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Mike Missanelli encounters a real black guy.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Getting Worms:

The roster is getting close to its final form. PhillyMag:

The Eagles officially announced they are cutting eight players, including veteran wide receivers Chris Givens and Rueben Randle. Andrew Gardner, Mike Martin, Randall Evans, Denzel Rice, Nick Perry, and John DePalma were also waived. Joe Walker and Alex McCalister were both placed on the Injured Reserve list. The roster currently stands at 73 players.

Josh Huff is making his mark on the roster by trying to drop fewer passes. PhillyMag:

Jerrica Huff didn’t like what she was seeing from her husband. She has watched him play football for six seasons now, from his time at Oregon to his career so far with the Eagles, but she had to talk to him about her concerns on Wednesday last week. Her message? Since I began watching you play, I’ve never seen you this timid. Ever…“She was right. I was playing timid. I wasn’t having fun. With her telling me that, I had to make some changes within myself, and I was able to come out here and have fun with my teammates,” Huff said. “I think that’s the biggest thing missing for me in the past: Just having fun. I was taking it too much as a business, and that took away from me having fun.

DGB is trying his best to fit with the team in his so-far limited role.

It still isn’t clear why the Titans would trade someone with Green-Beckham’s size and speed for reserve offensive lineman Dennis Kelly (who, despite not being in Indiana, was called for a penalty Saturday night, before the officials decided the infraction belonged to the Colts’ No. 67, Sterling Bailey, not the Eagles’ 67). It is clear that Green-Beckham is trying very hard to fit in. “I can’t take steps backward. I have to get into the playbook, study more. Just using those opportunities that are given to me,” Green-Beckham said, after playing eight snaps. Coaches so far have given him a limited palate of plays, all from the same wideout spot, the “X.” “Coming in early, getting extra film in, just doing those little things right.”

So is Stephen Tulloch. CSN:

After spending all of training camp on the street and missing the first two preseason games, this was his first real football action in a long time. And he didn’t feel much rust. “Not really, man,” he said. “Just get my feet back under me again. It’s just different. I haven’t played since Jan. 3, but to get out there and see the calls and get familiarized with everything.”…How did the defense look to him? “The same way it always looks when my man Schwartz puts it together,” he said. “It’s very simple. He’s going to work to the guys’ strengths and it’s always been a productive defense as long as I’ve been a part of it. He has the talent here, the talent on this team, to be able to execute the defense.”

But the defense is giving the team a real boost.

It was clear Graham was excited. “Don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. A lot of people haven’t game-planned us, and we haven’t game-planned anybody, either,” Graham said, though when a questioner offered that excuse to Luck, the QB said the Colts actually put a fair amount of study into this game. Nonetheless, Brandon . . .”This defense is built for us. The people that’s here, the personnel, and that’s good . . . You don’t have to have a down year to get the personnel here,” Graham said. “For us, we’ve just been lickin’ our chops and happy to be back into this type of defense.”

Malcolm Jenkins is pumped about the defensive line play. PhillyMag:

“It’s a completely different scheme, so I think the way our scheme is right now with a 4-3, letting those guys be disruptive up front has really been giving our defense the boost it needs,” Jenkins said. “I think the 3-4 is better for the run, personally, but the way we’ve got our front playing where they can cut it loose and be disruptive, that’s the most important thing for us. If they play the technique that we have been playing without being disruptive and they’re running around blocks and getting up the field, then you got the potential to get gashed all the time. “But they’re doing a good job of being physical, setting edges and that’s allowing our linebackers to get down hill, allowing our safeties to fill and flow. It’s really based on their technique and what they’re doing up front.”


The Eagles could come up empty handed in the Mark Sanchez trade.


The comments on that photo, which Missanelli posted last night, were terrific:

Voila_Capture 2016-08-29_08-45-32_AM Voila_Capture 2016-08-29_08-41-12_AM

Side note: I’m not sure how Missanelli has 100k Twitter followers, but many of them are fake. A quick check is nothing but Twitter eggs. Why the fake followers?


Here’s my hot take on Kaepernick: It doesn’t bother me at all. And good on Kaep and the many players who use their platform to raise awareness. But to make a blanket statement about the country in general – “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color” – is hypocrisy to the max. Here’s a guy who is living a life most only dream of in one of the most progressive cities in the country, and while, again, it’s great to use that standing to make a statement, throwing shade at the entire country and choosing to disrespect it in the most public way possible is absurd when you yourself benefit from some of the more extreme elements of being American. Never mind being a millionaire football player, Kaep has no problem collecting a paycheck from Beats, an American brand founded by a black rapper from Compton who recorded a song called “Fuck The Police” and owned by California-based Apple. He has no problem exploiting one side of the system many see as a sign of our misplaced priorities. He has no problem living in a society where you can get paid to do this:

So it rings hollow when you say you aren’t going to show pride in the flag when you selectively choose which elements of being American – including the right to be selfish, attention-seeking asshole – you want to adopt.

The fun part is that there may not be a coach who loves America and its military more than Chip Kelly. I can’t wait to see how he handles this.


Sixers Summer Jam or whatever it’s called looked fantastic… unless you’re a little kid taking on Joel Embiid:


Voila_Capture 2016-08-29_09-29-05_AM

This is incredible. I just watched the Weiner documentary this weekend. It’s incredible. By the second time he got caught you’d think he would’ve been done. But nope. I actually think he wants to get caught. He needs this attentions, craves it. Watch Huma’s expressions the second half of that movie and tell me she doesn’t know the guy she is married to is a Grade A loser. The difference between Huma and Hillary is that Hillary stuck by a charismatic winner who elevates her, while Huma is sticking by a dead-eye loser weighing her down.


New theory– Dario stays on whatever European beach this is and never comes over:


Love this:


Foreign hackers penetrated state election systems. Cool.


Seth Williams is having a rough month.


Road closures, SEPTA detours, and trash in the streets? It’s either Made in America or literally any other day.


World B. Free said Joel Embiid is like a man amongst boys.



Our RADIO WARS PODCAST is a fan favorite:

The Stepover Episode 5:

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27 Responses

  1. Heard only reason embiid went to Avalon was for the white women

    1. It is one of the few times you will see large, young athletic black men in Avalon. Most nights you can go into the Princeton and you won’t see anyone but white people.

    1. Canadians don’t stand for their anthem, I don;t see what the big deal is.

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    The Phillies beat the Mets 5-1 capping off a four run seventh inning. (Hard Stop)

    The Eagles beat the Colts 33-23 on Saturday night and improved to 3-0 this preseason. (Hard Stop)

    PEgan, Martinez and our boss all got suspended this week for three days. They’re vacationing together at Mike’s beach house. (Hard Stop).

    That’s what’s trending now on 97.5 The Fanatic.

  3. Absolutely astounding that ass clown Missanelli got off scot free by claiming to have ZERO knowledge of the Dwayne bit. Even worse, Innes getting fired might usher in the only thing worse than having him on the air 2-6: Howard Eskin coming back.

  4. Here’s my take on that fuck in San Fran. Sure pal, it’s your right, we all get that. Standing up for our National Anthem IS showing reverence for every guy who wore that flag on their uniform so that you and I can live like we do. You want to do something for the black community, teach African American males how to swim. In 2014, 7,554 of them died from drowning. 248 were killed by the Police., of that…192 were killed exchanging gunfire with law enforcement.. (Washington Post’ CDC 2015).

  5. WIP allows Josh to spend 1/3 of his show for a year fighting with Missanelli and Mike does the same. Then this happens and both stations gutless and won’t discuss it while EVERYONE ELSE DOES.


  6. I called Danny Pommells “Dave” when I signed off my update today. Guess I need 2 lines in the morning.

    1. Is this supposed to be funny? Diddy is a saint, and the best / most respected member of the Philadlelphia sports media.

      Go away loser.

    1. who? O yeah that team that plays in a league with only 7 other teams that literally no one watches

  7. A few years ago, Mike was really rocking the 60 year old lesbian look. Greying short hair, formless clothing. Not sure what he’s going for now but it’s not good.

  8. Only in America can a mixed race guy be below average at his job and make millions at it and then claim he lives in a country that oppresses him

      1. I should have added “raised by a white couple”…. oh wait that doesn’t eliminate either of them

  9. Please share more of your suburban white boy, Villanova-educated, sports blogger’ s knowledge of race, American society, and Kaeprnick’s place in it. It’s illuminating.

  10. Racism is alive and well 2016. you can spout off all you want about racial harmony and ethics diversity ad nauseum. it’s ancient hatred is still being handed down generation to generation.
    read up on the heroin economy and how the flow of heroin must be kept going into the ghetto areas. if it stops ? violence will spread into affluent neighborhoods….can’t have that now can we ?
    I actually saw a house deed from the 1960s in Delco that had a line written at the bottom : “This house will not be sold to anyone of Asian or African descent.”
    so wave that flag and tell’em to leave if they don’t like your version of the good ole US of A.

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