Ben Simmons is Wearing Sneakers and Shooting Free Throws

Ben Simmons' Instagram story, via r/Sixers

Today marks the first real landmark day in Ben Simmons’ recovery. According to multiple reports, Simmons was spotted at practice today in sneakers, practicing his free throws.

Brett Brown told the media that Simmons’ progress was a big deal:

“That is significant to me. Then he walked over to my office and sat down looking like he was healthy. There was no boot, there was nothing earlier that he was wheeling. He’s still doing some spot shooting, but as far as moving around, that has not happened yet.”

He’s not going to be out for two years, but we all saw how much Joel Embiid’s shooting improved when he wasn’t able to run around and do stuff on his foot. Simmons’ should (hopefully) continue to get healthier and hit the floor, in an actual NBA game, around the All-Star break. That’s my best guess.

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15 Responses

  1. Wake me up when Ben Simmons is actually in uniform, and ready to play.Until that day, I’m going back to sleep.

  2. Gotta say Jim I thought you reached your peak with the pistachio girl posts but this may be seriously your best stuff. The way you cited and then offered some great analysis that his shooting may get better because of this setback is amazing. I know you get alot of hate on here but you got something special kid. You see the game like Magic but you write like Hawthorne. Just amazing . Keep up the good work.

    1. Apparently, Olivia Simmons is upset with her brother Ben Simmons for not returning her phone calls. She also bipolar,and is suffering from anxiety disorders and depression but looking as good as she looks I don’t give a f u c k I’d still smash.

    1. All I know is that toe fractures are a muthafuqin b!tch. Stress fracture in my case, a yr later and it’s still not 100%.
      Simmons has the best docs tho so sh!t should go a lot smoother for him. Looking foward to see dude on the court even tho I’m a NYK fan. That’s right, eagles and knicks baby

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