There’s Still Time Left to Get Your Shirts in Time for Christmas

If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas, I have one. I’d like a Process t-shirt, right here next week. I want it brought from its happy holiday slumber over there on Broad Street with all the other process trusters and I want it brought right here, with a big ribbon on its package.

OK, so we won’t ship it with a ribbon, but it will arrive in time for Christmas.

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Most of our stock is decimated. We are completely out of Bang shirts, and have a very limited quantity of Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts, Trust The Process hoodies, and several others. But we do have plenty of stock of the following:





All orders placed by end of day Monday will arrive in time for Christmas. We will be stocking more in January, so if you don’t see what you want, you can always buy a gift card.

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11 Responses

      1. *edit comment from another article*
        I may be wrong about Vue, it looks like it may only go up to 720p after all instead of 1080i

  1. Give up trying to sell these lame fuckin’ shirts, will ya? Only a fuckin’ moron would buy this homemade junk!!!
    I would bomb the shit out of them!

  2. These shirts are fucking garbage.

    They have the shelf life of shrimp and are over-priced and rancid to look at. I’m certain if you did demographic data on Kyle’s customers, you would come back with: frat dudes in their mid-20s who live in the suburbs and voted for Trump because “fuckin Hillary is a c u n t.”

    I’d buy a shirt that said Jim Sucks though.

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