You might have to watch the video here because the NFL sucks.

This is goddamn awesome, but by far, without question, no debate, shut it down, the best part is the unintentional shot of CSN Eagles writer DAVE ZANGARO posing for a picture with a young boy wearing an Eagles mask on his head (1:15 mark). Behold:


DAVE ZANGARO! Like that father and son went to the game that day, on the road, on the sidelines, and all they came away with was this polaroid with DAVE ZANGARO(!!!), who handled himself like he’s actually been asked to take a picture with someone before. DAVE ZANGARO. I’m not picking on him. He seems like a fine guy and does a good job, but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that they either won a contest or paid an asston of money to get on the sidelines and opted to remember the day by a timeless photo with DAVE ZANGARO. Gee thanks dad, this is so much better than the time we met Eliot Shorr-Parks at training camp, and certainly better than that time we met Sarah Baicker’s dad at a Flyers game.


The underrated part is how DAVE ZANGARO just walks away when he’s done. No pleasantries. No handshake. No acknowledgement. Just DAVE ZANARGO heading off to do DAVE ZANGARO things. Amazeballs.