The Daily News Thinks Simone Biles is Gabby Douglas


In today’s Daily News, columnist Ronnie Polaneczky wrote a column about the onslaught of internet hate gymnast Gabby Douglas got for not putting her hand over her heart during the National Anthem – a non-story if there every was one. It’s all about how Douglas is a strong person, and all that hate she’s getting shows that she’s successful. It’s a nice little read. There’s just one problem. The picture that accompanied the piece in print is Simone Biles, not Gabby Douglas.

Biles is in some ways – if you have to super-simplify things – the new Douglas. She’s won a bunch of gold medals, she’s the young spark of the team, and she’s incredibly likeable. But she’s not Gabby Douglas. This is Gabby Douglas:

Polaneczky (who does not pick the pictures or caption them) said “it makes you want to bash your head against the wall” and that she’s “mortified.” Another DN staffer apologized:

In an industry full of layoffs and buyouts, it’s a mistake that happens. It’s an incredibly bad look and one of the more blatantly dumb mistakes you can make, but it happens. I just can’t wait for their image to go with their Ryan Lochte coverage tomorrow:


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  1. Great so they don’t squat about sports…just like you and the other jamokes who troll this shit hole.

  2. Anything on embiid with that white chick last night . Heard he was getting a lot of bad looks

  3. I wrote this on their website,, and they took it down!!! guess they can dish it out, but certainly can’t take it……dumb asses!

  4. Yes, WE GET IT! The Daily News/Inky/ is an embarrassing organization having NOTHING to do with journalism.

    Now let’s get back to meaningful discussions here about Cuz, K-Cee, and Hillary Clitton.

  5. Remember black people that is a liberal rag. You know the people who claim to stand up for you. This just shows that they really don’t care and it is all for votes.

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