Oilers superstar and apparent whiner Connor McDavid did his best Sidney Crosby and showed his lady parts inside the Villanova locker room when he criticized Brandon Manning, who broke McDavid’s collarbone last year, calling him “classless” and claiming that Manning injured him on purpose. Here’s McDavid:

“You know what, I did all I could defending him last year in the media. I didn’t want to make a big deal saying he did it on purpose. He wanted to make some comments today about what went on last year and I thought it was one of the classless things I’ve ever seen on the ice. He said some things and our guys responded accordingly. We can put the whole “He did it on purpose” thing to rest, because what he said out there confirmed that. It shows what kind of guy he is, how he doesn’t step up and fight some of our guys.”

Mr. Manning?

“I think anybody who knows me or who has played with or against me along the road here, knows that I am not that kind of player. I am not out there intentionally trying to hurt people. I’m a guy who plays the game hard and I take pride in that. I think going back to last year, it was a total accident, I mean, there were three players involved and there was never any intention on hurting anyone.”

It’s a classic he said-she said.

McDavid and Manning had words during the game:

Score one for Manning and the good guys. The Flyers won, 6-5.