Eagles Extend Jon Dorenbos through 2019

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Two roads diverged in a wood. One, was a long and illustrious multi-million dollar career as an NFL longsnapper, somehow. The other was an even more insane path of a magician on a TV talent show. Jon Dorenbos somehow took them both and they led to the same place: A three-year contract extension with the Eagles.

The birds locked up the Magic Man – presumably so the allure of the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders wouldn’t drag him away – for a stretch of time that could make him the longest tenured Eagle ever:

I patiently await a post later on how Dorenbos was able to get this contract, and then a huge backlash at Kyle for giving it away.


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  1. Did you see the Flyers win with Ghost scratched last night? Im all for holding players accountable. Regulars have taken way too many nights off over the past years. A threat of being scratched might make them think twice. Ghost learned his lesson, now get him back on the ice.

    1. We here at the Eagles organization are thrilled about this extension. Jon is a great player and an even better person. Great locker room guy, great leader and role model for the younger players. His penis is small, yet very aesthetically pleasing. Beautiful lines and perfect proportion of shaft , head, and balls.

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