When we first met Justin Sink, we didn’t even know his name. We just knew he was a guy grilling the White House Press Secretary while wearing a Sixers lanyard. We found out his name. We found out where he works (Bloomberg). We found out he Trusts the Process. And we found out he (at least once) reads the site (Hi Justin!):


He was back at it again yesterday, when he asked President Obama about shielding information self-reported by undocumented immigrants who came to America as children in an effort to be able to find better employment from a future regime that would use that information to track them down. Breitbart has video, which has riled up its alt-right audience, who is tweeting all kinds of threats and assorted nastiness at Sink:






You know, there might be a phrase for someone dealing with this sort of backlash: TRUST THE PROCESS.

H/T to (@JoeyC1897)