The Phillies Will Watch Tim Tebow’s Workout Next Week

"I baseball now." Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies will be in attendance at Tim Tebow’s desperate plea for attention baseball workout next week. According to Ryan Lawrence, “the Phillies will be among the 20-some teams that will reportedly watch Tebow’s baseball workout.” Whoever those ten-or-so teams not making the trek are, they’re the smart ones. Though honestly, if you want a way to sell Double-A or Single-A tickets and get some immediate PR, there’s no reason the Phils couldn’t take a flier on him. That’s exactly what Tebow is banking on. He’ll sell tickets, get headlines, and keep his name in the press. Such is the Tebow way.

And honestly, I wouldn’t mind writing a daily “Tim Tebow Double-A Strikeout Tracker” post, so let’s get him, Phils.

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40 Responses

    1. Who cares if he wants to play baseball, let him go after his dream of being a professional athlete.

      Look at Nick Kayal, he obviously wants to be in radio and keeps on trying.

  1. If that little racist punk producer Jason Myrtetus and his midget trusty racist sidekick producer Pat Egan aren’t suspended from 97.5 the fanatic, for that little wiesel Pat Egan pretending to be a black caller, then I’ll personally lead a rally outside of their Bala Cynwyd office building against 97.5 for openly supporting racism.

    And shame on you white people, for trying to tell me and other black listeners, to not be upset for them suburban punks doing radio blackface, and trying to swep it under the rug.

        1. Holy fuck I just googled her – yes she is… How did he land a broad like that? I assume it has to be a second marriage?

  2. His agent specifically said they aren’t interested in any minor league deal by a team that is looking to sell tickets.. do some research before you write shit. you and Kyle are both dopes, like, absolute clueless dopes.. and unfunny to boot.

    1. Of course, when I get no offers at all after this tryout, I’ll gladly whore out the holy roller for whatever I can get.

  3. Tired of the conservatives on here acting like they know something. All you do, is regurgitate the same shit you hear on Fox news outlets….

    Darren, are you f ucking kidding me with this? “Serious question for any liberal democrat… How can you support women and gays, and still support muslims and sharia law?

    What the hell is wrong with people like you? Republicans are the scorn of the Earth.

        1. Darren, its just not an intelligent question. You are making assumptions that, because my views politically, aren’t in-line w/ yours, that I must follow the Quran ( the Muslim Bible). I’m catholic, why would I agree with the laws of the Quran? That, because I am NOT a woman hater and chauvinist who gets off on degrading woman and bashing gay people, that I feel its ok to chop off a thiefs hand, or stone a woman to death for making eye contact w/ someone from the opposite sex? I am fully aware of Sharia Law , Darren. Its disgusting and in IMO has zero place in the Western world. What ever the camel jockies want to do w/each other in there little plot of sand over there.. is ok by me, but f uck you for insinuating that because I support women and the democratic party, that i also must believe in sharia law….LOL you’re funny.

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