Or the pigskin. Whatever.

DGB, the large-ish receiver who plays like he’s 5’2 with a bum heel in worn loafers, spoke to CSN’s DAVE ZANAGARO and said that he thinks he should be getting the ball more. A compendium of his complaining:

“Yeah, I’m doing everything that I should be doing,” Green-Beckham said to CSNPhilly.com on Wednesday. “Coaches see that; we all see that. I just need more opportunities and more passes thrown my way in each game. I feel like there shouldn’t be a game where I have no passes, no targets.

“That should be a game where … I’m a big receiver. I should have catches and stuff like that. I’m not saying that just because I’m frustrated. I’m just saying in reality, you would know, like, ‘Why doesn’t he have any catches?’ That’s just something that we have to continue to do at practice. We just have to continue to work and stay on the same page as the quarterback.”

This week, as the team reconvened at the NovaCare Complex, the offense reviewed the tape against Atlanta and, according to Green-Beckham, “everybody agreed that the ball should have been here for easy completions.”

“The last two games, no catches,” he said. “But on film, we see where the ball should have went.”

What exactly did the tape show?

“That maybe the ball should have [gone] to me,” he said.

“It’s definitely frustrating,” Green-Beckham said. “You just gotta know: out on the field, I’m not a guy who’s going to be frustrated and on the sideline like, ‘Hey, throw the ball! Go through your reads!’ I’m not one of those type of guys. I’m patient. I’m just going to pull [Wentz] to the side and say, ‘Look, we see this, everybody is taking off, I’m coming under you.’ Little stuff like that.

“I’m not a guy who’s going to get on his head because I understand he’s a young quarterback. And I’ve been with a young quarterback last year with Marcus (Mariota). I understand the thought process. And there might be some brain farts every now and then. But you know, that’s something we can get past.”

This is the most balls DGB has shown all year. But I’ll play along. I should have catches and stuff like that. I see you, DGB. But why doesn’t Carson? Here, I made a moving image with sound showing some of your recent targets– some of these balls are overthrown, but a pattern emerges here of just giving up at the point of the catch:

Those, um, highlights are just from the last four games.

BUT WHAT ABOUT SUNDAY? Here are passing plays from the first half (I honestly got bored and stopped) in which I could clearly make out DGB. Four times he was completely covered, and three times he could’ve been a target (each time Wentz threw underneath), once being WIDE OPEN across the middle:

voila_capture-2016-11-17_08-53-42_am voila_capture-2016-11-17_08-55-53_am voila_capture-2016-11-17_08-56-44_am voila_capture-2016-11-17_08-59-00_am voila_capture-2016-11-17_09-00-25_am voila_capture-2016-11-17_09-01-32_am voila_capture-2016-11-17_09-03-39_am

Wentz didn’t even so much as look to his side of the field. Of course, every time he did the previous week it resulted in either an interception or incompletion (again, not always DGB’s fault):


Here’s DGB over the last three games, in reverse order:


Spot a trend? This is what happens when you drop easy catches, give up on plays, and fail to create separation– your rookie quarterback loses confidence in you, a problem that, of course, isn’t unique to DGB. But it says a lot that Wentz actually has more confidence in these guys:

matthews anelson

Burn it down.


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  1. Man throw that 6’5″ bum out with the rest of the trash.Wake me up when DGB finally runs a complete route, and makes a play for the damn ball.

  2. “I honestly got BOARD…”

    Well, that and the fact you employ Jim. There’s two reasons actually.

  3. you commenters actually sit here an lap this info up without questioning its sources? the Cowboys have a great situation where the rookie is playing outstanding and the veteran is doing the professional thing and stepping aside–
    Stop with the nonsense that Wentz is better than Dak


    1. get Romo’s dick out of your mouth.
      He getting paid and read a prepared statement.
      Maybe he could spend some on some lube for your dry mouth.
      Prescott will be pummeled when he faces a top notch defense….just like Cam Newton did last year.

    1. He’s real quick to point out every mistake the beat writers make yet almost every post he does has poor grammar and misspellings.

  4. Board!?!?!?! Are you in 4th grade!?!?! Next it’s going to be “Eagles, there a good team”. Learn how to spell!!!! You own the site (or as you might spell it sight) for christsake!!!!

    1. He’s in such a rush to copy and paste tweets and other people’s stories he can’t be bothered to proofread his own work.

  5. Did anyone else see Amy fadol on CSN last night? She actually looked really hot! Probably borrowed her outfit from j mele.

    1. Both shows were brutal this morning . The meat ? locker doing hof votes and catching fish or ang’s fake rant

      1. Myrtetus is part time asst manager at hot topic (they do not appreciate his brokaw impression there either) says:

        kyle, if you want a post people will care about, #posttheratings

        Oh yeah you can’t because you don’t want to hurt ant’s feelings, right?

        1. How the F is Matt Nahagian still employed? Cataldi has been mailing it in for years and the best he can do is hire Fake South Philly Gargano!!!! Both of them should be fired, TODAY!

        2. I agree, post the ratings. There’s no reason not to. You site probably gets the most comments and clicks when the ratings are out.

          1. Myrtetus is part time asst manager at hot topic (they do not appreciate his brokaw impression there either) says:

            kyle has been hiding behind innes leaving to not post the ratings. He should remember that his desire to not offend Ant, while honorable and i respect him for being a good guy about it, will not mean much when Ant is gone in a few months; unlike him, the readers of this site should be his long term concern and not ant’s feelings.

  6. Playing devil’s advocate here, but why are we so unwilling to give the WR a break? They’re only in their second years. At this rate with Wentz, it’ll be year 5 or 6 before he gets criticism. Let the guys learn. Agholor’s situation is totally mental at this point. its pretty obvious we you see him try and catch a ball. He is hesitant because he knows if and when he does have a drop, no matter where the pass is, he is going to get ripped. A lot of the throws to DGB on that video you posted were not his fault. Wentz completely overthrew those end-zone passes. Again they deserve criticism but people need to realize they are only in their 2nd years. Same goes for Ertz. People rip him for not ever getting yards after the catch. How many times does he actually catch the ball in space? Most of his receptions come across the middle with a Linebacker or safety bearing down on him. Typical Philadelphia overreaction

  7. This dude is a mutt. And it’s a shame bc dude has all the physical attributes.
    Btw, I don’t always agree with what u say, but I can’t deny that I appreciate your way with words kyle.
    “DGB, the large-ish receiver who plays like he’s 5’2 with a bum heel in worn loafers” haha

  8. Cant run a route properly? Heres your f ucking route….every time you are on the field, do this;
    Run f ucking straight as fast as you can. Maybe you get thrown to once or twice a quarter…just to keep the def honest and spread out for all the underneath s hit ie, sproels mathews, ertz….
    if you are NOT going to catch the ball, at least spread that def like croyden cowboy spreads his a$$hole for $$.
    also, he sucks at blocking so bad…

  9. That video doesn’t lie.

    Not. Much. Effort.

    Still can’t understand why they don’t give Paul Turner a shot. He catches everything thrown his way, and his effort (unlike DGB’s) has never been questioned.

    1. Seriously Paul Turner? You’d think this guy’s was a HOFer by now. He’s clearly not good enough. He did well against 3rd and 4th stringers in the preseason. 31 teams have had the chance to pluck him from the Eagles practice squad all year and they havent. That should tell you all you need to know

  10. I get it… the Carson band wagon is crowded right now. Every one jumping on DGB for his comments, which could be a little clouded but in reality Carson has been a little average as compared to his first 4 games…people it’s ok to criticize the golden child he has some growing to do he is a rookie. Besides he is wasting those targets to Agholar anyway he can’t can’t a cold!

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