Pistachio Girl Fired by Aramark in Wake of White Nationalist Support

Emily Youcis, mostly known as Citizens Bank Park’s “Pistachio Girl,” has been fired.


In case you missed the whole story around this, Youcis caught some heat last month when she showed up to (and showed support for) a National Policy Institute conference. Despite the boring as hell name, the NPI is run by Richard Spencer (that well dressed neo-nazi everyone keeps talking about), who the Southern Poverty Law Center called a “professional racist in khakis” and who supports a white ethno-state in the U.S. and encourages hail-heil signs:

After the conference, Philly.com’s Will Bunch spoke to Youcis about the incident outside the event – where Youcis got spray painted and her photographer got bloodied. She expressed her desire to stand up for white America, which is the “backbone” of this country.

Even before this, she was out around the DNC, wearing a “Make the Phillies Great Again” hat, yelling through a megaphone about Hillary Clinton being a rapist. Post NPI conference, among many, many other questionable tweets, she retweeted a support tweet she got from David Duke.

In a post-firing interview, she said she was “like a God” at Citizens Bank Park:

She also said that now that she’s free from her job at Aramark, she can “fash’ out full time.” Oh also she is planning rallies:


This has been a very weird year.

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41 Responses

  1. I’ve had season tickets for about 10 years now.

    I have no idea who this person is.

    But she has a job selling nuts and appears on Red Ice Tv! Wow. Sounds like there is no stopping her career trajectory! To Infinity and beyond!

    1. She needs to quit doing crystal and huffing, loose 45 lbs and then maybe
      she’ll be worthy of the Croyden Cowboy


    2. Really? She’s hard to miss, great rack. Are you in the cheap seats? She seems to stick around the 100 level.

  2. Picked her up one night after a Phils game. Gave her my white power stick all night. Took it like a champ too. Loves when you finish on her rack.

        1. Huh? So if he did have $100 what would he be? What does having money have to do with political parties?

  3. Heard this chick go on a tirade about Obama during a game in early May. Thought it was supposed to be some sales attention grab because it was said in that nasally voice and followed immediately with the ‘pistachios’ squeal. Weird.

  4. If Wentz was black he’d be ran out of town for playing like shit . Guy can’t play but yet eagles fans act like he’s the second coming

    1. Wentz is the second coming…..Of Bobby Hoying/Aj Feeley/Mike McMahon/Kevin Colb/Nick Foles.
      All hyped-up white quarterbacks by the ass-kissing Philly media and the undercover racist white fans looking for their next white messiah.

  5. Are u guys typing from a jail cell? This brand is aight but not the way some of u are proclaiming.
    She can rock my mic, and I’m out

    1. Whites and blacks are both responsible for building this country. Stupid libtards like yourself won’t admit anything good about white people because you’re a self-hating jack wagon.

    1. never, as a matter of fact they are changing their name to blackamark and hiring only blacks from now on to eliminate “whiteness” since eliminating “whiteness” is all the rage these days.

  6. my cousin works at eagles games selling beer, happens to be white. was working ass off making tips and the monkeys saw her making all this money so they switched her to the back and took her booth (what a surprise) which was in a good spot. lo and behold they found out they actually had to work to make those tips. youve never seen monkeys sweating like this around a bunch of angry customers who dont like to wait for their beer….

  7. She has every right to her opinions.. A black lives matters piece of shit doesn’t have to worry about being fired from a job yet she does?? Pathetic

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