WOJ BOMB: The Sixers have traded human wrecking ball Jerami Grant for guy who still exists Ersan Ilyasova and a conditional future pick to the Sixers. Woj reported that the Thunder had been eyeballing Jerami Grant for months, a man who plays basketball with one mission and one mission only: Destroy.

In return the Sixers get Ilyasova. the 29-year-old Turkish big man has played three games for Oklahoma City this year, and has averaged 10.6 points on 44% FG and 36.9% from three through his career. Additionally, Ilyasova is in the final year of a contract and comes to the Sixers along with a “conditional future pick” yet to be named in a typical “salary dump” type move. Ilysasova is not a lock to stay on the roster.

How this trade shakes out will depend heavily on that pick, but Jerami Grant – entertaining as he was – was still floating around the talent fringes of the Sixers. As of publishing, the pick is being reported as a first with multiple protections.

UPDATE: The Sixers will reportedly keep Ilyasova, and the protected first round pick is protected from picks 1-20 in 2020 (Sixers get pick if its from #21 to #30) or it becomes two second round picks.