At least it felt that way.

What an excellent shootout. And by excellent I mean the Flyers have a lack of skill players and most of their shootout attempts could’ve been stopped by a good Midget goalie and Steve Mason stood on his head. Finally, Ghost made it happen with a changeup:

Booooooooooo. I mean, Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Wooing continues to be all the rage at the Wells Fargo Center and it’s driving Tim Panaccio positively batshit:

The responses to this Tweet are A+:


Yeah, this is gonna need a t-shirt.


Jim Jackson and Brian Boucher called the game for NBCSN. Bouche is outstanding. At one point, when Jackson mentioned that they would eventually throw it out to the Toronto-Edmonton game once the Flyers game ended, Bouche joked, “I think it might be over.” NO, BOUCHE. NO! Keep the viewers dialed in. Jackson quickly corrected him that the game was in the second period.

This save by Tuuka Rask on Claude Giroux at the end of the third period is incredible: