I’m Pretty Sure Dario Saric and T.J. McConnell Hate Each Other

I’m an excellent shit starter, so I’ll just assume that this on-court exchange between Dario Saric and T.J. McConnell the other night led to Saric essentially cuck-ing McConnell in the team huddle and handing him his used towel. If you look closely, you can almost see McConnell mouthing “I’m not a towel boy”:

Trust the process.


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    1. BIG


    2. Who wants to make some extra holiday money!?!?



    1. fuck the pepper man!
      he gaves me the shits when i ate the Schmitter at the headhouse at the packers game!

    2. By “chops” you mean Desean’s cizock right?

        1. What would a nob gobbler like you know about kunts? Everybody knows 75% of the South Silly eyetalians are queer and the other 25% are on the waiting list.

  1. TJ looks like he should be playing in a men’s league or a pickup game in sea isle . He has zero business being in the NBA

    1. There’s always room in the NBA for scrappy non-athletic white point guards in the NBA; which should be at the end of the Sixers bench.

        1. BTW, If Mike didn’t know about the Dwayne thing then why is Jason still producing his show? Shouldn’t he be producing the midnight show or fired? If Mike really was the champion for the black cause wouldn’t he have a problem working with this guy? We are talking about a guy that still harbors a grudge towards Utley for saying the F word 8 years ago, and who never stopped pushing to get R Cooper out of town after what he said. Surely this is in the same class as the Cooper ordeal, but yet not another word has been mentioned on the subject.

          1. Because no one really thinks this is a big deal except the crowd looking for reasons to be offended?

      1. That implies that he can hit an open shot and handle the rock with minimal turnovers (Scott Brooks). TJ can do neither.

    2. I’m still here. Waiting for my beloved Dodgers to win the World Series. Then I can rest in peace.

  2. nothing on the freddie mitchell interview about donovan, strippers, and latino prisons?

    1. It’s from an old Shakespearean term- cuckold. It was a man whose wife slept with somebody else. Men would threaten to make a cuckold out of somebody in Shakespeare’s plays.

      Recently the Men’s Right mutants started using “cuck” as a guy that let’s other men sleep with his wife/girlfriend. And the implication is that it is a black guy sleeping with your wife/girlfriend too. So it is racist as well. Now all of the cretins on reddit use it. And it is even more pathetic when somebody over the age of 30 uses it.

        1. See, these are the type of idiots who say “cuck”.

          Do you really want to be like one of these idiots?

          1. I speak white so when your people be axing for Newport’s and da Malt Liquor I wouldn’t be able to understand em. Ya’ll feel me bro?

        1. That was the joke. I know how to spell. For instance it’s ask not axe. Or boy not Boyz. Or house not hizouse or hizzy. OK laquisha?

          1. Awesome job of proving how smart you are by responding to the wrong comment.

            Another 3-4 years, and your manager will let you operate the drive-thru on your own, big guy!

          2. Glenn: what does Shaft Shartveit mean?
            Ray: actually it’s African for Stephen A Smith.

          1. No. The only thing you’ll get from rubbing one out to a ghetto primate is a limp dick and low self esteem.

  3. tj is a competitor and he sets the tone for the sixers dfense. BB needs to come up with a scheme to slow him down.

    At the end of the day, these are two talented palyers.

  4. TJ looks reminds me of that annoying teammate you had in a cyo league

  5. Dario was killing toward the end of the game. Had a few big buckets and it was obvious that the offense should have ran through him. On a few different possessions, they tried to pass it to him but couldn’t even do that. Dario clearly frustrated. If they fed Dario down the stretch, the Sixers win. Period. (Especially without Embiid and Okafor.)

  6. not working to hard today boys…why not an ask Dan anything segment? Oh right, he’s been a victim of mass budget cuts. Gotta pay for that Obamacare somehow

  7. Anyone want to watch the Army Navy together on Saturday and maybe get a little weird…and by weird I mean gay. I get so hard seeing all those young men in uniform.

  8. 2 “posts” today… man this site is SLACKING… too busy complaining about your t-shirt sales on other posts… pathetic

    1. Ray: Tommy McDonald marched in the gay pride parade with two severely rug burned knees and a sore throat.
      Glenn: then he went to woodys and had a craft beer.

  9. Guys get off my back I almost worked a full eight hours yesterday shipping out shirts I’m tired and need my rest.

  10. I think the Cuz creamed his jeans when Fred Ex dropped the Wayne Simmons tough comment.

      1. Yes with twins which explains his grotesque, protruding gut.

  11. Kyle, tonight myrtetus stated he “works for the team (flyers)” could you please investigate? I think he’s full of shit

  12. Heard Fred ex is a big fan of Wayne Simmons love for the white women

  13. watching KC and Raiders, I know where dopey dougie gets his “challenge” skills from! Red has been coaching for how long? 20 years? still cant get it right

  14. wow what a day for laskowski! how fucking lazy is this prick and his gay talentless sidekick jim addair the 5 foot queer. oh where has juuuu face hook nose dan been? working hard on his deep dive of the eagles’ 1998 week 4 game? what a joke

    this site is trash. not even a blog anymore. just a store where dumb bros and other assorted r e t a r d s buy ugly over priced trust the process christmas sweaters

    1. Adam you really should be on Craigslist M4M. Stop pushing down your man love feelings and stop hating yourself. Get yourself some ky and trust the process.

      1. im not the closeted hipster with a moustache who takes it in his mouth named james adhere

        f@g and everyone knwso it

  15. Flyers win 7th in a row, the Sixers win first road game. But tune into 97.5 for endless, repetitive, boring football talk about the worst run franchise in Philadelphia. Can’t wait

    1. Is Jody Mac. They should have given him the afternoon shift instead of that fat guy from NY

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