Howard Eskin is Still Very Mad about Sam Hinkie

Sam Hinkie and Howard Eskin had a complicated, toxic relationship. Howard always wanted more, more, more. He wanted to know “what we’re doing here,” and talk about “us.” Sam just wanted to look to the future and not worry about “labels” or when he was gonna propose “land the plane.” It was doomed from the start.

Now he’s resurfaced on Twitter and humble-bragged and exaggerated about his new gig. He said he’d be doing “some teaching (at Stanford). Deadspin looked into it. He’ll be doing “maybe a couple guest lectures in classes (at Stanford)”. That’s all Eskin needed: Another frivolous excuse to call him a fraud. Now Howard is feeling the stages of grief in reverse. He’s mad.

All this bashing, but if he’s like every other jilted ex out there, he probably just slid into those DMs with a simple “hey bb.”




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  1. Eskin is a clown. Sam set the Sixers up for the future. I wish Eskin would pull a Hinkie and disappear.

        1. No, that’s wasn’t it.
          I plowed sacked Jim Gardner and Cecily Tynan.
          Most of the time Cecily was the meat in the sandwich.

    1. Harold Eskin is too stupid to realize Hinkie took the correct path.

      My Dad is Gene Banks and I may call into a local radio show to let you know that, very soon.

      1. You pieces of human feces have no right disrespecting my father the great Howard Eskin like his name is Josh Innes, or some other lame.

        And btw if it wasn’t for my father outing the late Eagles owner Leonard Tose back in 1983, Philadelphia would no longer have a professional football team, and you drunken losers would be rooting for the New York Giants.

  2. there is no bigger fraud in this town that Howard Eskin……it would be GREAT if you just didn’t post anything he said, tweeted, wrote, etc., so then, he wouldn’t get any free pub…..such a db….

  3. Tune in today to hear me prove how tough I am with stories of how I tell drunks at sporting events to shut it. It’s Rob & Harry. Mid-days. 97.5 the Fanatic

  4. How long until Jim reads deadspin and we get a copy and paste article about Hinkie not actually teaching at Stanford?

    1. If one train leaves LA at noon and another leaves NY at 4 PM, at what time do I get to see hot guys in tight pants?

      1. Always hits unprecedented levels whenever I visit this comment section…..
        It does provide some laughs here and there tho

  5. CUZ: Ahhhhh Baldy. I am bwown away by whut I saw outta Wentz mo. Johnny Marks?
    MARKS: Yeah he looked gr-
    CUZ: I’m sittin dere in da first half and I’m goin – dis is unweal mo. Dis kid is ah pwo.
    BALDY: Like he can just stroke it. Like….
    MCW: Yeah!
    CUZ: You liked what you saw M C Dubba U?
    MCW: He was aweshome Ant!
    CUZ: Dat he wuz MC Dubba U. Dat he wuz. And you know what else is awesome – An Ton eee’s Coal Fyred Pizza. AH! Rich and red. Ya lift up da slice and see da brown under it. AH! Stop in taday. An-ton-eee;s Coal Fyred Pizza…..Oh it’s not time for a break mo?
    BRO: No, but I am hungry.
    CUZ: Ah. My fault mo….. Johnny Marks?
    MARKS: Yeah. So on Wentz great pocket awarn-
    CUZ: AH!!! I just am in love with Wentz mo. We are so wucky to have gotten him at da number 2 pick.
    BRO’S SOUNDBOARD: Juice! Juice! Juice!
    BRO’S SOUNDBOARD: B-ha-allllllll-deeeeeeeeeeee
    CUZ: You done mo?………Alwight……Comin up. Meat Locker. We will welcome Vai onto da show. It’s nin-teee-sev-en-five. Da Fanatic.
    MCW: The Eagshles shwon shwesterday agshwaist the Mets. I mean Browns. Brownsh. Shtwenty-nine to shten

    1. This morngings thrilling ‘meat locker’ found the squad going over the Eagles remaining schedule prediciting W/Ls for the 10000000X this year. Cuz was of course all into it but as soon as Baldy told Cuz he wasn’t feeling it the segment ended mid way through the season.

      Cuz couldn’t have been happy getting emasculated like that in from of MCW….embarassing.

    2. During the morning show Gargano/MCW essentially flat out told the audience they were together.

      1.) MCW was talking about how she did One Week Fantasy last week and Anthony helped her. She said she was going to put in her line up tonight.
      2.) It was brought up that Matt Rhule went to some restaurant in town with his coaches each week. (I forget the name) When the name of the place was mentioned Anthony perked up and said “they went there! oh if only I known I would have grabbed MCW and we would have joined”.

  6. Is there some way we can make Eskin just go away? Maybe a petition banning him from the city? I’m sure we can crowdfund a plane ticket for him and some other morons in our media.

  7. Listen for me around 8:47 am Saturday morning when I call Howard and give him the business

  8. Howard is no longer welcome on Saturday morning’s at our fine establishment…his bloody mary tab is over $4,000 and he has put too many bathroom stalls out of commission with his explosive feces, not to mention his repeated groping of Alphonse the waiter

  9. i would guess that Sam Hinkies IQ is about 100 points higher than Eskins.

  10. Howard Eskin Career:

    Give me access and I will kiss your ass forever – Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, Doug Collins, Ruben Amaro Jr

    Don’t give me access and I will attack you for life: Pat Croce, Buddy Ryan, Charlie Manuel, etc

    No integrity and now too old to break any stories himself. Actually breaks other peoples stories and doesn’t even give them credit.

    Time to retire old man!

  11. Everything Hinkie has done for organization has come to pass. They are set to succeed for the next 10-15 years. Clown Eskin just refuses to admit that the team is now poised for win. What does he think, that Hinkie wouldn’t have drafted Simmons and packaged the pick. He is such an idiot.

  12. Who really gives a fuck about two of the biggest assholes to ever set foot in this town???

  13. King should get in that Maserati he rented, drive to Stanford and say it to Scam’s face.

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