Ric Flair Is Coming To Wing Bowl





WIP press release:

SportsRadio 94WIP’s Wing Bowl, which has become one of the most famous annual radio events in the world, returns to the Wells Fargo Center on Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at 6 a.m. Wing Bowl 25 will feature an appearance by special guests, professional wrestler  Ric Flair and Grammy Award winning artist Coolio.  Tickets for the 25th annual competitive chicken wing eating event are $12.50 and go on sale Tuesday, December 13 at 9 a.m. online atwingbowl25.com, WellsFargoCenterPhilly.com, by calling 1-800-298-4200 or in person at Wells Fargo Center.  Wing Bowl 25 is proudly presented by Steven Singer Jewelers.  Partial proceeds from WIP’s Wing Bowl 25 will benefit the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Survivor’s Fund.

WIP is proud to welcome Ric Flair as the special guest at Wing Bowl 25.  Ric Flair® is a celebrity and professional wrestler. Also known as the “Nature Boy®,” Flair is among the most famous and well-known wrestlers in the world, and has been one of wrestling’s biggest stars since the late 1970s. Flair was often popular with the crowd due to his in-ring antics, including rule breaking (earning him the distinction of being “the dirtiest player in the game”), his cocky interview style, strutting and his shouting of “WOOOOO!™” The “WOOOOO!” yell has since become a tribute to Flair, and is often shouted by the crowd whenever they see Ric or when another a wrestler performs one of Flair’s signature moves.   A Facebook and Twitter favorite, YouTube sensation, and whose name returns almost 4 million Google hits in under .2 seconds, Ric Flair® is an international icon. At 6’ 1”, 243 pounds and hailing from Charlotte, NC, his signature move is the Figure-Four Leglock.  His career highlights include 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, and United States Champion.

I never quite understood listing the career highlights of a pro wrestler. It’s like saying Tom Hanks once ran for over two years, survived on a desert island, managed the Rockford Peaches, and landed a plane in the Hudson. He didn’t actually do those things… they were scri… ah, never mind. 16-time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is coming to Wing Bowl, and so is Coolio.


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  1. $12.50 a ticket and partial proceeds go to the FOP. Didn’t it used to be $10 with all proceeds going to the FOP? Wonder who else needs a cut of the action, and exactly what portion is now being given to the FOP.

    1. Fuck that, I remember when it used to be free!

      The lines of Coke in the bathroom are longer than the lines to get in there

  2. Sadly, due to his massive overspending and being married 4x, he basically will do anything for money at this point, which is kind of sad.

    Get what you mean about listing the accomplishments of wrestlers as if it were the same thing as a non-scripted sport. But, in fairness, back in the “old days” when Flair was in his prime being the champion (and the real champ, not just one they gave it to for a few weeks) meant that the promoters thought you could draw the most money and carry the company, so it does signify someone who’s reached the top of their profession.

  3. Listing world titles=listing Oscars, Golden Globes, Tony’s, etc. You were the best in the business for that period, as judged by the people holding the money.

  4. Do you not list the posts on this site as an accomplishment even though all you do is copy or link to the original story?

  5. Listing the times somebody was champ shows that the person was a big draw and the promoters were showing him respect.

    Same thing with listing all of the movies Tom Hanks has been in. It shows that Hollywood producers know Hanks is a big draw and they give him a wide variety of roles.

    1. Shart I heard you walked out of the Greyhound bus station men’s room last nite with $11 in change and a sore throat. And yet you still have time to pontificate your nonsense. Can’t wait for your next one jagoff.

  6. Sh!t iz for the birds. Like it’s comically bad.
    Favorite line from rick flair “I spent more money on spilled liquor than u made in a year, wooooo!”

  7. the only event with more degenerates than an Eagles game

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