Ryan Howard is Getting Ready for his Next Chapter

For the first time in his career, Ryan Howard is a free agent. The 37-year-old slugger’s future likely exists as a DH in the American League, but that doesn’t mean he can just rest on his laurels and coast into a contract. As you can see in a video below, Howard is training early and often to make himself better than he has been in years (specifically focusing on exit velocity).

In between training montages, he also talks about great moments as a Phillie, and how good it felt to eliminate the Rockies from the playoffs in 2009.

Full video after the jump.

[h/t r/Phillies]

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53 Responses

      1. You two be nice now! Maybe go suck each other off in the penthouse club at a flyers game and brag about it!

  1. If he doesn’t rest on his laurels and coast into a new contract then I’ll be upset. I mean if he felt no need to put in the effort the last 3-4 years then why start now.

  2. Glad he waited 12 years to start working out in the off season! So proud of him! Good luck with the curveballs

  3. ryan was a good guy, good luck to him

    i dont understand what the point of this post is but ive been saying that for 3 years and kyle the t-shirt salesman still lets little jimmy the righter do what he wants so what the fuck do i care

  4. Eytan Shander calling Jeff Lurie a idiot & moron. Really? The guy is a billionaire and you are making 20k/year with no benefits . STFU

    1. Counterpoint, Lurie owns a team that is able to print money solely due to the popularity of the sport. All the owners are all able to make money no matter how badly the teams are run. He was also lucky enough to have been born on third base which has more to do with him being successful than any intelligence he might have. If you asked any moron what they would do with hundreds of millions of dollars a huge percentage would say “buy a sports team.”

      1. The point is a moron or idiot would not be smart enough to buy an NFL team. How many people blow fortunes? The guy hasn’t delivered a Super Bowl and should be criticized for that failure, but he is not a moron or idiot.

      2. Anyone can make money in the NFL, few can win a championship. It’s been 23 titleless years and counting for Mr. Lurie.

        1. Does that make him an idiot or moron? No! Bad owner, maybe. But a guy like Eytan Shander who is a low level sports radio personality at best calling him an idiot & moron is BS.

          1. He’s kept Howie Rosenrosen, aka the Ed Wade of football, in the GMs office for 7 years (minus an unprecedented one-year timeout). That’s pretty idiotic/moronic.

          2. The Phillies won the 2008 World Series thanks in large part to players brought in during Ed Wades tenure.

    1. Who would you nominate: Barkann, Roob, Johnnie Sunshine? Considering the competition, why not her?

      1. That those guys actually report sports.

        But g’head and splooge all over her Instagram, maybe she’ll send you back a smiley face.

          1. Being hostess of Boring On Broad is nowhere close to being a sports reporter.

      2. Last time I was nominated I was sipping a Cornhole IPA at a small music establishment watching Frau Doktor warm up for The Signals. The music was awesome and the beer was hoppy. I was honored by the nomination.

    2. She’s nothing but a pair of tits with a microphone.

      So maybe she’s not sleeping with someone at CSN. She’s still a no-talent twat.

      (Hallie Berry never got any awards until she started showing her tits. Did she all of a sudden become a good actress? NOOOOOOO!)

  5. I love how people think call I get Howie the Ed wade of football is an insult. He is more responsible for the Phillies world series then Gillick or anyone else…he’s more responsible for the Astros current success then anyone else. …lol

    1. I was the longest-tenured GM without any playoff appearances in MLB history, but thanks a lot for giving me credit for something I didn’t do.

  6. Tiny Tim was buggered by Jeremiah Trotter while his father was kissing Scrooge’s ass.



  8. A: Howie Roseman is an awful GM. He has been with the organization for 10 years now and hasnt gotten this team playoff win in 9 years.

    B: Lurie is the worst owner in this city. He’s owned the team for over 20 years and in this market has only gotten to 1 super bowl. That’s pathetic.

    C: Ryan Howard should be untouchable in this city. He is responsible for the only championship in most of our lifetimes. So what he struggled in the latter part of his contract. He earned that contract for what he did when he was getting paid a rookie salary. Go fuck yourself whoever doesn’t recognize that

    1. Yeah 2008 was great, but:

      2009: Struck out 13x vs Yankees and hit .174
      2010: Struck out looking to end season vs SF
      2011: Hit .105 vs his hometown Cards, a team he normally owned

      Then after that he was fucking useless. Stole money and whined like a bitch about it.

      1. Whined like a bitch? When the fuck did he do that? He was even publicly benched last year and took it like a man, worked with Tommy Joseph to make him better.

        I go to philly.com this morning, there is Nerlens Noel on some “I’m too good to be playing 8 minutes a night shit” No, you ain’t bitch, if you were you would be playing. Now THAT is whining like a bitch.

        He didn’t steal money either. If someone put a $125m contract in front of me, even if I was not worth the money, I would sign that shit so fast the paper would catch fire. You gonna sit here and say you wouldn’t motherfucker? Who is the real fool? Ryan Howard for signing it, or dickhead Amaro for even proposing it two years before he had to?

        Your mother should have swallowed

        1. When I was hitting. 203 I knew it was time to retire. This shitheel hit .196 last year and thinks he can still play.

        2. Stop sucking Howard’s dick Reggie Noble! That turd has been a waste of space for the past 4 years.

          And do you even know what the phrase “stealing money” means? It means getting paid for doing next to nothing. Is that Howard? YES! Hence, he is stealing money.

          The fact that a batboy gave him ridiculous money is no excuse for him to mail in his performances since 2010.

          Don’t even bother to respond. Your predictable gushing fan-girl responses will be worth less than Howard’s presence these past 5 years.

      2. Post Howard’s #s against the Dodgers in the NLCS that got them into the WS. Go ahead. Cole cost us back to back not Howard. That spoiled entitled brat admittedly went on the banquet tour after 08 and came into the season totally unprepared. Pedro fucking Martinez was named the #2 starter over Cole in the playoffs for Christ’s sake you fucking no nothing moron. Cole choked away the series. He was spotted a lead at home and promptly gave it away. Lee-Hamels should have been worth 3 wins on it’s on. Lee did his part and Cole shit the bed and you want to talk about whining our WS MVP said DURING the season “I just want it to be over” wow fella way to quit and put yourself ahead of the team.

        1. Me and my nose laughed all the way to the bank every time I got a sweet check from the Phillies for the past 6 years.

          The best part? I didn’t have to do squat to get paid, thanks to that dumbass we used to have as a GM.

          You fans that don’t like it can go suck it. BTW, I use $100’s as toilet paper down here in my Flor-Ida mansion!

    2. He is responsible for 08????? Why is that, wasn’t nearly as valuable as utley Rollins or Hamels

  9. They should bring back Tom Lemaine to replace Matt Cord. Matt is the worst PA announcer in the league.

    1. Not sure why the sixers stopped me from wearing that jersey ITFP…last time I checked, the NBA was 75% black…

  10. Then pay Mikey Miss for the same ratings. Why pay for anyone to go against Carlin and Reese. If I’m Greater Media I try to buyout the rest of Mike’s contract and tell him Sayonara. I think the station has learned that there is no sense to spend money when your winning by default. The days of overpriced talent is done in the Philly market. You can pay someone $100k for the afternoon shift and get the same amount of listeners. No more handing out $500K deals.

  11. I love Ryan Howard. I would like to see workout footage from his offseasons with the Phillies. Wonder if he worked this hard knowing he had that delicious contract wrapping him up like a warm blanket.

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