Byron Maxwell Is Already Hated in Miami

Byron Maxwell was benched by the truly dreadful Dolphins – Adam Gase, anyone? – last night in their 22-7 loss to the Bengals. Not only did he not start, but he also didn’t play at all. Not a single snap… for a 1-3 team that lost 22-7. After the game, Maxwell, the former Eagle and overly cooked slice of bread sans butter, said he didn’t care. From the Miami Herald:

The coaches told him earlier in the week that he’d be on the bench, and Tony Lippett would be on the field, against the Bengals.

Did he think it was deserved?

“It doesn’t matter.”

Was he angry over the decision?

“It really don’t matter with emotions.”

And he needs to play much better if he wants to earn the $8.5 million he’s due next year. The Dolphins can wipe all but $3 million of that off the books by cutting him.

“We get back to work,” Maxwell said. “We come back Monday. That’s what I’ll do, and that’s what the team’s going to do. Most important thing is winning, getting the season back together, and win some games. That’s the most important thing.”

Score another one for Howie Roseman (though Kiko Alonso, who was traded along with Maxwell, is playing well for the Dolphins).

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  1. We all agree yesterday wasn’t CB’s finest hour. Kyle must realize that.

  2. You guys are going to love my next article its a 5,000 word post about a flag football game I went to.

    1. Dan, with Rosh Hashanah right around the corner, why don’t you take some time off…..PLEASE

  3. He’s the Derrick Coleman of the NFL. Lazy, out of shape, doesn’t care because he’s still getting paid

  4. Extra dark maxwell could care less he’s on the bench. He’s basically getting paid to do nothing on south beach . Great life

  5. Yes, Kiko Alonso is playing well…but we got Carson Wentz in large part due to the trade…Kiko could make the fucking All-Pro team and we still won that trade.

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