There’s Still Time To Get Your Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

“We’re gonna need the loading dock today.”

“Pull it around back.”

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That was the conversation with postal workers yesterday. Christmas was again delivered. We are all caught up on orders through the end of last week and all Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts have been shipped out. We just got in a limited quantity more and they are available for purchase. Orders today will go out tomorrow and should arrive by Friday if you’re in the Philly area. They have the Scott O’Neil stamp of approval:


All Process, Bang, and For The Championship t-shirts are in-stock and will arrive in time for Christmas. Process hoodies, Dancing Ghost Bears and Woo are expected by the end of the week and should arrive in time for Christmas, but I just don’t want to guarantee it.

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36 Responses

  1. ???We are talking Flyers???
    Has the 9 game winning streak eased the pain of the Eagles downfall? Are the Sixers helping at all? 610.632.0975

    Um, that’s just different way to spin the same Eagles Talk.

    1. Maka sure you make your Eagles point first though and if there’s time well let you get in your Flyers point. You know , Matt Lombardo, Eagles beat writer, would love to mix in flyers talk.

  2. Kyle was wearing one of these Saturday night while he was tossing my salad after our big win against Notre Dame.

    1. Sorry but I’ll have to take a raincheck I already have dinner plans. Me and Jay Wright are having tossed salads after the game.

  3. Guy over 18 who buys these = virgin

    Guy over 18 who buys these + posts pic of himself wearing one = does anal

  4. Ive never understood the whole process fixation. Why celebrate a shitty team. The process doesnt alway work out either. See Edmonton Oilers and their recent lengthy string of #1 draft picks. They might finally make the playoffs this year.

    1. A – I’m very intrigued by your name. You should slide into my DM’s

      B – regardless of if you understand or agree/disagree with the process please by a shirt I have healthcare to pay for.

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