There’s a Giant Kris Jenkins Mural in Philly


I’ll be honest, I have no idea where this is and usually if I start seeing a bunch of murals on buildings I assume I’m heading the wrong direction and immediately turn around.

But yeah, this is badass. So much for not being a Philly school.

[These are backordered but will arrive in time for Christmas]

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22 Responses

    1. What do you have?

      Some sort of magical device that lets you know where Spike’s Trophies is?

  1. Who cares? Nova isn’t Philly. Paint that thing on the side of the closest Wegmans to the university.

      1. People in North Jersey are fundamentally the same as those from New York, Nova people and those from the city, not so much.

        1. So someone living in a $5m house in Far Hills NJ is “fundamentally the same” as some bus driver from Brooklyn, but a guy living on Lancaster Ave in Radnor, in your mind, has nothing is common sports wise from the same bus driver living in South Philly?

          Can’t have it both ways there guy.

  2. kyle does not like admitting that no one cares about villanova in this town…so he will cling to anything like a 2 foot mural he painted while picking up in a bad part of town

  3. There’s A Giant Kris Jenkins Mural in Philly

    Not “There’s Giant Kris Jenkins Mural in Philly”


    Hire an editor.

  4. Does giant mean something different to you than it does to me? I would say Schmidt is giant, chase is giant….Jenkins is a footnote

  5. Oh man, you see a mural on Grant Ave and your turn around?!?! What a whiny suburban b*tch!!!! Your wife is probably terrified about the fear you’re going to instill to your child. You’re what’s wrong with this country

  6. eagles fans can always cheer up by going to the teams trophy case and looking at their Lombardi ,,,,uh ,,well maybe they have some ribbons or something

  7. “A giant Kris jenkins mural?” Lol good one. It’s a giant Philly sports mural and Jenkins is the smallest person painted on there. Nice try though, Laskowski.

  8. Hey Kyle,
    I love your respect for Villanova, but one thing you need to do is show is more respect for Temple, Lasalle, SJU,PU and other local area colleges. I get it you love Villanova, but show some love for the big 5. When was the last time you updated any of your links.? I think i look at your website 6 times a day, but you need to stop being so biased to one team

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