The Phillies’ Broadcast Team is Somehow Not Even Close to the Worst in Baseball

A single image has rarely defined two men more perfectly

Two years ago, Awful Announcing named the Phillies’ broadcast crew the 26th best in baseball. It was harsh but accurate. T-Mac was cheesier than Wayne Brady covered in fondue, Jamie Moyer was mind-numbing, and Matt Stairs was just learning what to do. But a couple of seasons in, and sans Moyer, the crew has improved, bumping them all the way up to 17th. Here’s what Awful Announcing had to say:

Two years ago, the Phillies’ new broadcast team was still getting its feet wet. Since replacing Jamie Moyer with Ben Davis, the crew has taken strides forward, and as such, their overall rating and grade both improved, nearly pushing Philadelphia into the top half after they were in the bottom five in our previous rankings. The Phillies are also our first team to break the 20% mark in A votes.

I mean, anyone looks great after the disaster that was Jamie Moyer’s commentary – like listening to your boring Uncle who is trying to win a bet by putting you to sleep – but the fact that the Phils team is nowhere near the bottom just shows how bad the state of local baseball broadcasting is. Stairs is getting better, Ben Davis is a broken record sometimes, and T-Mac is still the corniest freshly-waxed bowling ball in the business. Mike Schmidt is awful and Murph is necessary nonsense. It’s hard to imagine that there are a dozen crews that are worse, but I’m glad I don’t have to find out how true that is.

Kyle: I actually agree that they’ve improved. I don’t mind Ben or Matt, and Tom McCarthy… is growing on me in small doses. It’s like, I’ve hated him for so long that he actually has become a necessary part of my fandom.

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40 Responses

    1. Still don’t know why my contract was never renewed with the Phils. Also, Murphy is terrible when he has to fill in when Tom has to cover random NFL games on the radio.

      1. He used to do all the voiceovers for the NFL highlights. He has a great voice and was supposed to the heir apparent to replace HK on both baseball and football. It’s baffling because he is really talented.

        1. Yeah, I don’t get it. He must be a real dick behind the scenes. I don’t really care because he was replaced by Franzke who is the best broadcaster in this city.

      2. I heard this awhile ago…..Not sure how true it or how accurately I remember it…But I heard Graham was pushed aside due to some kind of power struggle between him and Wheeler. Think it had something to do with Wheeler wanting to do more play by play. I forget how it all played out. The basic gist is that wheeler is and was a little d-bag. But I do agree that Graham was pretty good. I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t have a face for TV. I doubt they’d bring him back for radio since the team they have there now is great.

  1. Stairs is awful. He needs to go do color for a Canadian curling league or something. The only saving grace for the Phils is that Franzke & LA are the best radio team that the Phils have had in a long, long time.

    1. You are 100% right.
      He must mention fastttttballs 150 times a game.
      Just shut him up, no doubt the worst player turned

  2. TMac should audition for Merrill Reese’s job when he dies next year. He’s actually a decent football announcer on national games. Not sure how he’d be as a cheesteak-chomping homer that the region would expect.

    That would also have the benefit of getting him the fuck off the Phillies beat. Scrap that whole fucking mess.

    1. I have to agree, the few times I hear him doing football it’s not bad. Probably due to the fact that national radio management has the pair to tell him not to be a tool.

  3. LA radio is awesome, I’ve moved to Florida from philly and never miss radio cast… Tv guys okay now that that flat tire wheels is gone..

  4. I’m trying to watch the game, I don’t need Murphy with an on camera shot.

    1. But you need my notes from around the league that are about 24 to 48 hours old, dont you?

      1. Mike Schmidt is just brutally honest. He’s never changed and I love that about him.

  5. I enjoy JJ’s inning on the radio because it reminds me that hockey season will be here eventually. Goin’ for the Cup this year!

  6. Does Matt Stairs have to give us a hitting lesson with every batter? who the F cares? I picture Mike Schmidt staring at a picture of himself the whole time he’s there. McCarthy sucks. why don’t they just use Franske and LA on TV?

    1. Matt Stairs was a DH/pinch hitter his whole career, what the hell do you think he’s going to talk about? And Franzke has repeatedly stated he doesn’t want to do TV. How the hell did you get to be mayor anyway?

  7. Always thought that McCarthy sucked balls as a play by play guy. Well, the Phillies showed me. Brining in Murphy for those few games resulted in me shouting at the TV for a return of “our” Pillsberry Doughboy”.

    Yea, it can always be worse.

  8. Ben Davis should be given a dead microphone, he contributes nothing to the telecasts. He’s AWFUL!

    1. I agree. I would much rather listen to Moyer than Davis, who is the most annoying color man in the world. His only accomplishment, if you can call the cheap play was, was bunting down in the 8th inning to break up a prefect game.

  9. Why was I forced to do three innings on radio every night, and take one inning off, but McCarthy gets to do the entire game on TV?

    1. Because my awesome broadcasting talents needed to be recognized.

      “Long drive, deep right field, this ball is….foul.”

  10. Harry Kalas was womanizing chain smoking alcoholic. Why is he so revered? On all accounts he was a scumbag.

  11. Stairs is awful. I think he purposely states how many “oots” there are just to piss us off. McCarthy, you can predict almost what hes going to say next. Anything you see on the screen hes gonna read out loud. But the worst is Murphy. What a useless toolbag. His notepad bulls.hit is all news thats 24 hours old. They go to him way too much and he serves no purpose at all. If hes filling in for McCarthy, im out. Hes abysmal and unwatchable. It reminds of when HK would let his son call an inning once a year. At least that was understandable. Franzke and LA are the Phils only saving grace. That entire TV team needs to go asap.

  12. We would be much better now if we just fired Davis and had Kruk be the color man every game. Any game Davis is on is unwatchable. He sounds like he knows everything about baseball and like he is the best ever, which is so annoying. Davis was a benchwarmer in the Big Leagues.

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