And Now, Pictures of Sheena Parveen in Washington

Sheena Parveen has started her gig in Washington:

There is snow coming tonight. The white stuff. Who’s going to pull me through it? Who will tell us how deep it is? How slippery will it get? WHO’S GOING TO BONE CAPE MAY?

Voila_Capture 2016-01-22_08-50-34_AM

You know she’s doing this to rub it in. I’m surprised she’s not tagging us all in photos of her and NBC Washington ice skating, holding hands, kissing, binge-watching a deep cable show that we totally said one time we wanted to watch together! Untag. Unfriend. Unfollow. De-poke. It’s over. Don’t let them see you cry. DON’T LET THEM SEE YOU CRY.


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  1. White guy: check
    Black guy: check
    Asian chick: check
    White chick: check
    Middle Eastern chick: check

      1. Angelo had a fat guy trying to eat 3 pounds of cold mashed potatoes on his show this am. He then threw up!!! That is the funniest thing I ever heard on the radio. Ahhhahhaaaaa

        1. Are u the same guy that was talking about the hard boiled eggs in the last article

      2. Read the white guy’s bio, yo. That’s why…he gets down to the business with his partner, yo.

    1. That white Tranny has it’s arm around Sheena already? I guess they are friends.

  2. Has me thinking now that she’s a good from far, far from good type of broad. That last close-up, yikes…..Don’t get me wrong I’d still beat it upp tho

    1. Close-Up ; you are clueless. She barely needs eyeliner and still looks good.

  3. Kyle,

    As much as you get blasted for it please just stick to Twitter reposts and copy and paste jobs. That jumbled mess of words you posted must have every English teacher you’ve ever had shaking their head.

  4. How Bout them Number 1 seeded Villanova Wildcats!!!!!!!! Love this team but most could see playing at Butler wasn’t going to end well.

  5. What’s the deal with Molly Sullivan’s mug? She get bad plastic surgery ?

  6. for those of you who missed the 1st comment that was deleted… it was from “Joey Boots’, it read; over/under on how many days until the black guy in the photo bores out her gash… or something of that nature… carry on.

  7. Can we all just agree, with that disgusting slob Sheena gone to DC, that I’m the hottest in the Philadelphia market now? Hands down? If you agree, please come by my instragram and be sure to comment and validate my constant attempts at compliments.

  8. Why doesn’t anyone mention this chick had the shortest prime or all times? She’s basically Ryan Howard. She looks like crap compared to her Hey day of banging pence. We should be discussing the declining looks

    1. Leave Sheena alone, you monster. What does TR stand for? Total Retard? Heh, got em.

  9. Not that anyone would remember (except me) , but Doug Kammerer used to work at NBC10. Lucky man – showing the Goddess the ropes. Or maybe his rope ?

    1. I wonder how long until whitey gets her pregnant.
      He has to be eating a Parveen sandwich every night…

  10. What’s the story behind why she moved? It really doesn’t make sense. Was it for family, boyfriend, or something else? You think if it was for a boyfriend, it would be better for him to move here.

    1. She will soon realize (if she knew from jump) that NO ONE cares about local news in DC. It is entirely focused on the national picture, be it on TV, Radio, Web, etc.

      She better be making more money or it’s a waste of time.

  11. Crossing Broad ; we need monthly updates and pictures. Unfiltered – even better !!

  12. I bet she moved because of this crap, this is a sick town. Who could really stand it unless they grew up immersed in it and therefore perceive it as somehow normal. She might have asked Santa Claus about the local customs before she signed on.

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