Crossing Streams (Episode 52.5): Gotcha Moments

Jim and I are joined by Eliot Shorr-Parks to discuss the Eagles, Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson and the NFC East. We also talk about the dangers of doing TV and radio appearances, Twitter trolls, stalking, and, of course, Apple.


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13 Responses

  1. So far this week:

    Kyle makes confident statement that Marcus Mariota threw an interception in his NFL Debut: Mariota did NOT throw INT.

    Jim state that Sam Hinkie will be teaching at Stanford: Hinkie will NOT be teaching at Stanford. Guest speaker is not a “teacher.”

    ….patiently waiting the next CB blunder.

      1. Awww….man thats cold blooded!
        Come on now…!
        Kyle is trying to become the Steve Jobs of the “sport web log copy other people articles and
        don’t really do any real work yourself world”.
        With a little more effort, he could be the guy cooking my kids french fries on the way to a skiing trip.
        How you like them apples?

    1. Dude, stop trolling, pointing out others mistakes is just trolling. No one cares about accuracy, its just trolling. So you’re a troll since you are right.

  2. Oh great, the combo of two douches who got (somewhat) popular breaking “stories” on Eagles players. You’re both no better than the scum over at TMZ. No one would’ve listened to this podcast anyway, but having that jersey website h0mo with you definitely sealed it’s fate. Tell jersey boy elliot to go cover the Devils because he works for an NJ website and everyone in philly hates him. Thanks.

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