OK, two things here:

  1. You know how slow it is when Philly sports talk radio has to roll out a Rocky segment as almost a parody of the city.
  2. I actually agree. The Rocky thing is so fucking stupid. Its for a generation gone by, a time when Bruce Springsteen was a hero, afros were in, and Philly needed the pick me up of a lovable loser who could barely talk to up its morale. Half the fan base doesn’t identify with Rocky and sees Stallone as nothing more than a cheesy former star who was in Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot. The city is different, the people are different, younger fans – bros or hipsters – are certainly different, and I would imagine most people are embarrassed that the city is perhaps best known for a boxing movie. New York is laughing at us. I presume the same group-think that compels someone to blare metal music at Flyers games is what compels them to roll out the Rocky theme every time a local team is trailing late and most likely will lose. I mean, has anyone ever stopped to think that we play the theme song for a loser every time we want to win a game? Fuck this is so Philly. Get rid of it.

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  1. They don’t play metal at Flyers games. They stopped play metal at hockey games at least 10 years. They don’t even do Welcome to the Jungle for powerplays anymore.

    They typically play high energy pop-punk like Panic at the Disco or Fallout Boy or newer pop music like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.

    And then you get stuck with at least one Bon Jovi song throughout the night.

      1. I can confirm. everyone thought it would be awkward because she is all about vanilla america and EROCK is all about his 4th and JAWN. In any case, she stopped by and they were chatting for a bit until they took a walk and disappeared. They were spotted in a RV and lets just say this, he didn’t care that he was missing kickoff b/c he was munching some pistachio.

    1. Light it up up up with FFFFFIIIIYYYYAAAA… ugh I’d rather have magic johnson take me from behind than listen to that shit.

  2. If hipsters and bros don’t like it, it must be good.

    Like it or not, it represents the city. Travel the world and everyone equates Rocky with Philly and a fighting spirit.

    It’s a good thing. Every stadium plays something – we just have something unique to us.

    Do you prefer Sweet Caroline?

  3. Disagree bro! Maybe I’m in the minority but the Rocky song before kickoff still amps me up! Maybe tone it down a bit but please don’t eliminate it ! It’s still PHILLY!

    1. Rocky before kickoff, awesome, rocky on every 3rd down while on d, doesn’t work because they never stop anyone and it’s heard 76 times a game. We’re smart enough that we don’t need that god damn bell to remind us it’s 3rd down, we watch the games.. Change it up please.

  4. Stop saying half the fan base doesn’t identify when what you mean is you don’t identify. Let’s face it, there isn’t much about this city you actually do identify with. You might actual make a point if you didn’t use hyperbole and some nonexistent connection to the city’s common man to sell it.

  5. And I think I’m leaning with primo on this one. Playing it on every third down is too much. And I own every rocky on bluray.

  6. The playing of the Rocky bell sound on EVERY defensive 3rd down at the Linc is so freakin played out and stupid. Then again, this is the same city that still idolizes the Broad Street Bullies 45 freakin years after they won a Cup. And I say that as a hardcore Flyers fan. We are so stuck in the past in the city. It’s pathetic.

    1. It’s the same with the Eagles too. Obsession with Brian Dawkins and Buddy Ryan days. At least in the Flyers case they won something.

      1. I agree. Dawkins was a great player, but you would think he was a 5 time Super Bowl MVP the way he is revered in this town. It’s wayyyyyy over the top.

        1. And believe me I hate the Flyers obsession with the past too. It’s a totally different game now. But i think the eagles part is worse. I mean buddy Ryan didn’t win a playoff game

    2. As a 15 year ticket holder, I can tell you that the Rocky music on 3rd down is only lame after the fact. If the team actually stopped someone on 3rd down, it would be great. It can still get you hyped up, then you stand up and yell…and then you sit down after the opponent converts and feel dumb for getting all excited. The team’s repeated failures are what ruins the music.

    3. Not sure if you realized, but every team in the league is doing that bell on third down. Not even sure its a Rocky bell.Probably not. If you saw the original movie in 1976 I’m sure you want to keep the theme. If not you’re looking to get something more up to date. I’m voting for keeping it. Still charges me up.

  7. RE: matt are you tired of talking eagles and rather talk flyers or sixers?
    ML (eagles beat reporter): No

    Love their logic. We can’t talk any other sports besides the eagles because no one calls in. Meanwhile when you make a call the interns say you have to make an eagles point first before your sixers/flyers point.

    1. So funny how they get so many request to talk less Eagles and they counter with but everyone wants Eagles talk.

  8. I’ve been reading this blog for years, and this is by far the worst post I’ve ever seen. Kyle Scott–I’ve suffered through you’re intolerable (and totally misplaced) Temple hate; and I’ve put aside your often ivory-tower, yuppie-dom to get some good sports analysis. But all this post does is confirm all the assumptions of all those people out there who tout you as a yuppie from the Main Line with a New-York complex. No one in Philly (other than people like you who seem to butt-hurt for Philly to be “more like NYC”) cares if NY is laughing at us. Rocky is just as intertwined in the Philadelphia sports community as anything. What next? You think we should give up loving the Broad Street Bullies because they’re from the ’70s and “hipsters don’t like violence.” You’re an idiot and I hope your beloved Nova loses to some 16 seed in the first round.

  9. Just wanted to say Jim’s recent articles on the pistachio girl have been brave, insightful, and admirable. For him to put it all out there with no regrets has shown me that he has matured and come into his own as an author. I dare to say he is the voice of a generation. He went were no one else thought to go as a journalist and went to the core of who pistachio girl really is. People say why care? Well Mr. Adair showed us why some pistachio selling girl at a Phillies game is a threat to us all and our well being. What would I tell my son if he said “Hey dad, is that the pistachio girl?” Jim, thank you. Your work has been a blessing for this fan. I can now go to Phillies games knowing there aren’t people selling me food who have an opinion that differs from mine.

  10. The fact that we will hear nothing but eagles, no matter what else happens in sports is what is wrong with the Philadelphia sports fan. Yesterday Gargano was talking about how there was no juice in the stadium……but then continued the eagles talk for another 3 hours.

    The Rocky and the Cheesesteak stuff is over done and cliche. Speaking of over done and cliche I can’t wait to hear more eating stunts on grampa’s show, or video break down on the radio. Even better is the 3+ months of draft talk coming up after the new year.

    My other option is to listen to mike and mike talk NBA….(yawn). Or break down and spring for a Satellite subscription.

  11. The problem with both these radio stations is that they are incapable of not talking eagles. It’s not because of popularity. They use that as a crutch. The eagles are the most popular. I don’t deny that. But when you hire guys like Baldinger, Ike, Ritchie, and Eagles beat writers, how can they talk other sports. They can’t spell hockey or name 5 players on the Sixers outside of Embiid or Simmons.

  12. Wether you like it or not, nationally and internationally Rocky is one of the first things that people identify Philadelphia with. If it upsets you and the hipsters your first order of business should be to go down to the Art Museum and petition for the statue to be removed before anything else. Unfortunately for you, the city will laugh because it is still a huge tourist destination. Boston plays Sweet Caroline, New York plays New York New York, Philadelphia plays the Rocky theme. Villanova isn’t a Philadelphia school. Who cares.

    1. I was just about to say the same. Thing is boonton isn’t hood whatsoever, never understood why the show used that town name

  13. Has nothing to do with what we own, has more to do with perpetuating (that means continuing endlessly for all those temple folks out there) the tired routines that the national media focuses on in Philadelphia. Much like the fish being thrown in Seattle. There’s more to the city than a 40 year old movie and cheesesteaks.

    The people that love the Rocky stuff aren’t wrong, I think the point that was being made was that it is tired and may need to be rotated (that means it will come back) out for something different. After all there’s such a winning culture in this city that obviously nothing needs changing.

    1. “There’s more to the city than a 40 year old movie and cheesesteaks”

      You’re right, maybe instead we can celebrate the hipsters and protesters who have nothing better to do than drink PBR and claimed they were robbed by the 2016 election. That seems to be a Philadelphia staple lately. Hell, maybe they can just play the sounds of traffic backing up on the Schuykill Expressway at 5:00 on 3rd down situations. That should get the crowd pumped up.

      Let’s face it, these people are only bitching because the Eagles are losing. If they were winning, no one would give a shit about how much Rocky music was played.

      1. Look at the eagles stats on 3rd and longs, fuck, 3rd down situations in general and tell me how many times the opposing team has coverted, its nauseating. Hearing rocky 4 times in one drive only adds to pissing me off. If I heard it once or twice during a drive, different story, because it means the defense has actually made a fucking stop on 3rd down. I don’t give a shit if they played the fuckin macarena, if they stopped someone and I only heard it once, I’d get hyped up for the mother fucking macarena.

    1. I’m for getting rid of Lauren Hart all together, and lettin fat kate sing that shit sing alone, and not at EVERY playoff game, play it only when its an elimination game for either team. It has NO significance at all anymore because the flyers, in typical fashion, overdue it with anything that came from the past, except winning cups.

  14. Holy fuck I thought I was the only one who hated that mouthful of marbles fucking loser, the singer and the boxer. Now if we can throw Bon Jovi off a cliff with Rocky and Springsteen, we can purge ourselves of these cancers and maybe change our luck.

  15. Glenn will block you on his Twitter account and hang up on you on his Saturday show if you criticize Rocky. It’s so played out and now teams in other cities are using it. It doesn’t represent Philly anymore which has become a city of hipsters. The neighborhood where Rocky was filmed is gentrified and has restaurants with tables on the sidewalk in the Summer. I hate when they say Philly is a blue collar city. Most of the fans at the Linc come from the suburbs and New Jersey. Go look at those RV’s tailgating on Sunday. Some of them cost hundreds of thousands decked out with satellite dishes, big screen HD TV’s and gas grills. It’s not 1977 anymore.

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