During last night’s Phillies offense-fest – a rare occasion indeed – something even rarer happened: Home plate umpire Bob Davidson paused an at-bat, walked over to the visitors dugout, and ejected* a heckling fan from the 14th row. Davidson explained what happened post-game:

“This guy starts yelling “you suck!” You could tell he was [drunk]. And so, all right, suck is not bad. Then he kept it up for two hitters completely. Then the third hitter after the firs pitch, he says “I own property on 69th street. You could come over and suck!” That’s when I turned around and said “You know what, get rid of this guy.” You could have your wife, girlfriend, kids – they buy tickets. They don’t have to come here to listen to that…

And people cheered me, which is unusual in this town for me.”

If someone’s going to be ejected from a game by an umpire for heckling, you’d better do better than “I own property on 69th street” line. Then again, if the guy does own property on 69th street… well, he should probably move.

Video after the jump.

*The fan wasn’t actually “ejected.” After being pointed out by the umpire and security coming over, he left on his own accord.