Crossing Streams (Episode 55): Airing of Grievances with Special Guest Josh Innes

I’m joined by Josh Innes to discuss his time in Philly, getting fired from WIP, his sad walk home after it happened, his disdain for Anthony Gargano, admiration for Tony Bruno and Jody Mac, working for Andy Bloom and Spike Eskin, any regrets he has, the Philly market, how Houston is different, and more.


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35 Responses

  1. Just got into podcasts and I use the Pocket Casts app. The most recent podcast listed there is from October.

  2. Me and my boyz were crossing swords all up in AG’s mouf, azz, and pu$$y last night at 9th & Girard, underneath the el, ya feel me?

  3. “Josh Innes is the future of sports radio talk……………………………….”

    I guess I will listen to fucking Christian music or Rap or some shit. Sports talk has died an agonizing death.

  4. I dont think anyone really batted an eye when innes left. i still tune into WIP on the way home no matter who is on. he was nothing special here. seems like a fun guy to hang out with though.

        1. Love him or hate him, Angelo has raked in the morning for over 25 years. I get the hate, but dude knows what he’s doing.

          1. To the tune of $1.1 million per year plus ratings bonuses ahahaha suckers who fall for my schtick.

  5. I like Chris Carlin, if they would only dump Ike. He just needs to openly admit he doesnt like white people and I feel like we can move on .

  6. Listening now. Always kinda liked him. Just think he got in his own way too much. I’ve listened to his show on I heart radio and if he was that josh then I think he’s still here…he trolled the philly sports fans too much. And that’s what got him

  7. that time Innes had that guy impersonate that fat fraud Gargano was the best thing on Philly radio in quite a while

  8. Good listen….and he was spot on about other hosts. Gargano sucks, Mike can be good but general knowledge is lame, Rob is at best a little less boring version of Decamera and that’s only bc he has Mayes. I don’t listen to the new afternoon show bc I can’t stand Ike.


  9. Josh Innes just wasn’t a fit for Philly Sports talk radio plain and simple. His brand of sports talk is better used on Sirius/XM satellite radio,not terrestrial radio stations like WIP or 97.5The Fanatic.

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