I’m starting to write this with 5:41 to go in the third quarter, because there’s no way the Vikings are going to score two touchdowns and comeback unless the Eagles inexplicably throw  an interception (or at all!) seeing as though Sam Bradford absolutely stinks. Huge win. The first half was a flaming pile of garbage and so was most of the second half, but never underestimate what a human piece of shit Sam Bradford is. He sucks, the Vikings’ offense stinks, and I never thought they had any chance at putting up meaningful points today. In fact, I thought they’d put up 10. The Eagles defense played well and was just all up in Sammy’s shit all game, but it’s really hard to tell how well because of the afeormentioned suckitude. The special teams was decidedly excellent, however.

Luckily, the Eagles’ offense is somewhat better than dreck and despite multiple drops, bad snaps, bad throws, and Doug Pederson’s maddening timout usage (more on this later), they were good enough to score a touchdown against the Vikings. That’s all that was needed. This game was like putting three marbles into two buckets– no matter how you slice it neither bucket is getting many marbles, but one has to get more. The Eagles got two marbles, and Sam Bradford fumbled the Vikings’ marble down a storm drain. 21-10, good guys.

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