The 2017 NFL Draft Is Officially Coming to Philly

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15 Responses

    1. big fucking deal.
      Another chance for the idiots in philly to makes asses out of themselves.
      I’m sure someone will fuck something up to make headlines.

    1. I hope one of them breaks a bottle over your head and stabs you in your f@ggy neck. Every cowboy fan from this area is a low life piece of human trash. Never met one without mental isisues or daddy issues. Your parents didn’t raise you right, shame on those Croydon pieces of sh!t.

  1. The draft is being held in Kensington under the EL. Elton John will perform “Philadelphia Freedom” as he floats above the crackheads and bitches.

  2. And the city will pay 5 million dollars to host it !! WTF. Take your draft (nfl) and host it in bum fuck idaho. It will get the same results.

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