it’s time to reverse the 80/20 “If he’s healthy”/”he’ll be good” split. Get excited now, before the inevitable comedown.

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21 Responses

  1. Great…another article on the next ‘sixer’ to disappoinment the miserable fans of this rotten shitty team.

    Oh yeah.

  2. Fantasy Fest gets worse and worse each year. Total sausage fest as always too. The best thing they ever did was let people smash that minivan that was painted half cowboys colors and half penguins colors the first year. Makes no sense why they never brought that back. FF used to be 2 paring lots full of stuff to do and now it’s barely 1. The “bikini beach” was a joke with 1 disgustingly skinny disinterested c-nt in a bathing suit with a bitch face on giving everyone dirty looks. Good thing the tickets were free, otherwise no one would show up.

    And I can confirm that Rob E bored everyone to death. I was hoping someone made an Utley comment to him to wake him up from his usual zombie state.

    1. Loser. You posted this on Saturday verbatim and nobody gave a fuck then you fucking loser.

  3. They are going to fire Jim like how Milton got fired in Office Space. They are going let him write articles but never publish them. And then just stop sending him paychecks.

    Jim will notice sometime around the 2020 Olympics in Japan that he has not gotten his $93.45 weekly paycheck.

  4. If Joel Embiid stays healthy, I can see his game being somewhere between Pelicans pf Anthony Davis, and Timberwolves big man Karl Anthony Towns.

    1. Watch out girl. The first chance they get, they’ll replace you with a younger, less expensive, sexier news reader.

  5. Brett Brown’s a New England douchebag. Fuck him and his broken monkey.

  6. “Get rock hard over Jo-Jo” ???
    After Kyle’s calves comment yesterday?

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