Here’s an Old Photo of Carson Wentz Playing Basketball

Why do I have the sudden urge to punch Eric Cartman here in the face? GET OFF CARSON, YOU FAT SLOB!


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    1. Loving Wentz getting acclimated to the city

  1. Kyle when can I post again? I have a incredible 6,000 story about a wiffle ball game I played in ready to go.

  2. Kyle you may have passed Gargano with your creepy obsession with Wentz. He’s just a football player. What’s next? You going to dig up his tee ball photo? How about his sonogram? Instead of taking advantage of the Eagles bye week and posting about the other teams, this site continues to fart out Wentz articles. Hell write about the defense if you must be all Eagles all the time

  3. I’d like to see the team photos. I’m guessing not one black face amongst them. I’m guessing not one black in that entire racist state. We need a BLM protest in N. Dakota.

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