RADIO WARS: Jon Marks Is Leaving 97.5

The maestro has learned that longtime 97.5 host and producer Jon Marks plans to leave the station’s morning show when his contract is up on October 20.

Local sports talk radio insiders believe that Marks, who, like many others, has a 90-day non-compete clause in his contract, may eventually wind up at WIP – which has some openings in the afternoon… – in some capacity, but there’s nothing imminent on that front. Marks informed 97.5 management and Anthony Gargano of his plans last week, and has continued to appear on the show – finishing out his contract – at the request of Gargano.

For about the last week, Marks has been tweeting about a new site he’s started,, but it’s believed it’s not the reason for his decision to leave the station:

The show’s structure was unique in the sense that Gargano, update girl Maureen Williams, and Jamie Lynch had a prior history together, while Marks was new to the group, but it doesn’t sound like there was any sort of discord amongst Marks and his co-hosts. But obviously his decision to leave 97.5 shows that there was some level of unhappiness at the station. Sources say that it was ultimately Gargano’s decision to have Marks stick around until the end of his contract.

97.5 management did not respond to multiple requests for comment. MUSIC THERE:

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160 Responses

      1. Yes
        Pissineli has a history of physical confrontations.
        He’s been ‘let go’ from more than one job because of it.

    1. Marks is a douche and needs to go. I wish him and that wigger Sean Brace would both eat a bullet at a BLM meeting.

    2. So long … fairwell…. the show blows anyhow……
      Marks to WIP…… step backwards…… will not last there either……. at least he got his fake hair while at The Fan…..

  1. Now that Innes is gone these “radio wars” pieces are gonna get real boring. How bout renaming it “normal shit that happens at a radio station.”

    1. Steve Martorano, Glenn Macnow and now little Johnny Marks have all been s t a b b e d in the back by that 300lb pasta eating greaseball Anthony Gargano leads me to believe those things people were saying about the Cuz being a real sleazy dirtball are true.

      Can’t until that fat pig Gargano finally kicks the bucket.

      1. Not sure its so much getting” stabbed in the back ” by Duh Cuz as much as it is get me away from him, its just not worth it. They Cant get away from him fast enough.

        1. Cuz absolutely went to Mgt to get rid of Macnow, I know that for a fact. Can’t speak to the other two.

  2. Good, he maxed his potential there. The Hammer is better anyway and will takeover once mike leaves.

  3. Interesting…I’m sure it is financially driven…97.5 probably didn’t want to increase his pay similar to how they treated other hosts, so he says he will leave..I don’t think he is the answer to the afternoon drive slot vs missanelli though.

  4. I started sort of thinking Marks was a blowhard, and he is from time to time, but I’ve grown to enjoy what that show has become, and when Baldy isn’t in there breathing up all the oxygen, Marks is pretty good at playing off of Gargano, even if one gets the impression that the Cuz doesn’t really pay attention to what Marks has to say half the time.

  5. This will probably be nothing but a rip marks feed, but I was up in studio with those guys few months back and he couldn’t have been a nicer, down to earth guy. Been listening to him since the Foley days, good luck Marks.

    1. Did you get the impression Marks was packing anything significant? I get the feeling he’s probably about 5 1/2 hard.

  6. He has backup talent only. A supporting player. Not awful but he can’t go against Miss or even Harry and Rob and win. I expect he will be part of a team in the current Barkann/Reese slit which is the most unlistenable noise on any radio station including satellite.

    1. Can’t stand that she said segment with that annoying c*nt Kate beaver. Wip needs to get rid of her segment with yellcann

    2. They are looking to drop Mike and Ike and soon as their contract is up. Horrible ratings. People have grown tired of Mike’s circus act.

  7. What was that metal thing that fell out of Hillary Clinton’s pant league yesterday when she started to pass out?

      1. Yo bo, dats a violation. It’s gonna be a whole lot of peed pants in the studio when that happens. ha HA!

  8. Called it months ago….when all these lower end pay guys are up for a contract they’re gonna leave because they are paying that pig Gargano and Missanelli too much. They weren’t financially ready to commit to those guys and their own with contracts. 97.5 already cut down its programming. It’s only a matter of time until they fold. And don’t confuse me with some WIP fan, I never listen to that station. But it was pretty clear when they starting making station cuts to programming and hosts a few months ago.

    1. He is running around doing every TV spot he can for extra dough. Sunday night late sports. BOB. Fox. He has the Fanatic over a barrel after he blasted Josh out of town. They can’t afford to lose him in drive time spot. No doubt the station is paying all their money to Mike and Ant.

  9. It’s uncomfortable hearing them on air together, the way Cuz steamrolls and marginalizing him. Jon is not strong enough to host his own show, he is a decent enough second man with the right host. Man Cuz goes through co hosts like MCW goes through deeks

  10. We noticed, Kyle. Not a single word about Gargano getting smoked in the ratings, just a whole bunch of bluster about him being a good guy who wanted Marks to finish out his deal.

    Now that Innes is out, maybe you can get a bunch of clicks revealing that your source is an overweight faux-South Philly Bro who thinks “What’s better Satan or the Cowboys?” is an innovative radio prompt.

    1. But garganos act is finally wearing thin on me. I like him for his love of the birds, and he does provide great insight.
      But those times when he acts like a cartoon and the way he blows baldy and his guests does get nauseating.
      But he’s still leagues better than cataldi imo. I can’t stand more than one minute of that guys voice.
      It’s choosing the lesser of two evils for me if you will

      1. He provides “great insight”? I get more insight from the average drunk at the bar.



  11. I don’t know who goes through more co-hosts, Impotent Josh or Primo hoagie eating Gargano.
    If they hire you to work with either, rent instead of buy.

  12. Guess when the cuz is banging is female host, there’s no room for a 3rd. The Cuz is gonna bring down another station. Peace out Marks, you helped build this station!

  13. Marks is solid.

    It’s about time to flush the old guard: Gargano, Missanelli, Cataldi, Moronganti, Barkann, BDG, Macnow.

    1. Who really thinks Marks is solid? Come on. When he was with Mikey Miss he tried so hard to be Mikey Miss jr (which is a mistake for anyone) and sounded so fake. He sounds like a child with little knowledge of the history of Philly sports. I would rather listed to Sean Brace than JohnnyMarks. Hoping he found a job in NYC along with Hollis Thomas

      1. Hit the nail square on its head……
        And to add something useless to the matter, I couldn’t stand him talking about his case of diabetes but talks about eating all types of garbage on the air.
        Like I said, useless info

  14. I liked marks. Could always relate to a lot of his stories since he was a bit younger than the older hosts

  15. Thank God this suburban hipster scum is leaving. Silent bro is funny, Maureen is annoying, but tolerable, Johnny “skid” Marks is that smug all about me white boy asshole. He’s like every fa**ot I want to punch in the mouth when I go to LaCosta’s.

        1. MCW is about as tolerable as spinal tap. MCW is about as tolerable as a root canal without anesthesia.

  16. Gargano said he wanted Marks gone because he “wasn’t a big enough Meat”. Despite that not making sense, 97.5 complied with his request.

  17. is Gargano RALLY fucking MCW no strigns attached or are you guys just making that up? Legit question.

    1. Or “will it fit inside her” as a segmnet would be even better. I’m guessing the wheeoorre could take a 2 liter with little trouble.

  18. Thank God. Maybe I’ll actually be able to listen to Gargano’s show without hearing this strapper bore the living daylights out of everyone. The only laugh faker than Gargano’s is this shithead’s. Good riddance.

    1. Mayes deserves it.. he has been good w Jody great w Bruno good w eytan.. I do think elis has brought the show down… if wip did Mayes Bruno however they would destroy 975

    2. He is staying where he is. He’s been at the station longer than anyone else.

  19. Whoever writes these comments should have their own fuxin shows holt shat I follow Kyle just to read the comments fuk the article

  20. I was tired of this guy talking about his diabetes and his male pattern baldness, his love for cop shows.

  21. Can we just stop with the Radio Wars nonsense? Let’s talk about me. Me, me, me. I’ve stopped with the silly and witty wine and feminine empowerment quotes and upped my selfie game. Pics of me. Me, me and more me. Do you like how I take notes on a yellow legal pad for Eagles games? Me, me, me. Can you imagine the amount of attention I require if you were so lucky to be dating me? Disregard the disgusting pics of me without makeup.

  22. Along with dozens of others thru the years I never thought Marks had the stature or credentials to be a hosting a show in a huge market like Philadlephia.

    I havent listened to him in years but he would say stuff like “Wow that was a good performance by Carson Wentz ,he looked really good, I dont know……. …. Then the other clown would chime in.” Yo yo yo how are all my fine ladies in Philadelphia doing today , hit me up on facebook yadda yadda , smiling at ya . ” Click

    1. you have been criticizing him on the air for a long time..and you have been a dick for a long time….congrats

  23. can’t blame him for leaving…he has to sit there and stay silent while dopey cuz slobbers on moron baldy and incredibly stupid vai…. when marks was running the show when Anthoney was out sick it was a much better show……..he is going to 94 bitches

  24. Welp they finally got rid of the other half of the disaster that was the Jon and Sean show. RIP

  25. Does MCW not swallow? It sounds like Gargano’s canoli juice is still on her mouth when she talks.

  26. It’s as clear as day what’s happening here. First, Innes is fired. Then shortly thereafter or around the time, WIP hires FA’s from Bleeding Pussy Nation from 97.5 that was sold prior. Now WIP will hire Marks. This dickhead Spike Eskin is ruining WIP. He now is collecting garbage/rejects from 97.5. As a 20+ year listener to WIP, I think they ought to close shop at this time. WIP is cooked as I don’t listen anymore. If CBS sells their radio division, they should fold WIP. This city isn’t big enough for 2 sports stations. We aren’t NY. Maybe folding one station will lead to the betterment of the other station. I don’t care which one anymore. Get rid of one.

    1. Philly is big enough for 2 sports stations. The problem is the lack of talent on the air.

  27. P.S. I actually respect Joe Jullio (sp?). He isn’t a 97.5 to WIP reject or vice versa and knows his sports stuff. Decent dude.

    Marks to WIP is akin to having Ike Reese on for the last 5+ years at WIP. What does it get you at the end? No incite and mailing it in.

  28. People have to understand. Gargano won’t have sex with me unless I am dressed in capicola and spices from primo’s

  29. Marks needs to go. He always takes on the personality of his cohost. He has no personality of his own. Unless a useless bald headed baconator eating Wigger is a personality. The bro is an elite douche. And how long MCW and Gargano think they can coincidentally miss work at the same time without people knowing they sleep together?

  30. Marks will end up over WIP in 90 days. What time slot, maybe if Angelo leaves after this year, WIP might change/add to the morning show. Maybe a Glenn Macnow & Jon Marks afternoon slot. I like Marks, I hope he does go to WIP.

  31. he was all in on chip; now he hates him. now he is all in on wentz and we’re supposed to believe in his “eye test”. F R A U D

    plus the whole south philly act. he needs to go!!!!

    1. Shouldn’t you be making an appearance at a fruit and vegetable stand?

  32. In another fantastic decision by WIP management, Jon and Sean will be reunited and defeat Missanelli in the ratings

  33. I’m glad this is happening. I could not stand Marks and stopped listening to Gargano because of him. No way would I listen to Cataldi. You could torture prisoners with the non-stop streaming of Cataldi’s voice.

    Marks thinks he’s some kind of big shot now because he went from producer to his own show then to morning co-host, but the problem with that is he got the job because they didn’t want to hire anyone else. Not because he somehow won the job. The dude’s comments and insight are lame. His hair replacement surgery talk is lame and makes him look vane. I just cant stand anything that dude says.

    Gargano needs to start measuring his reactions to things. Everything is an over-reaction. and the meat locker is straight up unlistenable. Probably the single worst segment on any sports related medium, especially with how Gargano fawns all over the guests. and Baldy? That dude is terrible. All he does is talk about himself. Actually, now that I think about it, both morning shows suck. 97.5 just needs to get rid of Joe DeCamara.

  34. John has a Cush job, doesn’t talk during any interview, has the day off on thursdays, and has gotten to to some remotes in Vegas and Chicago thanks to cuz. He doesn’t offer much as far as sports takes, basically has a good memory on useless sports knowledge. The morning shows problem is the lack of callers and the waste of a mic mcw.

    1. Cush job? The guy gets up at 2am to do all the prep for the show so Cuz, MCW, and Silent Bro can stroll in 5 minutes before the show starts.

    1. I also saw some of your players “Chip” kneeling during the National Anthem and raising their fists in a black power salute. What happened to all that “culture”

      1. it’s def not a “black power salute,” Einstein, it’s called a protest. The reason this country is so great is because you have that right to protest serious issues. Of course, you’re going to have people who rip you for it but lot of people, including ex-military, are backing my boy up.

        It’s interesting, I just released a guy who committed a violent act against an elderly man but no one wants to talk about that, huh?

        Ya know, it’s possible people can have different opinions than white America. Just because you kneel during an anthem doesn’t mean you hate soldiers or the military, etc. You could make the argument the thin blue line flag representing police in is a defacement of the American flag, is it not? Oh wait, no, you don’t know how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You only know how to view the world threw your own eyes.

        Grow Up Maxie!

        Chip out

        1. That is “through” and I am well aware he is within his constitutional rights; but kneeling during the National Anthem is counter-productive and gets no real results. As for the “Black Power”salute EINSTEIN, that is where the gesture originated in the 60s.

  35. Again with the Shander love. WTF? He will never host his own show in any significant time slot. The guy makes no fucking sense and just rambles. I challenge anyone to actually listen to him and see if he carries a point through to logical completion. When on with Lombardo it went something like this (Re: Starting Bradford (wasnt traded at the time) or Wentz)

    Lombardo: The line is not good I think we should save the rookie so he doesn’t get killed
    Shander: But why not get him learning now?? What does BRadford give you that Wentz doesn’t?
    Lombardo: I’m saying why throw him to the wolves right now
    Shander: But look at Aaron Rodgers you have to get him in there no?
    Lombardo: WHAT?? Rodgers waited for years
    Shander: Then you have all the failures that are now out of the league because they started to soon
    Lombardo: ……………………

    Seriously Lombardo went silent. Shander, like usual, was all over the fucking place. Just try to follow his logic. There aint none

    AH AH AH

  36. Marks was very good so sad to see him leave. He made listening to Gargano tolerable.

    How in the world is Marks the one leaving when you have the totally useless MCW still holding a job. She literally contributes nothing sports wise and has zero personality. It is amazing that power brokers at the station think she contributes anything and actually cut her a check!

    1. She bangs Gargano, so she is protected. It could not be any more obvious. Remember how mad she was at him during the tooth saga? It’s obvious they ‘date’ or whatever you want to call it.

      lol at his tooth btw. fucking caveman misses a week of work with a tooth ache. AND THEN he comes back and constantly proclaims “IM NOT THE ONE COMPLAINING AM I” – dummy – you missed a week of fucking work!!!


  37. They wedged that no nothing MCW into the show because she’s Ant’s girlfriend. You don’t force your girlfriend into the show. You might not like Rhea but she paid her dues. She might not be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to sports but she can definitely hold her own when talking about local teams. MCW just babbles nonsense and makes comments about things she knows nothing about. It’s got to drive Jon crazy. He is saying why do I have to respond to a potted plant. On most the shows the update person does just that. They don’t interject or get involved with the hosts. Ant didn’t want that. He wanted to shove MCW down our throats so he could continue his relationship. The morning show on most stations pays the bills for the other shifts. The hosts on it are usually the highest paid at the station. You don’t walk away unless the situation became unbearable. It obviously did.



  39. Hate Gargano & Missannelli so much.. worthless black-pandering Goombas

  40. blacks are racist baboons! A white mans sports? how about the white men have talent! next the citizens apes will be complaining that hockey is a white mans sport! bananas all around!

  41. saw monday night how kaperdick was slapping the hands of his residents but when he got to the white man teammate he looked in pain that he had to slap his hand! oh no u didnt!

  42. I don’t usually write in the comments, but I have been a long time follower of Gargano because I always felt he was by far the most knowledgable and straight shooting host. Out of all of his partners over the years, Jon has been by far his best complement. Jon has proven to be the hardest worker in the industry, he doesn’t try to be someone he isn’t, and is sneakily very knowledgable about Philly sports. I would take Jon over any radio host in the city, he’s fantastic. I’ll follow him wherever he goes, but I really hope something changes and he stays on the show.

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