This Video From The Top of the New Comcast Tower Makes Me Want To Vomit

Gahhhhhhhhhhh. Why must you be so high? I installed a couple Phillips Hue light bulbs in the vaulted ceiling portion of our kitchen this week and had trouble looking down. It was maybe 10 feet high. So consider me firmly on board with awarding these brave men and women a medal of some sort for doing whatever it is they do up there. If you need me, I’ll be here, on the first floor, cowering in the corner and sopping up the sweat from my hands with a soft towel.

video from Urban Video Productions

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48 Responses

    1. Kyle….no one cares what you do in your miserable life.
      Describing changing light bulbs………….WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK!

  1. It’s going to be tough on Kyle Jr. when he learns what a pussy his dad is.

  2. Is there a person alive that gauges their self worth more closely to the accumulation of brand name material objects than Kyle? Always feels the need to have the latest and tell everyone about it. You might want to see someone about that little insecurity of yours.

  3. Well at least what he was saying today. Put MM in his place for a sec there. MM has paper thin skin and I have a notion he takes grudges to the grave.

    1. B west is brutal to listen too. Of course he wants Doug pederson over hardbaugh or les

  4. That Phillips sports media is toxic and is a hindrance in all the teams success. But I’ll still listen lol

    1. god i hope so. he was fucking terrible. his “deep dives” provided zero insight, original reporting or cognitive thought. plus they were always 2-3 days after the game. that hook nose couldnt start writing on sunday? oh wait, then he wouldnt be able to steal other people’s GIFs, clips and thoughts. and we all know that stealing content is the official crossing broad way of doing things.

      if you want good insight to the eagles the papers and big sites have 100 different reporters covering them. surely 1 or 2 can provide you some decent takes and breakdowns. then that fran duffy dude puts all-22 clips on twitter. its with an eagles homer slant but there’s something for the x’s and o’s crowd.

      what nobody needs is juuuu face mcgoo writing 90000 words on a game that was played last decade.

  5. It’s not the video that is making you want to vomit Kyle, it’s the 2 gallons of man butter that you slurped down.

    1. I’m glad I read to the end. Before this one the comments were like reading a Deep Dive post.

  6. Temple wins the AAC championship and not a word on it from “Phillys sports blog.” Lol. Whatever. Go back to dong flogging over the worthless pro teams in this town.

  7. pretty funny that temple has by far the best football team in this city. i hope the tickets wentz bought to canton are refundable

  8. Wtf happened to the defense. I’m aware the offense is a couple players down but the defense is not missing players.

    1. Meanwhile, the 106 million dollar man Fletcher Cox is once again on a milk carton.

        1. That fat fuck Chris baker on the skins is a better player than cox. That slob has more sacks too

    2. No corners, pass rushers, or play makers. Mediocre safeties and linebackers. Why would you expect the defense to be good?

  9. Putting on a huge push to make the playoffs. G is all World and our goaltender is second to none. Conference finals is in our future.

  10. This has been some first rate coverage of the Eagles’ game. Quality blogging, boys.

  11. This is good. Take their medicine. 7 or 8 wins and everyone would think the Eagles were close to being a contender. They’re not. They need 2 Olinemen maybe 3. A RB. 2 WR. 2 Dlinemen. A LB. 2 corners. All needs. Can’t keep missing on picks like Smith Rowe and Agohlar at the top of the draft.

    1. Used to be a producer for a sports station in town but got in a fight with a beady eye host.

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