Zach Ertz Had So Much Going Through His Mind on His Failed Block That You Just Wouldn’t Understand It

Photo credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Ertz spoke to the assembled press yesterday about his lack of any effort whatsover on Sunday when sidestepping a block. He went with the I played through cramps defense, which is interesting because by that point the game was completely out of reach and all the extra effort did was pad his stats (for which I am very grateful as he was on my Draft Kings team). Zacharia:

“I understand all the criticism and stuff,” he said. “I’m not going to get into all the details on each and every thought I had during that play. I’m focused on giving this city everything I have each and every play. I promise going forward that I will do that. I think I have done that in the past. I understand how it looks on the film, but I’m not going to get into the minute details of what I saw on the play and what I didn’t see on the play, and how it impacted the play and vice versa.”

“That one play has come under a lot of scrutiny, obviously,” he said. “But if you watch that game for all four quarters, I cramped up during the game and I still went out there and battled each and every play. All I care about is what my teammates and coaches think about me. That’s all I’m focused on.”

Asked if he thought he did anything wrong on the Burfict play, Ertz said: “I think I could have gotten in his way and impeded his progress a little more to ensure that he didn’t get near Carson by any means. But like I said, there were 1,000 things going through my mind on that play. There are a millions reasons why I do stuff on each and every play.”

WOW. I am too smart for you. Basically I’m a computer out there. You wouldn’t understand, humanoid. My advanced algorithmic programming made a business decision and told me to step aside. Besides, I had a few cramps later in the game, but the defense was sitting back and letting me rack up them fantasy points, so I really battled out there, man.

Going with the “you wouldn’t understand” and “no trust me, I’m tough” defense is just about the worst way you could handle the criticism here, I’d say. But I’m sure Doug’s happy with it.

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41 Responses

  1. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Anyone seen Paul Jolovitz Fan Club President around? Nobody could highlight Jim’s ineptitude like PJFC

    1. She should come and hang out at my crib next weekend. I got a case of Miller light, Playstation, some dope Kenny Chesney tunes

      1. Rhea was in a pretty bad mood this week – she yelled on air at Marshall whathisname. Joe Giglio STINKS. Turned him off twice this week because he went blathering on about the “Eagles in Crisis” as he named it and wouldn’t talk about anything else. A caller wanted to talk about the Flyers and he cut him off and said if the Flyers made the playoffs, they would talk about them then.

        1. ha, “this week”
          what else is new
          did she also talk about the NovaCare luxury box like she was sitting among the 700 Level “real” fans

  2. anything on radio wars or ratings in general? Haven’t heard much since Johnny Marks left that colossal trainwreck of a morning show on 97.5. coincidence or is kyle just trying to avoid humiliating his pal ant and his tomboy girlfriend raggedy ann MCW with the lisp and bowl cut?

    1. U make it sound like the alternative is so much better lol gtfoh. I can’t take one syllable that comes outta cataldis pie hole

      1. honestly, kyle. it’s pathetic how scared you are off pissing off anthony gargano…who, let’s face it, will be a nonentity in philly sports by this time next year if his show gets cancelled.

  3. Would love to hear what happened to Dan Klausner. Did he quit or was he fired? Either way, Kyle is letting the inmates run the asylum.

    1. What are you talking about? His deep dive on the Eagles vs Packers game is right on schedule. He always waits 8 days. That’s how you know that you’re getting good through journalism, and not some hack job rushed in two days after the fact.

  4. Eagles talk is so FUCKING boring anymore. Hope that pos team and organization lose out. I need a new team to root for since I’ll never see a Super Bowl

    1. Philadelphia Browns……name one difference between the two teams besides the fact the eagles win a handful more of regular season games

  5. Funny how easy it is for nerdy, out of shape loser radio hosts and callers to call an NFL player soft. Only thing we need now is the ” I pay my hard earned money to watch and these guys do this” argument. I won’t question someone’s toughness because I don’t know what they’re playing through. Get over yourselves

    1. Sorry, but if you show up to do the job then you are expected to do the job. That’s not just for athletes. If I or anyone shows up sick their boss doesn’t congratulate them for doing half of what they normally do (especially if the part they fail to do potentially puts other employees at risk).

      1. How was Wentz at risk? Clearly he wasn’t since no block was made and he safely made it to the next play. This is all just media pot stirring because they’re incapable of talking about anything else. Same shit with Demarco sliding last year. I honestly can’t stand when fans compare their jobs to athletes. You’re not the same. They play through than we can ever imagine

        1. This play is over-analyzed because people are mad that the Eagles blow. You want someone to take on Vontez Burfict on an open field block as the QB is running out of bounds? You go do it.

          1. This is a good point. If Ertz had given up his body on that block we would instead be talking about how he was done for the season with a torn something or broken something

    2. Last night big daddy was saying he doesn’t give a sh!t what players are going through he demands 100% effort 100% of the time. Then in classic fashion, he starts talking about himself saying he used to do 3 shows a day and always manned up during those times bc he doesn’t want to let his fans down.
      That fuqin guy loves talking about himself

      1. Well it is tough to sit on your ass for three hours and talk about yourself and promote your appearances. Give the guy a break!

  6. like most fans with casual interest in sports i listen to the 97.5 norning moron show occasionally since the ang-al-rhea show makes me wish I was deaf……

    anyway….anyone else sick of wentz hype now expecially since gargano goes illogical apeshit with man love over this kid….and wentz hasn’t shown dick since game 3……enjoy

    1. Primo in one hand mcw’s hair wrapped in the other while she’s working his primo. All the while he’s spouting off on how good wentz is and ppl just know football, crumbs shooting outta his mouth

          1. Levi started calling the morning show and Rhea told him the other day she did not like his calls. Sometimes she gets something right!

  7. Is YAC a dirty word to you. I guess your the exception to other tight ends in the league. Stop, Drop and Roll.

  8. Because so many listeners were clamoring for his worthless opinions. Martinez ran the show and made it all about hockey. Hockey only matters in the playoffs. Remember how Montreal got off to that unbelievable start and faded again in the playoffs. It’s a total crapshoot. Mike will be back soon so he can lecture all his callers to think like him or get cut off.

  9. Don’t worry about it, Ertzie. They gave me shit for steppin’ out of bounds last year.

    Look at me now. Nice trade, Howie, huh?

  10. Rob Ellis is the most boring/annoying one out of them all….I love harry but I just can’t take robs whiney, run on , obvious , preaching opinions. Harry and Bruno was perfect radio , harry for sports and Bruno for laughs

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