Matt Rhule Took Out a Full-Page Ad in the Inquirer

On behalf of Julie and our children, I want to express our sincere gratitde to Temple University, the City of Philadelphia, and Owls fans throughout the world. The passion and pursuit of excellence at Temple allowed for our student-athletes to achieve success on the football field and to develop as young men off of the field. Temple and Philly will always be a part of us and we will be cheering on the Owls from afar.

Estimated cost of a full-page black-and-white ad in the Inquirer sports section on a Wednesday*: $7k.

Estimated number of hours it will take Rhule to earn that much money coaching at Baylor**: About 6.

Not a bad deal.

*Based on an educated guess of the current Inquirer full-page rates.

**Based on the $4.25 million salary of Rhule’s predecessor at Baylor. He might be getting more.

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  1. 7 year guaranteed deal with a base of $6mm plus all sorts of stuff with incentives and camps take him to about $10mm/year.

    You can’t turn this down. Good luck to him.

  2. We will miss you Mr. Rhule. A true Temple Tuff guy.

    PS Villanova plays pee-wee football.

  3. This is really, really hard. People start coming to your door and say hey, ‘I got four million dollars.’ But you know what, I’d rather coach Temple’s kids. I love these kids. I’d rather coach here and coach Temple’s kids then just sell my soul for four million dollars. That is the truth and that’s as honest and open as I can be with you guys. J/K!

  4. What a pussy carpet bagger. Thought this no loyalty pussy would wait it out for a better program at least . Especially after he bought a beach house in ocean city right down the street from my parents house .

  5. I know you hear me 4 to 5 times a day on the radio and would like to use my celebrity status to ask someone here to start a go fund me account so I can get a dog. It’s lonely here all day by myself waiting on my welfare money. This way, I have someone that will always listen to me and I can always tell him I told you so. So everyone needs to donate!

  6. I’m hearing through my temple contacts that they are looking at Charlie Strong.

    Strong is the ideal fit. Get him back to his recruiting base, and similar to the situation he walked into at Louisville, he’s inheriting a team with positive momentum. He’d be a great hire

  7. I’m still bitter that Temple has more street cred in the Philadelphia area then by beloved metro area Wildcats. Forget the National Championship, it means nothing without constant attention showered on Nova. I’m as insecure as it gets.

  8. How mad is Kyle that a post about Matt Rhule buying a full page ad has more comments than a post about Villanova being ranked #1?

    Like, so mad. Step child mad.

  9. Please don’t even compare Temple Football to Villanova basketball.

    Villanova is a top program with two National Championships, a perennial contender, and with an established top level coach.

    Temple is a basketball school in the hood that can’t even afford to build its own stadium so they leech off the Eagles.

    It is also a school that can never keep a head coach. They basically get starter level coaches that once they can establish themselves can’t wait to get out of that hellhole.

    People actually bought that loyalty stuff that came out of Matt Rhule’s mouth? He never cared two cents about Temple. Leaves the school to go Waco, Texas – wow!!!!

  10. 7 Years guaranteed. He is going to earn about $35 million.

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