Tony Romo Basically Requested a Throw-Off With Dak Prescott

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Hey, the national media is going to have to halt its fellating of Tony Romo – ah, he was just about to finish – over his elegance in accepting a backup role with a carefully worded poem because, as it turns out, Romo, who had watched for nine games as Dak Prescott lifted the Cowboys to an 8-1 record, still wasn’t convinced… and… asked… the Cowboys… to… open… up… a quarterback… competition… in… the middle… of… the season. From

Last week, finally healthy, Tony Romo expressed to the Cowboys brass a desire to fight for the job he now could acknowledge wouldn’t be just handed back to him.

And then, he went out and backed it up by having as good a week as possible piloting a scout team. According to those there, 100 percent is selling it short. “He looked like (Ben) Roethlisberger,” is how one Dallas source illustrated the Pittsburgh look Romo gave the Dallas defense in practice.

That was as good a sign as any that there really wasn’t anything he could do. The job Romo held for 10 years isn’t his anymore. And the idea that a red-hot Dallas team could open a quarterback competition in November was never realistic.

Dude, I’m not sure I can take anyone seriously if they’re still lauding Romo for his soliloquy the other day. I feel for the guy, but he’s taking this like someone who just got dumped and is trying to talk themselves into being just friends, like it was their idea, with a rambling phone call at 2 a.m., who came to the conclusion only after their suggestion to “make sweet love one last time just to see if there’s anything there and if you feel it, too, we won’t give up” was rebuffed because it was fucking creepy. I know– let’s have a throw off! Just let it go, Elsa.

OK, the media can finish off Romo. Should only take a few more str…. oh, oh, AHGAHHHHHHH. OK, Tony’s done. For now.

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    1. How do you get man spunk out of yer beard? Asking for a friend. Thx!

      A. Joseph

  1. Prescott doesn’t need to be looking over his shoulder wondering if he’s going to get pulled every time he throws a pick.

    There are half a dozen teams desperate for a QB including teams that could win now like the Jets & Broncos. Get something of value for him while you can.

  2. Romo needs to STFU and realize that he is part of the Cowboy’s past, not its future. Stop acting like a spurned woman and man up. He might be able to get a couple more years from some bottom dweller like Jacksonville or Cleveland. If he can stay healthy.

  3. Don’t really see what the big deal is. I’m glad that he asked for the chance to fight for his job back. He’s always been a fighter . Once leadership probably told him in so many terms that it wasn’t a viable option because mentally and emotionally the team has been exceeding expectations behind Dakota and because their main objective is to win a championship, Rome just had to concede that regardless of the fact that he’s a better pure passer than Dak is at this point in their careers he had to concede and take one for the team. I have know doubt that the Cowboys could just as well been 8-1 with Rome leading the team. But that train has left the station for this season and Dakota is at the helm. Tony needs to play his role and just be ready if and when the opportunity to shine presents itself. Oh yeah and I still give him kudos for his speech and trying to help quiet the media by easing this season’s transition to another qb w/ him coming off injury. The front office is now off the hook, Garrett is too and the team can move forward with confidence not having to worry about Romo being a divisive figure.

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