As more info comes out, the gas station owner’s account of events seems a lot more reasonable than Ryan Lochte’s: According to the owner of the gas station where Lochte and crew claimed they were robbed (translated from Portuguese), the swimmers peed on the sidewalk at the gas station and refused to use the (at first locked) bathroom when asked. Rough translation from O Globo:

The gas station owner in Barra da Tijuca where Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers have been involved in a fight reported that athletes staged acts of vandalism on the property. According to the trader, Lochte, James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger came to urinate on the spot, despite appeals from officials for them to use the bathroom.

They stopped on the side of the post, left pissing side of every post. Have to butt the image of one, arriando [lowering] pants. They were appointed to go in the bathroom but peed on the side wall. Obeyed not the board, were not the bathroom…Also according to the owner of the station, one of the athletes came to vandalize part of the establishment. They would have torn an advertising board after they urinated.

Additionally, the AP is reporting that the swimmers gave the gas station owner cash for the damages, and Conger and Bentz admitted that the robbery story was made up.

So we go from the swimmers being mysteriously robbed at gunpoint to them being drunk, pissing on a building, and ripping down a sign. One of these seems more likely.