Trolly Doofus Besmirches Carson Wentz For Clicks

Here are things:

Carson Wentz is a very good quarterback.

Dak Prescott may also be a very good quarterback.

Thus far, Carson Wentz has undeniably played better than Dak Prescott, or any rookie quarterback in the history of football.

The prospect of Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott duking it out in the NFC East for the foreseeable future is a fun one.

All of those things can be true. But, if you’re this doofus from, you can invoke Carson’s good name for your clickbait drivel even though you have no other point to make besides Dak Prescott played well against the Bears.

After reading that Tweet, one might think that the accompanying link builds a convincing case for why Prescott has been more impressive than Wentz. Nope! Just this, in a long, complimentary article on Prescott and how he played against the Bears (very well!):

That was his first drive of the game. Look back on those plays. Notice anything? Seriously, look back and see if you can recognize a trend that I haven’t mentioned so far in this article. Did you see it? On all but one of those plays, Prescott set the protection for his offensive line.

During a week when fellow rookie Carson Wentz was compared to Peyton Manning pre-snap and Aaron Rodgers post-snap, Prescott’s control of his offense has barely been mentioned, if at all.

For a fourth-round pick who had played in just two games, Prescott’s acumen diagnosing defenses and altering his offense to take advantage of what the defense is doing was spectacular in this game. He repeatedly identified linebackers to anchor the protection off or directed his running back to the right spot. He even executed full-blown audibles, communicating with all 10 of his teammates through hand signals while aggressively calling out a different play.

That’s it. That’s the only time Wentz is mentioned in the lengthy article. Clickbait at its finest, and for what reason? Did Fahey just want the clicks – and our collective scorn? – or does he actually believe that Prescott – medicore twice, really good once – has been more impressive than Wentz, who has done what Fahey is describing here in all three games. You’ve never seen a quarterback make pre-snap reads like that before, what, this season, when Carson Wentz pioneered that sort of thing? Fuckouttahere.

I like John Barchard’s* take on this, even if he did respond to his own Tweets like a lunatic zoo animal encountering his first mirror:

*Barchard is our partner with Liberty Podcasts, and former Crossing Streams co-host, so I might be a bit biased here, but his work ethic and determination to succeed in radio and podcasting with BGN Radio is downright impressive. I first met him two years ago when he was trying to gain traction for his Eagles podcast, and now he’s a WIP host and guest on their morning show talking about the Eagles. Put some respeck on that name.


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    1. Don’t know how anyone can listen to them. They can’t fill more than 3 minutes of airtime without begging for callers. Spike should give Howard and Joe Giglio a timeslot together. They actually have good chemistry.

    2. Why does Ike feel the need to yell instead of speak. Is Mike B hard of hearing? Does he think we have our radio volume down too low? Just talk Charlie Murphy, talk.

  2. Barchard wanted Innes run out of town so he might get his shift. He worked behind the scenes to see that this was done.

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  4. “Thus far, Carson Wentz has undeniably played better than Dak Prescott, or any rookie quarterback in the history of football.”

    holy fuck what a homer you asshats are, look at the fucking actual games and situations not just the stats at face value. Wentz has thrown LITERALLY 50% of his passes to his 1st read at less than 5 yards, meaning a giant chunk of his yardage/performance is attributed to the receiver/runner.

    No one is saying he hasn’t been playing great football but the suggestion he has been playing leagues above Dak is a fucking joke.. and a bad one. Carson has literally been rushed/hit less because he’s thrown so many first read and under 5 yard passes where as Dak has gone through more progressions and has had 5 passes stopped at the 1 yard or less line in addition to 2 rushing tds. The TDs are circumstantial and will come based on how good they are both playing.

    by your logic emitt smith is the greatest running back of all time because of yards and tds.. fuck man.. do you actually watch any of the other games or just the 2 min highlights?

    1. He’s played as well as any Rookie QB I’ve ever seen early on. Your short pass point is valid, but so are the drops on long pass play of very catchable balls. Time will tell but his decision making and arm strength are an unusual combination.

      1. Agreed on the dropped tds (more so with Wentz).. again I am not thowing shade on what Wentz has done, I’m simply saying they are both playing very well and if you are going to give the edge to Wentz, that’s fine but people need to stop with the notion that he is playing leagues better than Dak (currently).

        As a Cowboy fan, I’m just happy that we have seemingly found the heir apparent to Romo so soon while at the same time I very much dread how good Wentz has looked both physically and his play.

        1. It’s silly and early to interpret the future careers of either quarterback based on a 3 game sample size, but I’m ready for our division to be fun and competitive again. It’s not very satisfying to beat the Cowboys when at the end of the day both teams suck. Still, Carson has been better through those 3 games and he has a higher ceiling. This is the consensus among the majority of the media and non-biased fans. He’s rookie of the month and he’s broken a bunch of records. You can make all the arguments you want in favor of Dak, but the only people trying to do that are Cowboys fans who want to convince themselves that “The Eagles don’t scare us. Our rookie QB is just as good.” That should tell you something.

        2. Ok, but add some context if its Dak/Wentz you’re comparing. Dak has a lot more tools, a lot. He’s protected by the best OL in football, a feature back, a HOF tight end and one of the best WRs in football. Wentz has two good Tackles (for now) a RB by committee, old but serviceable tight end till Ertz gets back, and one of the poorer WR corps in the entire league. It matters.

          1. Overall does Dak have more tools offensively, yes. That is not the point, the point is that even with the great offensive line, Dak is going through more progressions and making better overall decisions with those advanced progressions as he is not turning the ball over. Wentz has actually been hit/hurried far less with the main reason being again, 50% of his passes are first read and under 5 years.

        3. You do realize Wentz was the NFL Rookie Offensive Player of the week for 2 of the first 3 weeks of the year right? Dak has a goose egg. That’s an NFL award, not a local homer thing. Dak is going to be good, no doubt. Wentz has a much higher ceiling.

          1. Higher ceiling because of what where he was taken? See I’m basing this off of what they are actually doing as having watched each game they have played in vs where they were taken in the draft. So because Wentz was taken with the 2nd pick in an incredibly (overall speaking) weak QB draft..his ceiling is far far higher than Daks? The only time I factor in where they were taken, it turns out to be a benefit for the Cowboys. Wentz HAS to be be THE MAN or the Eagles are fucked for a bit, Dak doesn’t HAVE to be THE MAN based on what they invested in him pick wise. With our 1st and 4th picks we very likely have 2 crucial building blocks where as the Eagles just have Wentz for that.

            Also for the love of fuck, who cares about weekly offensive awards, I mean really. I would argue and I believe accurately that “national” media is far worse than local, as they like many of you fall in love with the big giant sexy stats. I’m looking at what they are actually doing on the field each play. By your logic and Ive said this before Emitt Smith is the greatest RB all time because he has the records (which we know he is not).

            The point is simple, they are both playing very well… period and are in the same arena in that aspect. The higher ceiling argument is a bad one, Did Evan Turner have a crazy high ceiling cuz he was taken 2nd in a bad draft?

    2. Carson is making the proper pre-snap reads, adjusting, and quickly finding open receivers with accuracy allowing them to make big plays after the catch. Dak has been good, Carson has been better. It’s that simple, Captain.

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