Man in Critical Condition After Raiders-Ravens Fan Fight

Photo Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

I will admit, “you threw snowballs at Santa” has a ring that “you almost killed a guy” doesn’t have: According to the Baltimore Sun, 55-year-old Joseph Bauer is in critical condition after he got into a fight with two Raiders fans at the game in Baltimore this weekend. Bauer got into an altercation with Scott Smith, 30, and Andrew Nappi, 31, of New York state – both Raiders fans. As the Sun tells it, “Nappi told police that the men argued, and Bauer threw a bottle that hit Smith in the head…Nappi told police he punched Bauer in the face, police said. Bauer’s wife, Sharon, told police Smith shoved Bauer to the ground and he hit his head. A witness, Gary Greggs, confirmed the account to officers.”

Bauer is “not responsive and not awake” and the family says they don’t know the extent of the brain damage he suffered. Bauer’s sister said the doctors gave him a 30 percent chance of survival.

A statement from the Ravens said:

Our sympathies and prayers go out to Mr. Joseph Bauer, his wife Sharon and the rest of his family. We have reached out to the family and have received a report on Mr. Bauer’s condition.

We are deeply concerned about this assault and are learning as much as we can about it. Safety for our fans is a top priority. Confrontational and inflammatory behavior is never tolerated and is unacceptable at Ravens home games.

John Harbaugh said “that’s just not what we’re about,” and called the games “a family atmosphere.” I’m guessing being on the sideline and not in the stands has skewed his outlook a bit because “family atmosphere” doesn’t describe many NFL games.

Smith and Nappi were each charged with first and second-degree assault.

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24 Responses

    1. And you guys shoot Chicago Bulls’ fans getting off the Philadelphia el, for wearing Bulls gear but I know I know everyone picks on Philadelphia sports fans.

  1. Kind of a surprise, as far as football games, the Ravens fans are pretty chilled out. They don’t care if you root for the other team.

  2. Some of the worst fighting that I’d ever seen at the Vet was when the Raiders came to town. They (generalization) feel like they have to live up to the fantasy that they are all “bad-ass”, sort of like Harley riders. They’re not.

  3. Tru Story: Eagles -Ravens exhibition game 1994 in Baltimore….we drove down and met friends; two Eagles fans we didn’t know….after the game the guys we didn’t know got thrown out…..six of us are standing out side the stadium. the two guys start yelling “MURDERER !!! MURDERER !!!” at every Ravens fan wearing a Ray Lewis jersey. not one fan said a word to them.

  4. I was there way up in the corner (mst have been taking a piss during the picture) wearing my kelly green dallas sucks t shirt and was amazed at the lack of fights or verbal abuse being given/taken regarding the numerous Raiders fans…guess this makes up for it

  5. He’s lucky he wasn’t wearing a Dallas jersey because I’m tough. Ever hear me telling stories about my encounters with other dad’s at soccer games? I like to cater to the Philadelphia fans by saying how much I hate the Cowboys. Again I am tough.

  6. where do these legalese phrases originate ” we have reached out” ? does that replace “we have contacted” ? does it make it sound all warm and fuzzy ?
    Why do lawyers wear ties ?
    It stops the foreskin from rising up.

  7. 49’ers vs Raiders Aug 2011……

    “On Monday, the NFL reacted. 49ers chief executive Jed York announced increased security patrols and more DUI checkpoints around the stadium, >>> and a ban on tailgating<<< at Candlestick after games have started. The league also said that any season ticket-holder found to have taken part in the violence will have their tickets revoked."

  8. I’ve no doubt that the Ravens fan started since the game was at Baltimore and he probably thought all his Ravens compatriots would come to his rescue.. nope

    1. Sure sounds that way…”“Nappi told police that the men argued, and Bauer threw a bottle that hit Smith in the head…”

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