Bob Cooney Reports that Ben Simmons’ Agent Wants to Keep Him out for the Full Season

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum. Nerlens Noel. Joel Embiid. Joel Embiid again. Ben Simmons. If Simmons’ agent gets his way, he’ll become the 4th major acquisition to miss at least their first full season with the Sixers in the last five years. Somewhere there’s a punch card for a free number one pick filling up.

According to Bob Cooney, a source who knows Simmons’ agent said there’s “no way” he’d let Simmons play this year.

There are a couple of things at play here if this is true. First, it’s a guy who knows Simmons’ agent (superstar agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports Group), not his agent on the record (not that he’d go on the record). Second, if Simmons is healthy and cleared there’s only so much his agent can do before he taints his client’s appeal by meddling. Third, it shows that the “I have the power” pissing match could already be beginning between Paul and the Sixers. None of these are really great options.

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31 Responses

  1. Hearing Mikey miss talking about how he gets a Benz every month free of charge. I guess it’s a me too thing since eskin does it as well.
    I’m sure I can’t be the only one that this pissed off

      1. My right foots middle metatarsal 2 memorial days ago (stress fracture actually), and that sh!t is no joke. Totally had to shut down my workout routine for months. For an nba player it could be one of the worst things to have happen

        1. Forgot to include that. But yeah, it feels like you’re stepping on a rock that doesn’t go away, and you have no strength. And then it can bother your sciatic nerves which in turn can cause problems up you whole leg to your lower back.
          It fuqing sux.
          Of course I didn’t get the treatment an nba star gets so he has that going for him

          1. I broke my second metatarsal when a 500 pound cast iron boiler fell on it and was back at work the next day in an boot. Grow a pair, pussy.

          2. I agree with Bill Klem.
            I wanna hear more about this fella’s toe.

            Maybe the new h e e b will write a 5,000 word post about it.

  2. Hey guys, come on over to my apartment tonight. All are welcome.
    As you walk in take a number and relax on the couch. I have been doing 3 at a time, so things should move along pretty quickly.

  3. Dario Saric is a better shooter, a much better 3pt shooter and is just as a good a passer as Simmons so let Simmons sit his spoiled a s s for the year, who cares.

    1. Really the route you’re going? Simmons looks like the real deal bro.
      I’m not even a 6’ers fan either (knicks) but I’m a big fan of the sport and was looking foward to seeing him pass his azz off.
      Fyi, grew up in central NJ and hate the giants with a fiery passion since day1, im a lifelong lifelong eagles fan

  4. He’ll be good to go in 12 weeks by all accounts. I said 10 based on my own identical break (that didn’t require surgery) and was roundly blasted by the CB peanut gallery. If out any more than that, it’s either the Sixers being pussies or his agent calling the shots.

      1. This is where the butt hurt crew needs to post sarcastic responses under different handles now that they know they were wrong.

    1. The article states he will be out for the season, possibly. Several “accounts” have him out more than 12 weeks.

      Captain – stay in your lane. You aren’t a 250 pound NBA player. You are guy that posts stuff on line all day. Your opinion really means nothing.

  5. heard josh innes wants to bring raya h. from morning show to his new show in houston but angelo isnt letting it happen

    this was one of the big things that hurt him at wip…josh became addicted to raya’s pussy and it destroyed him

  6. About a johny marks absent morning show.
    The picture isn’t looking good with just gargano and MCW holding it down

  7. He will play as soon as he is medically cleared. If he doesn’t play, he will not be paid!!!!

  8. I’m just waiting for Carson Wentz to blow his knee out running off the field after a shutout victory against the Lions. You know it’s going to happen.

    1. Absolutely! Welcome to the Chase Daniel era by week 7. It won’t be a Bradford-Wentz showdown when the Vikings come to town.

  9. Still excited to get to finally see Embiid and Saric play.

    And Simmons should be fine. Just don’t rush him back too soon. Hopefully he’ll be on the court in January.

    3, 4, 5, Sixers!

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